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Patologia De Rubin PDF - ePub - eLibros FIG. 31 shows yet another embodiment of a mooring component 2 according to the present invention. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to a damper for damping the reactionary motion of a wave energy conversion device to wave motion, comprising a damping energy absorber having a reversible non-linear stress-strain response, arranged to damp the reactionary motion of the WEC. This ensures that the wave or tidal motion causes only the mooring component (and not the entire mooring system) to stretch.

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Ideally, the mooring system is self-adjusting so that risk of failure in harsh environments is reduced. An object of the invention is to provide a damping structure for a wave energy conversion (WEC) device that automatically counteracts or dampens any extreme wave forces. The deformable element of the present invention exhibits a reversible non-linear stress-strain response. In this embodiment, the diameter of the elongate flexible element 6 varies along its length, so that the element comprises a plurality of portions 6 a, 6 b of different diameter and the composite response is a combination of the responses each of the different diameter portions 6 a, 6 b. In one embodiment, the active response system comprises a microprocessor controlled tensioning system. As shown, the composite stress-strain profile may have a number of points of non-linearity, such that the damping member provides a sharp increase in counterforce at several thresholds or levels of applied force, with a substantially linear response between those points.

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The damping member of the present invention exhibits a reversible non-linear stress-strain response. The words “comprises/comprising” and the words “having/including” when used herein with reference to the present invention are used to specify the presence of stated features, integers, steps or components but does not preclude the presence or addition of one or more other features, integers, steps, components or groups thereof.

Autodesk Fusion 360 About Joints - YouTube 15 and 16. The structure comprises a plurality of longer dampers, which have been fitted into the narrow space between the central float 183 and the donut 184. This arrangement is particularly useful where a long damper is required in order to achieve the desired response, but where the narrow space between the elements of the device limits the way in which the damper may be arranged. Dolor de espalda y sudoracion nocturna . However, at the other end 1110, each spring 118 is in contact with the float 113, but is not fixedly attached thereto. The device 91 comprises a moveable absorbing member or float 93 and a first fixed member 94 as described with reference to FIGS.

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In the present invention, movement of the moveable member in response to wave motion exerts a force on the damping member. As the wave 10 passes the device 1, the moveable member 3 moves downwards relative to the first fixed member 4. The power take off device also converts this relative motion to electrical energy. The power take off device may be, for example, a linear electric generator. The composite material may comprise multiple layers, such as, for example, epoxy composite viscous elastic structures.

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For example, in non-sheltered ocean locations, wave heights can often exceed 10 meters in water depths of 30 to 40 meters. These current elastomeric solutions work well where the change in height is small with respect to the depth of water in which the mooring is used, such as in-harbour pontoons, where wave heights are low with respect to water depth, and in estuaries, where tidal changes in water height are low. Tides cause changes in the depth of marine and estuarine water bodies and produce oscillating currents known as tidal streams. Over several hours, water flows in one direction, known as flood flow, reaches a maximum height, known as high tide, and then lowers or falls off as water flows in another (not necessarily opposite) direction known as ebb tide until a low tide level is reached. In tidal barrage regions, that is, where there is a change in water depth due to tides, the tidal height can change by a few meters in shallow waters.

According to a third aspect of the invention, there is provided a wave energy conversion device, comprising a moveable member, a fixed member and a coupling provided therebetween to convert relative movement between the moveable member and the fixed member in response to wave motion into energy; wherein said coupling comprises a damping member having a reversible non-linear stress strain response. 14. The device 151 comprises a central float 153 and an outer member or “donut” 154. The float 153 and the donut 154 exhibit different frequency responses to wave motion, so that they respond differently to waves incident on the device.

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Waves incident on the device cause each float to pitch, heave and surge, causing relative motion between them. 24 is a taut mooring, in which the mooring component 2 is connected directly between the floating body 3 and the seabed 4. As shown in the drawing, the scope and footprint of the mooring system are minimised. 28 a. Steel connectors 7 are provided at either end of the component 2, so that the component is connectable between a floating body and the seabed. 25, the mooring system 1 comprises a pair of mooring components 2, each of which is connected to the floating body and to the seabed. FIG. 12 shows a WEC device 121 which combines the features of FIGS.

A further object of the invention is to provide a damping structure for a WEC device that allows additional energy capture over a wide range of wave frequencies. Dolor lumbar derecho causas . A further object of the invention is to provide a damping structure for a WEC that allows the WEC to maintain an optimum alignment to the wave. Wave energy refers to the energy of ocean surface waves and the capture of that energy for the purpose of electricity generation.

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In general, the size of the ring will be based on the height of the waves. In a wave energy environment, this device would very quickly overheat and would be unable to dissipate the energy that deep sea waves contain. Due to the horizontal load reacting nature of the conventional drag embedded anchors which are used with catenary systems, the scope of the cable must therefore be chosen such that the cable is never entirely picked up from the seabed for the given environmental conditions. First of all, this is a pure damping system which is concerned only with dissipation of energy. The damping structure 102 of FIG. However, the two forces could be controlled separately by providing an intermediate damping structure to separate surge protection dampers and pitch protection dampers. The structure also provides more efficient energy capture.

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10 provides the device 101 with increased protection from pitch forces. An advantage of this arrangement is that when maintenance of the system is required, the tension on the cable can be increased so that minimal movement of the elements of the WEC device is permitted. By way of background to the mooring application of this technology, it is noted that vessels and other sea-based devices such as fish farms, floating docks, oil rigs and floating wind farms are typically moored to fixed structures such as piers, quays or the seabed using mooring lines or hawsers. Medicamento dolor de espalda . Accordingly, these devices have poor survivability, even in normal wave conditions. In one embodiment, the fixed member of the wave energy conversion device according to the third aspect of the invention comprises a ring arranged substantially concentrically around the moveable member. The damping member may comprise an active response system operable to provide a reversible non-linear stress-strain response.

The number of strands in the component may be varied in order to vary the damping response achieved.

While they provide a natural non-linear stress strain response to applied wave forces, they do not deliver the performance and response curves required for more challenging mooring environments. They provide a number of advantages over traditional mooring solutions by allowing a flexible component in the mooring system to stretch with the heave and surge of the vessel or device. The number of strands in the component may be varied in order to vary the damping response achieved. The damping member may comprise a material having a plurality of bundled strands optionally interwoven. This maximises the vertical component of the force applied to the moveable member while providing sufficient horizontal counterforce to counteract lateral surge forces. The stress-strain response of the resultant damping member is thus a composite of the responses of the different thickness portions. FIG. 27 shows an example of a composite or cumulative non-linear stress-strain responses for a mooring component according to the invention.