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Neurocirugia acv 3 that is constructed totally floating on waters by using a 90% submerged horizontal pipe assembly to serve as footing for the support posts of power board system, all together with the necessary air/gas storage tanks 174 & 175 that carry the flat deck 176, and the oscillation resistor 207. The whole system being always on the water surface, it is no longer necessary for the impact wall 130 to adjust with the varying elevation of the tide water–so floater 133 and pneumatic clamp 141 and the gear tooth 142 are all eliminated on this Type No. 5 and that this machine works exactly in the same way as said Invention No. 9 and FIG. 10. The mechanism of this machine works in the way it has been previously explained and can be read from the detailed explanation of FIG.

Mujer de 36 años con dolor en las extremidades - Revista.. The parts shown in this figure have the same reference numerals as in FIGS. Also shown is a new invention in which the said floating pipe foundation is provided with an Anti-Oscillation Resistor in the form of a wide flat board positioned horizontally held way down 30 feet below the water surface by strong pipes. Also shown is a new invention in which the floating air storage tanks carry compressors that are operatively connected by drive bars to the rear tip of the said floating pipe foundation that is steady while the floating tank will be the one oscillating or moving the compressor up and down to produce compressed air–at the same time the air tanks carry a flat deck to house the electric generator, the electrolizer, and a warehouse. 3. The presented design of the paddles (parts Nos. 8, 1932 presented by J. Colchon y dolor de espalda . A. LOCKFAW, the compressor System consisting of the Paddle, the Piston Rod, the Piston, the Compression Cylinder are constructed in the same manner as that presented by Smith.

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5 which is hereby named “TYPE NO. 3 WATER-WAVE-ENERGY CONVERTER SYSTEM” comprising the same principal structures as in FIG. 4. Invention No. 4, the “Type No. 2 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System”–referring to FIG. As compressed air is produced at compressor 100, the compressed air travels thru air hose 139 and gets deposited at the air tank 174 from which steady pressure air is supplied to the air driven electric generator 183 which in turn supplies electricity to the electrolizer 184 that produces hydrogen gas fuel.

The gas storage tanks 174 and 175 are tailing the floating pipe footing assembly 170 by means of tie rope 186 and by the pump drive bar 188. The two storage tanks are spaced far apart by the flat deck 176 to form a barg which carries the Gas-Turbine Electric Generator 183, the electrolizer 184, the cabin 181, and the two small compressors 100 to compress hydrogen and air.

The Power Board System produces mechanical energy out of the kinetic energy of the water waves, the Multi-stage Compressor produces compressed air out of the mechanical energy of the Power Board System, the Air-Turbine Electric Generator produces electric energy out of the compressed air, and the electrolizer produces hydrogen gas fuel, oxygen, & salts out of the sea water by means of electric energy. Caudal Board 182 keeps the Flat Deck in correct position in relation with the waves.

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The lower float valve 201 keeps the compression process going on even during calm weather when the waves are small because the head-room of the rising water piston is made low which make it easier to push the compressed air past the lower main valve 201. The air turbine 203 supplies electricity to the warning light 213. Cage 214 limits the play of float valves 201 and 202. Pipe 206 delivers compressed air to the power station. The gear tooth 142 will hold the beam 131 thru straight gear 143 every time the surf (big or small) strikes the impact wall to prevent the impact wall from rising upward due to the swell of the water waves which affect floater 133. Traveling bearing 146 keeps sliding along the length of beam 131 as it is fixed in elevation by redundant bar 148. Guy wire 149 reacts against the action of the surfs and keeps the posts 132 in erect position.

3 and FIG. 4), works in the way it has been explained in the preceding paragraph. 2. The compressor 100 works the way it has been previously explained in the first paragraph of the description of the preferred embodiments, and the power board system (impact wall 130 & its supporting components) works the way it has been previously explained in the next to the preceding paragraph.

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Conoce los tipos más comunes de dolores de cabeza - El.. 1, named “Labrador Multi-stage Piston Compressor”, works in the way it has been explained in the first paragraph of the description of the preferred embodiments this specification. 5 but differs in that the fixed vertical bar is held in place by a foundation driven into the ocean floor and it is keepped erect by guy ropes anchored to the ocean floor. Como quitar un dolor de pie . 3. The problem on the effects of rising high tides or varying water levels is solved by the floater pipes attached to the bottom of the impact wall to carry the whole pendulum frame floating vertically above the water as the suspension box housing connector at the upper tip of the pendulum beam frees said beam to move up or down, and by Floating Pipe Foundation Assembly over deep waters. 2. To achieve a high ratio of energy production during fair weather when the water waves are generally smaller, the piston rod will again be connected at a lower point on the pendulum beam to increase the displacement of the piston so that more air is compressed at every stroke of the small waves.

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7 which is hereby named “TYPE NO. 5 WATER-WAVE-ENERGY CONVERTER SYSTEM” which produces compressed air out of the water wave energy due to the alternate up & down movements of one after the other of a series of floating air tanks arranged in a long straight line fixed obliquely to the direction of the waves or even set loose along the direction of the waves. 2. If it will be modified with a system so that the piston be actuated by the water waves, the problem on the varrying amplitued of the waves will again be unsolved. Therefor, only a very small percentage of the energy offered by the waves is use to actuate the paddles. The Invention No. 1, being component No. The compressor 100, which is Invention No. 1. This invention has the same problem encountered as problem No.

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8. Invention No. 8, the “Type No. 6 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System”–referring to FIG. 6. The problem of too much energy of the water waves spent in splashing against the barge and in moving the barge up and down as presented by Smith is solved by eleminating the barge and by placing the Power Board System directly infront of the waves and directly bumping against the water waves or surfs. Side valves 202 and 209 bring in new air into the chambers when the water surface 217 recedes down. Dolor de ovario izquierdo y espalda . At the same time, the upper push valve 136 also hits the upper control bumper 140 allowing compressed air to get into the pneumatic control clamp 141 which holds firmly the upper end of the pendulum beam 131 preventing it to drop down while its lower portion is on the process of returning to its original straight position as the water recedes back to the sea, and the hydraulic fluid also returns back to the hydraulic control jack due to the pressure at the oil tank 138 and by the suction force of the control jack piston as the impact wall is push forward by the receding water or the return cycle of the water wave.

1) installed on the flat deck 176 that are activated by only one drive bar 177 which remains firmly vertical due to the weight 178 attached to its bottom tip at about at least 30 feet below the water surface. The Flat Deck 176 pivotes at the pin connector 181 in relation to Fix Bar 177. To keep the Flat Deck always positioned perpendicular to the water waves, the caudal board 182 is attached at the rear of the deck. FIG. 5 illustrates an embodiment of the invention No. FIG. 10 is a longitudinal section of FIG.

FIG. 6 illustrates an embodiment of the invention No. FIG. 9 illustrates an embodiment of invention No. HOW AND WHERE TO USE THESE MACHINES 1. Invention No. Pat. No. 4,160,624, dated July 10, 1979 “Water Vehicle-Actuated Air Compressor and Systems Therefor” by Smith, the paddles, which are submerged at the bottom of the barge, are actuated by the tilting and oscillation movements of the barge and not by the direct impact of the waves. 7–Type No. 5 Water-Wave-Energy Converter System showing a new invention in which a series of floating storage air tanks (elongated) are operatively connected to each other by rigid bar connectors each of which carry one compressor, perpendicular to and space the tanks on a long line of structures that is 30 to 45 degrees oblique angle to the water waves.