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Being used in the past used vertically moving through the water surface that causes along the phase deviation between the oval particle water path of wavelength from the system that wave extracts energy.Typically; Device in the past relate to be connected to that the lip-deep machinery of wave is arranged or the gas collection body of certain form on the floating debris of certain form, be used for periodicity with the wave surface vertically move change into certain form for the useful motion of generating (normally rotating).This type systematic normally mechanically complex and be adjusted at a frequency low-resonance for effective work, the energy density of the wave spectrum under this frequency around the expection reaches peak value.If wave frequencies is different from this design resonance frequency, then output possibly sharply reduce.The vertical wave component that does not vibrate if only there is lateral flow (current or morning and evening tides), then this type systematic is useless.

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Medical center For an equipment with the vertical pipeline that extends from horizontal manifold, volume flowrate upwards flows in each venturi pipeline in order along with water and reduces.Therefore in one embodiment of the invention, the sectional area that can make manifold reduces so that provide a constant flow velocity along the length of manifold along this flow path, and this flow velocity is a value that is higher than sedimental critical value.Such current situation can help prevent the eddy current that in manifold, forms the waste energy. Second aspect of the present invention has comprised a kind of described according to a first aspect of the invention, as to be used for using at water body the equipment of the mobile generating of fluid element that is used for being included in; This element defines a microscler flow channel and has a upstream side and a downstream side; This element is equipped with a series of holes of opening along its intervals of lengths; This downstream side is extended on flow direction and is narrowed down gradually; Make like this and lean against when being arranged in the array privately the diffuser section that the relative wall of adjacent element defines a Venturi tube section and extends downstream from this Wen area under control section when a plurality of elements.

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The outer surface that defines this diffuser section of these pipelines can comprise the zone of a roughening.The surface of this roughening helps to promote the turbulent flow in the boundary layer, and this can promote to mix and assist pressure recovers.This surface can have a rough surface, like the surface of band pit.This surface can be in the manufacture process of pipeline forming or can allow in its using process at pipeline the self-sow through allowing marine growth or passing in time similarly and on pipeline, form on the pipeline. Fig. 6-Figure 11 shows the instance of the profile of the pipeline that can be used to form the equipment that in way flow, uses.

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In case one first structure has been positioned in the river, just can be at the upper reaches of this first structure and/or downstream stride across this river and locate other structure.The number of the structure of being installed will depend on environment and hope the electric weight that produces.When littoral flow and tide generating forces can not supply to be used to produce this form of energy, this embodiment was specially adapted to the continental river streaming system.These SMEC modules do not rely on the altitude range of morning and evening tides but depend on the inflow and the discharge of volume.This makes SMEC be specially adapted to exist in the water body of big water by volume, and these water needn’t for example have the river of sizable degree of depth or width with flow at high speed. The method that this SMEC equipment is installed can and have the position of this equipment to be installed to change according to the type of equipment.Method can comprise that these sections that make this equipment are floated to the appropriate location, through controlled rising this equipment are reduced to the appropriate location and/or through hoist or other jacking equipments this equipment are reduced to the appropriate location.This SMEC equipment can be installed into across whole water body, promptly from the river or the riverbank in straits to the riverbank, perhaps can be mounted to and only partly stride across water body.

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For the weir of routine, can in this SMEC equipment, combine a plurality of sluice to pass through to allow boat.Can in this SMEC equipment, combine a plurality of spaces in the river, to pass through back and forth to allow watercraft, fish or marine mammal. Each manifold can comprise a series of chambers, and each chamber is positioned near the end of a flow channel; And a delivery pipe, this delivery pipe is from this chamber extension and have an import that is positioned at this below, series chamber.

The water surface at each place, top, Venturi tube gap is the Free Surface place at a water column, and this water column is accelerating to forward on the length of the weak point of Venturi tube at a high speed, slowing down when getting into diffuser section leaving again then.This free water surface height is to be determined by the rate of change of the equilibrium of forces of the complicacy that produces from its gross head, its momentum and effect barometric pressure above that.This free water surface height remains on the higher height place of gross head that its part reduces, and this will show that it is quasi-static.Any trend that Free Surface reduces in pipeline all possibly have adverse effect to the performance of this device.Through orientation management blade on pipeline, can suppress the reduction of Free Surface. This equipment may further include the drifting management blade of a plurality of levels of crossing over these component level arrangements.Each flow channel can comprise a series of chambers of vertically locating along this flow channel downwards; And a delivery pipe, this delivery pipe is from each chamber extension and have an import that is positioned at this below, series chamber.

3, then the level arrangement of pipeline provides with level management blade and can arrange identical effect to vertical pipeline this equipment inherently. In another embodiment, these elements are substantially horizontal.These elements are connected on the vertical manifold; This manifold is connected on this flow-catheter. Referring to Figure 15, these separators 114 can be these diffuser section of removable turnover 108a, 108b.The mobile clogging rate that changed of separator 114, this has the mainstream speed of helping is the performance that continues tidal flow when variable.Separator from a position near the Venturi tube section to a mobile clogging rate that reduced further from downstream position.

Cancer testicular y dolor de espalda., Cancer de colon.. In order to realize a little diffuser angle, obtain a pipeline with long chord length.Figure 14 shows the two-way pipeline 100 of an array, and these pipelines have the isolated component 114 that is positioned at adjacent channel 100 formed diffuser section 108a, 108b.Isolated component 114 can be positioned in the diffuser section so that allow on whole assembly, to use short chord length, and still keeps a little effective angle to come aux. 1 shows an a kind of part that comprises the equipment that is arranged on a series of pipelines on the current.Fig. When this equipment was placed in the current with cross section bigger than equipment, the existence of free edge allowed main flow bifurcated rather than pass these pipelines around equipment.This equipment is long more with respect to water body, and is just more little as the loss of the percentage of useful potential obtainable output energy.

The third aspect of the invention comprises a kind of method of generating electricity from current of being used for, and this method comprises use according to the described equipment of first aspect present invention, and this method comprises this equipment is provided in the current; Allow a tidal flow or current to flow through this Venturi tube, and allow flow through this flow-catheter and drive this turbo machine of secondary flow. These holes can be included in a closing mechanism device that can operate between an open position and the closed position, make when this mechanism is in the closed position, and the prevention current are through these holes. The SMEC that uses a technical term defines this technology.Word ” frequency spectrum ” expression is extracted energy any water motion between pipeline, and will reach this frequency-independent of peak value with wave spectrum around the expection.SMEC is ” entire spectrum “.Even it is under approaching zero frequency, it is good promptly in tidal flow and unidirectional (river) stream, also to work.

Passing the frictional loss of secondary flow path appearance can lose by a plurality of somes place build-up of pressure in this flow path, thereby the maximum output that causes obtaining reduces.Suck in the turbo machine when frictional loss possibly get into turbo machine through water and take place.These losses can minimize through the entering conduit that uses smooth contoured. Dolor muscular hombro y brazo derecho . Draining from turbo machine can stand the adjustment of flowing.This can realize through the traction tube (thereby forming a diffuser) in the outside wedge shape of downstream location of turbo machine.This will help to keep the pressure drop that reduces in the turbo machine downstream, and this has increased the power that can from secondary flow, extract. In way flow, can use the blunt shorter upstream side that leads to pipeline, thereby promote good mobile adjustment at the entering trunnion place of Venturi tube with positive pressure gradient.

Proposed to be used for the mobile multiple suggestion that is converted into electricity of current, wave or morning and evening tides as free of contamination generating approach. 2 shows a kind of planimetric map of conduit arrangements, is used to show working principle. This equipment can be built by any suitable material.Under different separately truths, material can comprise mild steel, stainless steel, glass fiber reinforced plastic, polycarbonate (PC), concrete and/or wood veneer.Also can use other high alloy steel and metal in the time of suitably.

This system can comprise a buoyant device, so that control or change the buoyancy of this system and for example so that raise or reduce its degree of depth in water.This buoyant device can be arranged in the section of this system and can be arranged on this downstream side.This buoyant device can be a sealed chamber, and air can be introduced in this sealed chamber or therefrom remove. The outer surface that defines this diffuser section of these elements can be by roughening so that cause the turbulent fluctuation in this diffuser section. In one embodiment, these elements are vertical basically.These elements are connected on the horizontal manifold at its lower end; This manifold is connected on this flow-catheter. When pipeline itself is a level, as shown in Fig.