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El Dolor 1 shows a power window 1 with glazing 2 and window channels 3 and 4. This is a novel mechanism operated by two tapes 7 and 8 which are driven by two orthogonal oscillatory transducers 11 and 12 instead of the normal DC PM gear motor. A novel design for an ergonomic drive mechanism using a dual-motion electro-magnetic oscillatory transducer is described in this invention. While the electro-thermal solutions may not be practical for the window application for reasons yet to be explored, they are detailed for the side view mirror application in this invention. 1, the regulator mechanism need not be centrally located; in fact, great location flexibility is afforded by the dual tape drive concept. In cases where the linkage medium is not suitable for driving by shell 35, the drive sprocket can be attached to a roller with a suitable friction surface.

Tipos de dolor de cabeza y cómo eliminarlos ¡Deja de.. To reduce minor variations in friction drive slippage from accumulating, a gear 58 and dual rack frame 55 are used with a stroke of drive transducer 52 adjusted accurately to be equal to one gear tooth of advance. In the demo system, AMV is a 555 timer while the two single shots are formed from one dual 556 timer module. FIGS. 6 and 7 show two types of windshield wiper mechanisms.

Both types of piezoelectric solutions, long stroke and ultrasonic thruster, may be practical for the window regulator application. The operation of this mechanism is double-acting in that both stroke directions of transducer 12 are used to propel window pane 2 up or down in short (imperceptible) strokes alternating between the left and right sides keeping it essentially horizontal at all times. If dual coil push-pull solenoids are used instead of the pull type with return spring, an ON/OFF type of unipolar driver can still be used, but both coils must be driven alternately on each cycle on each solenoid.

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4 add an inverter and an extra MOSFET for each push-pull solenoid. These latter technologies can also be used for very short strokes at ultrasonic frequencies; ultrasonic thruster configurations are discussed. A general purpose piezoelectric thruster is described which operates at frequencies extending to the ultrasonic range. One is a linear transducer 128 which may be a pull solenoid with a return spring, a voice coil actuator, a push/pull solenoid or a non-magnetic type.

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A shuttle 139 is rigidly attached to long stroke transducer 137 by shaft 138. Usable transducers are voice coil actuators, and pneumatic or hydraulic cylinders (although the latter are less useful for vehicle applications). These two signals as selected by the other leg of S1 control the up/down direction and power the drive voice coil (DVC) through an AC driver (AC DR). In this concept, two separately driven wiper arms are synchronized electronically through the use of a common power system. Homeopatia dolor de espalda . The techniques of this invention are also applied to the construction of two different types of curtain machines. It is another object of this invention to illustrate the construction of a pneumatic autonomous robot element using a pneumatic DSES. It is also an object of this invention to segregate heavy power wiring from control wiring and to permit the use of low current switches to control heavy power accessories.

Ejercicios para los que sufren dolor de espalda - Página 3.. 3 can be used for the power antenna. 9 has a manual feature which permits the antenna to be raised or lowered manually at any time as a fail/safe backup. The housing 66 and the tubular sections 67 of the antenna mast are shown in cross section for clarity. While many mechanisms are known with this property, the use of oriented fibers is the most simple and compact. Single transducer solutions using oriented fibers are also explored. FIG. 6 illustrates a timing belt system using one power unit synchronously coupled to the remote (left) wiper arm 41 via timing belt 39 which has a wear resistant high friction outer layer 40. Drive shell 35 serves a function analogous to that of drive block 13 in FIG. An unreliable design, or one with limited life or high life-cycle feature cost, impacts the manufacturer even if it survives a warranty period through negative publicity as reflected by widely available “frequency of repair” or “cost of ownership” statistics.

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The industry has little experience in high force/high power cyclic applications as would be required for window regulators or windshield wiper applications. It is an object of this invention to describe a transitional technology for vehicle window regulators using a gear motor with dual drive tapes. FIELD OF THE INVENTION The present invention relates to actuators for power driven accessories for products, such as motor vehicles. Note that the dual tape power window configuration can be used as well for driving a power sun roof. FIG. 15 shows a vehicle window 2 driven by semi-rigid drive tapes 7 and 8. Pressure pads 122 with a low friction surface against the drive tapes are spring loaded by springs 123. Friction wheel 121 resists the forces by pads 122; it is driven in either direction by a conventional window regulator gear motor 120. Dolor de cuello y hombro izquierdo . This is transitional hybrid technology that would enable the auto industry to migrate toward oscillatory actuator use before the latter technology is ready for the market.