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Tecnicas de relajación In some implementations, the pressure wave generator may be coupled to a handpiece or portable jet housing that may be maneuvered in the mouth of the patient so as to position or orient the pressure wave generator relative to a desired tooth under treatment. FIGURE 2 is a block diagram that schematically illustrates an embodiment of a system 38 adapted to generate a high-velocity jet 60 of fluid for use in dental procedures. This acoustic field may generate pressure waves, oscillations, and/or vibrations in or near the canal spaces of the tooth and/or interior dentinal surfaces, which are filled with dentinal tubules. It is believed (although not required) that the effects caused (or enhanced) by the acoustic energy may lead to a cleaning action that delaminates or detaches the pulpal tissue from the root canal wall, dentinal surfaces, and/or tubules, and may further break such tissue down into smaller pieces.

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FIGURES 15A-15C are side views of embodiments of impingement members that include flexible portions to assist inducing circulation into the fluid in the tooth during treatment. Patent No. 6,497,572, issued December 24, 2002, entitled “APPARATUS FOR DENTAL TREATMENT USING HIGH PRESSURE LIQUID JET,” U.S. The present disclosure generally relates to methods and apparatus for treatment of a tooth and, more particularly, methods and apparatus using liquid jets for removing organic matter from a tooth. Embodiments of the guide tube 100 can be manufactured using a variety of process including, e.g., metal injection molding, laser cutting or welding, micro welding, etc.

FIGURE 4A schematically illustrates an embodiment of a guide tube 100 secured to the nozzle mount 62. Dolor de rodilla al subir escaleras . In some embodiments, the guide tube 100 can be formed integrally with the nozzle mount 62. In other embodiments, the guide tube 100 can be secured to the nozzle mount 62 via welding (e.g., laser welding), adhesives, fasteners, etc.

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In the illustrated embodiment, the nozzle mount 62 secures the nozzle 64 substantially perpendicular to the passageway 54 so that high pressure liquid in the passageway 54 can flow through the orifice 66 and emerge as a highly collimated beam of fluid traveling along a longitudinal jet axis 80 that is substantially coaxial with the barrel 52 of the handpiece 50. The orifice 66 may have any desired shape such as, e.g., circular, oval, rectangular, polygonal, etc. The orifice 66 can comprise a distal portion 68b that can be substantially conical with a cone angle a and can have a length L2 and a diameter D2. Optionally, a flow restrictor 210 can be disposed at the distal end 58 of the handpiece 50. In the illustrated embodiment, the flow restrictor 210 substantially surrounds the guide tube 100. As will be further described with reference to FIGURE 25, the flow restrictor 210 may be configured to contact a portion of the tooth 10 during a dental treatment and may restrict, inhibit, or reduce backflow of fluid out of the tooth during treatment.

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The method also comprises impacting the jet on the impingement surface, and passing the jet through at least a portion of the liquid filling the at least a substantial portion of the cavity prior to the impacting. The creation and collapse of the cavitation cloud and/or the jet impacting the impingement surface may, in some cases, generate a substantial hydroacoustic field in the tooth.

Different types of fluid streams (e.g., a jet or a spray) can be generated by the nozzle 64 and/or orifice 66 based at least in part on flow parameters, nozzle geometry, surface quality of the orifice 66 (or other surfaces in the nozzle 64), and so forth. FIGURES 5 A and 5B are cross-section views that schematically illustrate embodiments of a nozzle 64 having an orifice 66. Nozzles and or orifices can be configured in a number of ways to provide a CC jet.

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For example, in various embodiments, the liquid jet emitted from the orifice 66 can be a CC jet, a jet with a perturbed surface, or a spray of fluid (as measured in air). For example, the controls can include a foot switch to actuate or deactuate the jet. FIGURES 12A-12E include perspective views (left-hand panel) and side views (right-hand panel) schematically illustrating embodiments of the impingement member. FIGURES 16A and 16B are side views that schematically illustrate further embodiments of the guide tube that may assist in forming a variable fluid circulation near the distal end of the guide tube. The system 38 comprises a motor 40, a fluid source 44, a pump 46, a pressure sensor 48, a controller 51, a user interface 53, and a handpiece 50 that can be operated by a dental practitioner to direct the jet 60 toward desired locations in a patient’s mouth. For example, the handpiece 50 can comprise a housing or cap that can be coupled to the tooth 10. In some such implementations, the elongated tubular barrel 52 may not be used, and a dental practitioner maneuvers the housing into a desired location in the patient’s mouth.

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FIGURES 8 A-8C are side views that schematically illustrate additional embodiments of guide tubes. FIGURES 21 A-21C are side views schematically illustrating embodiments of guide tubes having curved or angled impingement members. FIGURES 10A-10F are cross-section views schematically illustrating embodiments of guide tubes. FIGURES 22A-22C are cross-section views schematically illustrating embodiments of handpieces in which nozzle is not oriented perpendicular to the axis of the guide tube. FIGURES 13A-13E include perspective views (left-hand panel) and side views (right-hand panel) schematically illustrating additional embodiments of the impingement member. Dolor lumbar bilateral . The controller 51 may be used to control safety of the system 38, for example, by limiting system pressures to be below safety thresholds and/or by limiting the time that the jet 60 is permitted to flow from the handpiece 50. The system 38 may also include a user interface 53 that outputs relevant system data or accepts user input (e.g., a target pressure).

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In another aspect, the dental instrument may include a backflow restrictor that is configured to be applied to the tooth. Patent Publication No. 2007/0248932, which is hereby incorporated by reference herein in its entirety for all that it discloses or teaches. Patent Publication No. 2010/0143861, published June 10, 2010, entitled “APPARATUS AND METHODS FOR MONITORING A TOOTH,” the entire disclosure of each of which is hereby incorporated by reference herein for all that it teaches or discloses. For example, it is believed that a CC-Jet may create a large velocity gradient that may result in a large pressure gradient that may cause stronger cavitation, which may cause a higher power acoustic field. For example, in some implementations, away from narrow boundary layers near the outer surface of the jet 60 (if any), the jet velocity is substantially constant across the width of the jet.

The fluid source 44 may comprise a fluid container (e.g., an intravenous bag) holding sterile water, a medical-grade saline solution, an antiseptic or antibiotic solution (e.g., a bleach such as sodium hypochlorite), a solution with chemicals or medications, or any combination thereof. The liquid in the fluid source 44 may be at room temperature or may be heated and/or cooled to a different temperature. In some embodiments, the fluid source 44 comprises degassed distilled water.

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Therefore, in certain advantageous embodiments, the liquid jet 60 delivered by the dental handpiece 50 may comprise a coherent, collimated jet (a “CC jet”). In some embodiments, the system 38 may produce a coherent, collimated jet of liquid (further described below). For length-to-diameter ratios Li/Di in a range from about 0 to about 0.7, the flow may be constricted, may not reattach to the walls of the orifice, and may form a CC- Jet with a relatively long break-up length. The drawings are provided to illustrate example embodiments described herein and are not intended to limit the scope of the disclosure.

Claves contra el dolor de oído en verano FIGURES 17A-17D schematically illustrate embodiments of an impingement member comprising a material at least partially permeable to the liquid jet. Dolor muscular muslo . Various non-limiting aspects of the present disclosure will now be provided to illustrate features of the disclosed apparatus and methods. Inorganic matter includes calcified tissue and calcified structures, which are frequently present in the root canal system. The present disclosure describes apparatus and methods for performing dental procedures such as, e.g., endodontic procedures. In one embodiment, the positioning member may comprise an elongated member such as, e.g., a guide tube. Organic material (or organic matter) includes organic substances typically found in healthy or diseased teeth or root canal systems such as, for exam les soft tissue, pulp, blood vessels, nerves, connective tissue, cellular matter, pus, and microorganisms, whether living, inflamed, infected, diseased, necrotic, or decomposed.