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The entire unit is placed inside a steel pipe 32, and hermetically sealed with only two wires 33 and 34 protruding from the unit. End magnets 3 and 4 were 1-inch diameter, 0.25-inch thick inexpensive ceramic magnets with a small (0.25 inch diameter by 0.125 thick) Neodymium-Iron-Boron (NdFeB) magnets attached to the outside to provide permanent magnetization. They are bound with Acrylic cement and centered on the tube with a separation of 0.75 inch between them. A moving magnet is confined so that it can move with bi-directional linear, or approximately linear, motion through each of at least two coils.

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Ejercicios para acabar con el dolor de espalda en 15 minutos However, the motion is very low frequency and therefore requires a sensitive unit to be able to take advantage of it. Generating units have maximum sensitivity when in a vertical position where magnet 2 is essentially `floating` on the repulsive force of an end magnet. Available capacitors, however, are available which could have quadrupled these times and still fit comfortably in housing 40. Another useful feature might be a simple potentiometer in the bias network to control light intensity. 3. Such higher power units could have application where size was less important than power output levels.

23-171) nickel cadmium battery was used in the initial embodiment. The negative of the battery terminal was attached to the negative DC output of the power generator 42 unit, and also to the spring in the screw-on base of the flashlight. The plus DC output of the power generator unit 42 was also attached to this positive battery terminal. Posicion para dormir con dolor lumbar . Moving magnets 2 was a sandwich of four inexpensive 0.37 inch diameter by 0.25 thick NdFeB disc magnets. I used a 5 inch long power generator unit 42 (FIG. 13, 1994. This patent disclosed an electric power generator for converting linear mechanical motion into electric power.

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PREFERRED LINEAR MOTION GENERATORS First Embodiment A first embodiment of the present invention is shown in FIG. FIG. 13A would again illustrate this concept, where bulb 49 is now an incandescent bulb, and electronics package 46 is now simplified. 2, and supplies some simple electronics to provide energy storage and controlled power to the LEDs or incandescent bulbs. Another option would be to provide cushioning material between end magnets 3 and 4 and moving magnet 2. The end magnets provide a springless means of suspending the central, moving, magnet in the tube. Such an integrated circuit would provide a small, compact means of converting many coil output signals into a single combined DC power output. The moving magnet is a sandwich of ceramic and rare earth magnets of about 0.375 inch in diameter, and combined length of 0.75 inches. Almost any movement of magnet 90 within a 1/2 inch or so of the center of coil 91 would create several volts of output into the essentially open circuit of the oscilloscope.

If strong end magnets are used, a short tube will cause the central, moving, magnet to be held strongly in the center. As pressure is applied to the top of housing 88, pushing it and its enclosed magnet 90 into the center of coil 91, its magnetic flux creates a voltage in coil 91 and in coil 92. A release of pressure similarly induces an opposite polarity voltage in each of the coils. FIG. 6 shows an embodiment with several generators mounted in a single magnetic housing. Third Embodiment A third embodiment utilizes a tube 1 with a larger diameter.