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Using elements such as titanium, steel or carbon fibres for physically interconnecting the first and second generator modules may be a suitable and durable solution that allows long term operation without the need for replacement of parts due to wear and without any need for lubrication. US-2008/0048455-a1 describes another example of a karman vortex based generator, which is based on the use of a gyro generator. The mass difference may be related to an inertia difference that affects the likelihood of using the oscillatory movement of the first portion at the first frequency to trigger and maintain movement of the second generator module at a second frequency higher than the first frequency. In this way, the structure of the generator with magnets 30 and 40 of fig. More specifically, in each period of the first part oscillation, the first part may provide one or two short pulses to the second generator module, for example due to the proximity between the shifting magnet and the shifted magnet creating a sharply increasing repulsive force between these magnets.

Dolor Muscular Sin Fiebre

The relative velocity has two components, one being the absolute velocity of the air relative to the ground and the other being the velocity relative to the rod caused by the oscillation of the rod. In this document, the word “comprise” and variations such as “comprises” and “comprising”, etc., are not to be interpreted as exclusive, that is, they do not exclude the possibility of other elements, steps or the like being included in the description.

The geometry of the bars should be carefully designed so that the generated vortices act synchronously over their entire length in order to prevent vortices generated at a certain height from being completely or partially cancelled out by vortices generated at different heights. This arrangement facilitates oscillation relative to the equilibrium position when the second generator module is displaced from the equilibrium position, since the force exerted on the second generator module from the spring and/or the magnet (e.g.

On the other hand, the additional magnet 702 or 703 is attached to the second generator module 400 at the top of the second generator module 400 and is arranged to interact with the corresponding magnet 700 or 701 attached to the first part (in this case to the flexible part 12 of the rod 1). More specifically, these magnets 700 or 701 are arranged in a frame 705 attached to the flexure 12, which includes a plurality of arms (three arms in the embodiment shown in fig.

The effect achieved with this arrangement is explained above, which serves to automatically adapt the natural oscillation frequency of the first part to the frequency at which eddy currents occur. It has been found that even very small devices can work properly because they can quickly adapt to changes in their rapid oscillation frequency caused by wind (turbulence). The fluid may have a substantially static and laminar flow, which is a characteristic commonly found in wind. During each oscillation cycle of the first part 1, the interaction between the shifting magnet 700/701 and the shifted magnet 702/703 repeatedly provides a pulse to the second generator module 400, thereby transferring energy from the first part 1 to the second generator module 400, the first part 1 will begin to oscillate and continue to oscillate, whereby the oscillation displaces the magnet 300 relative to the coils 50 and 500, thereby generating electrical energy.