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U.S. Pat. No. 3,928,967 describes a system composed of a plurality of wave power absorbers deployed so as to intercept power from a line parallel to the incident wave crests that is long compared to the dimension perpendicular to the wave crests. The design of the buoy is dictated by the dynamics of the entire system reacting to the incident waves. The initial configuration selection of unit 50 emphasizes the basic structural design of raft 70, which serves as the buoyant structure that responds to wave action; the mooring buoy assembly 300 which serves as the stable reference platform for unit 50; and the yoke 60 which connects the raft 70 to the mooring buoy assembly 300. Since unit 50 extracts power in both the heave and pitch modes of motion in response to the forces from the wave field, initial optimization studies are done with estimates of annual average wave energy incident at the proposed deployment site and estimates of the worst expected storm conditions.

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Curso Universitario en Fisioterapia, Dolor y Envejecimiento The molded depth of the hull 209 of the raft 70 is five meters, and the deck of raft 70 is in ten foot sections to take advantage of the standard lengths of the steel plate. A radius of gyration of 0.5 times the length of the raft at the waterline means that the deck length is greater than the waterline length.

The overall length of the yoke 60 and raft 70 is, therefore, 140 meters. As shown, each hydraulic actuator 120 includes a piston 128 and cylinder 130. Piston 128 has a connecting rod 132 connected at its uppermost end to yoke 60 by cross members 134. The head 136 of piston 128 is received within the cylinder 130 which is mounted below the deck 140 of raft 70. Referring to FIG. 1 and 3, the power generation system 10 of the resent invention includes an array 20 having a plurality of absorber units 50 positioned within a wave field 12 for extracting energy from the motion of the waves. Dolor de espalda parte izquierda . 13, there are three types of end modules: bow module 452, female hinge modules 458, 472, male hinge modules 462, 468, and aft module 478. The position of an individual raft within a unit 51 will dictate the type of end module that is affixed to the raft’s central modules.

Hull shaping, such as “V” shaped bow and stern sections, can be used to reduce added mass and drag, thereby increasing the amplitude of motion. The positive air or fluid pressure is then used to drive a turbine generator to generate electrical energy. The platform is a conventional offshore platform similar to the ones used in offshore oil and gas production. The accumulator and associated valves control the pressure in the hydraulic actuator 120. For maximum efficiency, the actuator pressure should be proportional to the velocity of motion of the actuator piston as will be discussed in further detail hereinafter. FIG. 19 is a graph of the damping of a single acting cylinder for the hydraulic actuator of the unit of FIG. The actuator main 164 is in fluid communication with accumulator 162, accumulator main 168, and conversion means 110 by means of feeder conduits 166, accumulator conduits 170, motor intake conduit 174, and accumulator valves 172 and motor intake valves 176. Feeder conduits 166, accumulator main 168, accumulator conduits 170, and motor intake conduits 174 are all constructed of 8 inch conduit.

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8 become too great, pressure relief valve 186, in fluid communication with accumulator main 168 through valve 188, will open and release hydraulic fluid into heat exchanger tank 180 through conduit 184, thus alleviating the over pressure situation. The motion of the buoy is calculated or measured in a model wave tank and the buoy size and mass adjusted to minimize the power absorbed by the buoy. The hydrodynamic added mass is the mass of water that is accelerated by the motion of raft 70. This mass contributes to the total inertia of unit 50 and can amount to 50% of the structural and ballasted mass or more.

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3 and 4, power generation system 10 includes a unit 50, responsive to the heave and pitch motion of the waves, connected by connecting means 89 to mooring means 300 for holding unit 50 in a stable reference position while unit 50 moves in response to the motion of the waves. FIG. 10 is a sectional view of the mooring buoy of the mooring system of FIG. After the optimization of raft 70 and yoke 60, the mooring buoy 300 motions under the influence of the power train and mooring forces are considered. Dolor lumbar irradiado . FIG. 17 is a graph of the power and power per unit area of the raft of FIG. The average power output and power per unit area of such design shown in FIG. 3. Raft Length. Power output is strongly dependent on raft length. Raft 70 is designed for a draft of 3 meters with a two meter freeboard.

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Unidad del dolor Albacete, Patologías - Clínica del dolor.. In areas with high fuel cost, higher power output at somewhat higher unit cost is more attractive than small power output at lower cost. The figure of merit for cost is based on the structural cost per unit area times the area of the hull at the deck plus the cost per installed kilowatt of power machinery times the installed power capacity. FIG. 16 is a graph of the power per unit area of the raft of FIG. The power per unit area of structure, P/A, however, shows a well-defined maximum indicating an optimum design length.