Dolor de espalda durmiendo

The, at least one, first magnet and the, at least one, second magnet are associated to each other and to the generator piezoelectric element in such a way that when the first magnet is moved repetitively due to movement of said moveable element with the generator in the mode of electrical energy generation, steps (a) and (b) occur repetitively due to the interaction between the first magnet and the second magnet. This can be done by acting on one or more piezoelectric elements associated to the capture element, for example, by acting on said part of piezoelectric material. Actuation on these piezoelectric elements, for example, on the part of piezoelectric material, can be achieved by applying a voltage to said piezoelectric material, it thereby being possible to change its voltage. Figures 1 -3 reflect schematically some aspects of a possible embodiment of the invention, and that said embodiment of the invention has in common with the aerogenerator described in WO-2012/017106-A1.