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Switch 1912 may be configured so that the output power of generator 1904 is only utilized when a minimum amount of voltage has been created. FIG. 19. illustrates an example of a portion of a nanoelectromechanical system 1900 utilizing paddle 1901 configured with automatic switch 1912 constructed in accordance with the present invention.

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espalda - - zeroanodino - Flickr Accordingly, it is emphasized that the invention is not limited to the disclosed methods, systems and apparatuses, but is intended to include variations to and modifications thereof which are within the spirit of the following claims. System 700 includes an array of nanotubes 702 located between an upper plate 704 and lower plate 706 of capacitor 708, and a source of voltage 710, which is also coupled across the plates of capacitor 708. Each of nanotubes 702 may, for example, be constructed of a material such as carbon, having a diameter of about approximately 2 nanometers and a height of about approximately 25-50 nanometers (persons skilled in the art will appreciate that the dimensions of nanotubes 702 may be varied without departing from the spirit of the present invention). The reduction in velocity of molecule 110 is caused by paddle 100 in conjunction with device 104, which may be any one of a variety of devices without departing from the present invention.

The reduction in velocity corresponds to a reduction in temperature of the working substance of the system. System 300 operates in accordance with the present invention as follows. Nanometer scale electromechanical systems constructed in accordance with the present invention may include a large number of nanometer-sized objects, such as paddles, impact masses, and/or tubes, that are placed in a liquid or gas. It should be noted that various other nanometer members may be used in accordance with the present invention instead of the nanotubes described herein. Persons skilled in the art will appreciate that more than one restraining member 1902 may connect paddle 1910 to base 1908. For example, two opposite ends of paddle 1901 may be restrained by two separate restraining members 1902. In such an embodiment, paddle 1901 may take the form of a net and produce a infinitesimally small, yet useable, potential when impacted by a molecule or a group of molecules.

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Persons skilled in the art will appreciate that the principles of the automatic switches discussed in connection with FIGS. Appropriately, automatic switch 2091 is preferably constructed from a conductive material that exhibits low wear characteristics. At any instance, hundreds, or even thousands, of molecules may impact paddles 302, 322, and 342. Como es el dolor de un desgarro muscular . As previously stated, the automatic switches of the present invention are preferably constructed such that piezoelectric generators 304, 324, and 344 couple to resistors 308, 328, and 348 when the potential generated by piezoelectric generators 304, 324, and 344 is greater than the Johnson noise present in resistors 308, 328, and 348. Because the amount of potential created by system 300 of FIG. This “turn-on” voltage would preferably be greater than the average voltage created by Johnson noise, thus essentially removing the negative effects of Johnson noise from the system. A complete energy conversion system using nanometer scale assemblies would typically include a million or more of the devices shown in FIG.

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E along the length of nanotubes 1202 and 1222 (as shown in FIG. System 1700 includes sphere 1702 and a series of electromagnets 1704, 1706, 1708, 1710, 1712 and 1714 (1712 and 1714 are shown as a single pair of dotted lines) arranged axially about electronics core 1716 (axially simply refers to the fact that there is one electromagnet located parallel to each of the six sides of electronics core 1716, and that each electromagnet may have its center aligned with an imaginary axis extending perpendicular to the core surface). Each of the tubes is installed such that there is slack, or bend, in the tube. In addition, with a combined output on the order of approximately 700 mV, the output of each one square centimeter assembly could even be manipulated using conventional semiconductor switches. In controlling the ON and OFF times of the automatic switches with respect to the amount of potential generated by the piezoelectric generators, the voltages regulated by the resistors can be controlled.