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6 is a schematic diagram of means for transmitting output power, where the working fluid from the power reservoir 41 is stored under pressure in the battery 32 and drives a jet engine 33, which drives a conventional alternator 34 for supplying synchronized electrical power to a household power system. The main ideas illustrated in the application, implemented using means for transmitting fluid power (hydraulic means), can also be realized pneumatically or electrically, or using a combination of fluid and electric means. Fig. 8 is a perspective view of an assembly of an oscillating cascade with inlet and outlet pipelines designed to change the speed and pressure of the fluid to increase the total power transfer efficiency. The goal is twofold: to increase the efficiency by enhancing the magnetic flux at proximity of the conductive element (by crossing a greater portion of the magnetic flux), while providing the necessary room for the conductive element displacement (optimal oscillation amplitude).

The oscillating elastic element is designed to oscillate at various vibration modes, and not necessary at the first (fundamental) mode only. Another aspect of the invention regarding traction is that a separate wing can be programmed to work separately in the mode of creating traction or pressure, and if this wing is an element of the cascade, then other elements of the cascade can be installed in the transverse position to block other fluid flows to facilitate control of a river or stream. Specialists in this field will be clear that the claimed invention can be used as the basis for the construction of other means for the implementation of other purposes of the invention. The well-known in the art self-excited magnetic field generators include “series”, “shunt”, “short-shunt compound” or “long-shunt compound” types. The hydraulic motor 33 directly drives a conventional three-phase synchronous alternator 34, which is connected through an appropriate solid state switch 38 and a suitable electrical fuse to a household power system.

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Since the external openings on each wing module are completely stationary at any given time, all manifolds and interconnects are made of ordinary pipelines, couplings, and constant pressure connectors. The rods 2 protrude from the bottom of a series of independent but identical stationary units of the power module / control module 3. Any even number of power modules / control modules 3 are mounted on the rigid support structure of the system 4. The weight of each wing 1 is supported by its power module / control module 3. Each block of the power module / control module 3 consists of a power module 3A and a control module 3B. Suspension rods 2 are held rigidly vertically and parallel by passing through two vertical coaxial bearings mounted on power modules 3A and / or control modules 3B. The wings 1 themselves can be completely submerged and have no mechanical connections with anything other than hanging rods 2. The rods 2 have freedom of translational movement (side by side) within limited limits and freedom of rotation around the vertical axis, also within limited limits, but are kept from moving in the direction of flow (back and forth) or from turning (swinging) in the longitudinal direction.

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Finally, the overall effect of the rotational and translational motion control systems described above is that any movement of all wings 1 in the cascade occurs exactly in antiphase at any given time, as required by the results of Dr. Arnold’s analysis of flutter, and at the same time while all wings in assembly 1 have freedom of rotational and lateral movement, synchronized in antiphase, but otherwise unlimited. US patent 4170738 (Smith) discloses a traction type device (panemon) for extracting energy from underwater movement of water, transferring this movement through a reciprocating rack and pinion transmission device to a reversible generator. Dolor intenso de espalda baja . US patent 3783858 (Ashikian) discloses a means of heating a liquid using resonant oscillations in an air column.

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The invention discloses structural features of a durable and efficient embodiment of the Oscillating Cascade Power System (OCPS) and involves the presence of multiple cantilevered wings that oscillate and flutter due to kinetic energy extracted from a moving fluid such as wind, water moving in a stream, river, in an ocean current, tides or in a directional stream. The invention is a fundamental improvement of this patent, in which all the mechanisms and traction attached to each wing were replaced with one cantilever suspension rod, coupled with a modular power supply and motion control system. The elastic element is attached to the base at least at one point. Obviously, due to the fact that the hanging rod of the wing 2 passes through both pistons of the control module and the power module 7B and 7A, but is kept from any movement except rotational, by the upper and lower bearings, and thanks to the two horizontal assemblies of the supporting rods of the piston 18B and 18A, moving in the rolling guides 19B and 19A, held from any angular movement along the Z axis (horizontal swinging), all wings 1 attached to the suspension rods 2 must remain parallel at any time and at any conditions, the set of lateral and rotational movement.

Ferrari 360 Upper Ball Joint - eBay The respective electro-magnetic elements are disposed at fixed points on the supporting structure, which is build around the ribbon. In another embodiment of the device, the vibration assembly itself or the flow-controlling elements are adjustable to provide maximum conversion efficiency under different flow characteristics, environmental conditions or a desired electrical output. Magnets may substantially surround the vibration assembly on which the conductive elements are disposed. In this case, magnets may be disposed both above and lateral to the elastic element part on which the conductive element is disposed.

The term “conductive element”, as used herein is defined as an electrical conductor that can be implemented either as a single piece or as a combination of multiple conductors; made of using various electrical conducting materials of various geometries. The frequencies of the normal modes of the assembly are defined as its natural (intrinsic or resonant) frequencies. Dolor muscular de brazos . The modes are normal in the sense that they can move independently, and an excitation of any single mode does not affect the motion of another mode. 1) depends on particular application, generator scale, power consumption rate, and cost- management considerations.

Unlike the previously reported power generators, the disclosure is capable to operate under wide range of the flow condition. Fig. lb. Instead, any configuration of the vibrating assembly may be used in keeping with the principles of the invention. In the example given in Fig. The future ‘generators-on-chip’ and ‘generating-panels’ concepts can be developed by this technology. Figure 1 shows four vertical wings 1, each of which is suspended on, and only on, a suspension rod 2 of circular cross section. Only the trailing edge section 67 is shown in FIGS. 7B and 7C are fragmentary portions of the trailing edge of the wing, showing a comparison of the flexible section along the trailing edge. The elastic element is designed to produce partially-induced auto-oscillations in the flow of gas or liquid and its characteristics are optimized in terms of a response to the applied force of the external flow. Furthermore, variations in the shape of the elastic element 3 may be used to modify the resonant frequency of the vibrating assembly, so that it will better match the vortices frequencies in a wider range of the flow velocities.

In particular, any appropriate angle of the elastic element 3 relatively to the flow direction 7 can be chosen in order to obtain the optimal efficiency of the generating cell in a particular application. In particular, the wings 1 cannot be moved (or sway) in the direction of flow due to the attracting force of the fluid. X direction. All lateral movements of adjacent wings, as described above for rotational movements, are synchronized with each other in exact antiphase. An aspect of the invention regarding the mode of creating traction or forcing the cascade of wings consists in the possibility, thanks to the independently and externally controlled modules of the wings, to provide a plurality of differently programmable sequential or simultaneous movements of individual wings with two degrees of freedom to optimize traction or forcing.

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Thin, flat and smooth flaps 63, one at each end of wing 1, as well as rounded corners, as shown, also serve to minimize vortex formation and thereby reduce effective drag and increase efficiency. Que hago para el dolor de espalda . The next aspect of the invention is the electronic control of all internal and external parameters of the system, including the fluid velocity and load, by processing data in a programmable logic control device having a special control algorithm, and the continuous control of the inertial mass and restoring forces provided, not only optimizes the working system characteristics at any time, but also extends the operating range of the system by reducing the critical velocity of the fluid To initiate flutter and increase the maximum or shutdown speed at which safe operation of the system is possible. Figure 2 is a top view, in partial section, of a control module depicting a suspension rod of a wing 2 mounted on the slots in a rotary impeller 5 moving in a rotation chamber 6, all of which are located inside the translational motion piston 7B moving in the cylinder 17. External openings 14, 15, 21 and 22 conduct the working fluid to and from the control module.

Finally, each unit of the control module / power module 3 provides vertical support for the wings 1 without any interaction with any of the working axes of the cascade – translational or rotational. In general, using the means described above and regardless of their instantaneous translational and rotational positions, all wings 1 in a cascade can be synchronized in precisely antiphase motion. Another frequent objection to large wind turbines is that they take a lot of space and often considered to be an eyesore.

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No. 3,883,750 above, in which a diffuser concentrates the incident wind on the turbine rotor. U.S. Pat. No. 3,883,750 (Uzell) describes a horizontal axis rotary propeller type wind turbine placed inside a diffuser. This application is based on rights under U.S. This invention does not convert fluid energy into mechanical energy using wings in antiphase flutter. Accordingly, various electro-mechanical converters, (linear generators, for examples) and electrical schemes have been proposed for conversion of a mechanical power into electricity, for example, using the vibration energy to charge batteries. Flutter control and optimization. A significant part of the literature on aeroelasticity usually considers flutter as a highly destructive force, which, if allowed to arise in the wing, will inevitably lead to its destruction. The lift coefficient increases relatively rapidly as the angle of attack increases from zero.