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Abstract background with violet particle wave In one embodiment, each of the generators 816 a-816 f may have similar or different electrical output ratings. In an alternative embodiment, the spring may be located within, for example, the gearing mechanism. In an embodiment, the displacement vessel 1902 may include two or more turbines extending from the displacement vessel 1902 into the water. DETAILED DESCRIPTION OF THE INVENTION Apparatus 10 is a buoy that houses components of an energy recovery mechanism which facilitate harnessing the kinetic energy of ocean waves and converting that energy into electrical energy.

By incorporating length variation mechanism 97, which is operable to vary the length of the pendulum, the effective pendulum length can be tuned across a range of conditions. 10, which depicts a graph of a buoy’s power output, at the same configuration, as a function of wave period for a steep wave (shown as a solid line) and a shallow wave (shown as a dashed line). As one of ordinary skill in the art will readily appreciate from the disclosure of the present invention, processes, machines, manufacture, compositions of matter, means, methods, or steps, presently existing or later to be developed that perform substantially the same function or achieve substantially the same result as the corresponding embodiments described herein may be utilized according to the present invention.

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The displacement vessel 2202 also generates electricity when traveling in the second direction 2222 b by unwinding a drum that is coupled to an electric generator in the second directional converter 2209 b. The first position may alternatively be a configuration where the drag panel 521 is substantially adjacent to a surface of the displacement vessel 502. The drag panel 521 may be deployed to the second position by rotation about a hinge, where the rotation is controlled by the control mechanism. As mentioned, processing module 91, in combination with measurement module 93, measures and analyzes local environmental condition data and determines where mass M should be positioned along pendulum 12, so that power output of buoy 70 is maximized. Bottom shell component 20 and the top shell component are preferably hemispherical in shape and are of identical dimension, where each may be combined with the other to form an enclosure having an oblate spherical shape.

However, processing module 91 may also retrieve instructions from a central location, where the computational model has been executed at the central location. Preferably, generator 16 comprises a gear that is engaged with a gear located at shaft 14. As shaft 14 rotates, its gear drives the gear on generator 16. Other useful embodiments are envisioned where generator 16 is in communication with shaft 14 by another means known in the art.

The system comprises a buoyant member comprising a pendulum configured to rotate under the influence of wave motion and a generating means for generating electricity by converting energy associated with said rotating pendulum, a transfer means for transferring said generated electricity, and a processing facility for processing said transferred electricity. Preferably, each outer component 74 is comprised of buoyant materials having relatively high strength. The method may further include providing an anchor cable having a first end and a second end, whereby the second end is attached to said directional converter and the anchor cable extends to an anchor secured at said stationary location. Optionally, the displacement vessel may further include at least one arm coupled to and extending away from the displacement vessel. Yoga para el dolor de espalda . For example, a drag panel 521 may be secured to a bottom side of the displacement vessel 502 and extend in a generally downwards direction. As alternative embodiments to the anchors shown in the figures above, the anchor may be secured into the stationary location, and may be constructed of any suitable shape such that it would not be dislodged from the stationary location upon the movement of the displacement vessel.

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A direct drive approach involves coupling the directional converter directly to the generator via a chain, for example, without the use of gearing mechanisms or gear boxes to convert the RPM of the directional converter into a different RPM input for the generator. 5A-5D, 6C, 10, 11A-11E, 12A-12C, 13A-13B, or 14A-14B. As described above, the displacement vessel 1802 may be connected to a stationary location, such as land or a spud barge, for example, by control cables 1828 a-1828 d that are coupled to an anchor cable 1803. One or more rewind assemblies (not shown) may be housed at the stationary location to control the winding of an anchor cable 1803 and alter (i.e., increase or decrease) the distance of the displacement vessel 1802 from the stationary location. The control cables 1028 a and 1028 b may be coupled to an anchor cable 1003 at one end via a coupling mechanism 1011 and the anchor cable 1003 may be further connected to a directional converter and a generator at a stationary location, as described above.

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Centro de fisioterapia y sus áreas - YouTube Each control cable 1028 a and 1028 b may also be coupled at another end to a/an adjustment/control mechanism (indicated generally as 1020 a and 1020 b) mounted on or within the displacement vessel 1002, such as a motor and drum assembly or a winch, for example. As the first control mechanism 1120 a winds (or releases) the first control cable 1128 a, the first side 1121 a of the displacement vessel may change its distance relative to the anchor cable 1103 allowing the displacement vessel to change its orientation with respect to the anchor cable and water flow. 1, generator mechanism 16 is in mechanical communication with pendulum 12 and central shaft 14 so that rotation of pendulum 12 and central shaft 14 causes generator 16 to rotate. 3, each fin 30 extends radially from a central portion of bottom shell component 20. However, as seen, fins 30 do not meet one another at a central point.

As such, individual fins may be removed by unbolting that fin from the bracketing ring and outer component 74, and a replacement fin may be inserted in its place. Further, the system then adjust the configuration (i.e., pendulum load and effective length) of a pendulum until it finds the optimum fingerprint for that set of conditions. To decrease its depth or surface, the ballast tanks may release or pump out water using a pump, for example.

In another example, when the currents become faster, the method is capable of creating more energy by operating the generators at a faster RPM, while when the current is slow, the generators may be operated at a slower RPM (or disengaged completely). The displacement vessel 702 may be attached to an anchor cable 703 in any configuration (for example, as at the corners of the displacement vessel) such that displacement vessel 702 remains captures the forces caused by the ebb and flow of water.

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For example, the drive gear 112 may include a single sprocket fixed on an axle the sprocket may be configured to interface with a chain. Estoy embarazada y tengo mucho dolor de espalda . In particular, the first side 1321 a and the second side 1321 b include a parabolic shape configured to capture drag forces from the flow of water. The anchor cable 903 is connected at a first end to a directional converter 909 a and at a second end to directional converter 909 b. The pulley mechanism may be particularly beneficial when an anchor cable is connected to the displacement vessel, threaded through the anchor, and connected to the directional converter, such as anchor cables 103 a-103 c because friction between the anchor cable and anchor may cause wear, and ultimately failure, of the anchor and/or cable. The displacement vessel 202 is anchored to stationary location 206 by anchors 208 a-208 e connected through anchor cables 203 a-203 e.

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Tecnica de relajacion Together, FIGS. 11B-11D illustrate the rotation of the displacement vessel. Upon rotation of the displacement vessel to an angle away from perpendicular, the drag panel may experience less drag force, thus allowing the amount of drag force exerted on the displacement vessel to be controllably adjusted. According to preferred embodiments, mooring line 40 is configured with buoy 10 to allow unconstrained rotation of the buoy 10 without creating torsion on mooring line 40. Specifically, counterweight 42, attached along the bottom end of mooring line 40, allows buoy 10 to move up and down along the wave surface according to wave motion.