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3 also shows an object 160 interrupting radiation paths between various emitters and detectors. In general, such an exemplary device when used as a tensioning device will tension a drum head with minimal deformation to ensure alignment of various emitters and/or detectors. In general, chord information may be used to help determine a position for an object that interrupts one or more radiation paths (e.g., for a single path, the object is at a position along that path). In general, use of a collimator helps to link a detector with a particular emitter. In a particular existing system, an emitter radiates a space, an object (e.g., a hand) placed in this space reflects the emitted radiation, one or more detectors receive the radiation reflected from the object and a determination is made based on the reflected radiation (see, e.g., U.S.

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Acupuntura y analgesia - Medwave A gyroscope may provide such positional information to better approximate sounds and/or allow for more control (e.g., pitch, bend, etc. In this example, the notation may be created or edited using information displayed in one or more other windows. Other arrangements of detector and emitter components may include polygonal, triangular, and other geometries. FIGS. 28-29 are diagrams of exemplary arrangements and exemplary timing sequences. As described herein, a pulsed emitter may include pulsing (e.g., one or more pulses) that occurs in response to an object-related event (e.g., emitter/detector radiation path interruption, on-command, timing sequence, etc.) and/or a programmed schedule. For example, an exemplary device may include 2-D coordinates of a polar coordinate system wherein a ray may be defined with respect to a radial value (e.g., r) and two angular values (e.g., Θ1, Θ2), two radial values (e.g., r1, r2) and two angular values (e.g., Θ1, Θ2), etc. Depending on particulars of an exemplary device, volume may be used.

Neurocirugía de Cáceres realiza el primer implante en.. For example, a first manner includes placing the hand into the volume substantially parallel to the volume with fingers spread. In the exemplary arrangement 400, emitters are positioned approximately along the circumference of an outer circle (or may have foci corresponding thereto) and an inner circle approximately defines a detection area in this 2-D view that may be associated with a volume. Various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc., described herein can relatively simultaneously determine a position for a substantially stationary object and a striking object in a volume defined by transmission paths between one or more emitters and one or more detectors. With respect to detection of an object’s motion, planar and/or angular motion (including vertical along the z-axis) may be detected using detectors in one or more of the first, second or third set of detectors. FIGS. Para el dolor muscular medicamento . 6A, 6B and 6C show an exemplary scenario including a top view of an exemplary device 602, a cross-sectional view of the exemplary device 604 and a binary array 422, 422′, 422″ associated with the device 602. In this particular example, the emitters 410, 410′, 410″ are optionally positioned at different positions along a z-axis in a cylindrical coordinate system.

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With respect to force (e.g., product of mass and acceleration) determinations, a variety of algorithms may be used including a look-up table. For example, an exemplary device optionally communicates with and/or includes a computer (e.g., a computing device such as a processor-based device, etc.) that may receive input from a variety of sources. An emitter is optionally passive and associated with a source optionally located remote from the emitter and supplying radiation to the emitter (e.g., via reflection, transmission, etc.). Such a detector optionally forms part of an emitter and a detector path associated with the underside of the drum head.

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FIG. 4 shows an exemplary arrangement 400. The exemplary arrangement 400 allows for sampling or acquiring information from detectors to determine if an object lies at least partially within a sampling area or sampling volume defined, at least in part, by illuminating radiation associated with emitters and detectors. As shown, this exemplary arrangement includes a cable to transmit and/or receive information and/or energy to and/or from the emitters 310 and/or detectors 320. FIG. Such coordination can create efficiencies such as allowing a detector to provide information from more than one emitter/detector path.

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Various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc., include, generate and/or use one or more radiation paths wherein a radiation path may be defined as a ray between an emitter and a detector (e.g., sometimes referred to as “emitter/detector path”). If the three sets of detectors correspond to three planar levels (e.g., Z0, Z1, Z2), then time intervals may be determined between detectors at a first level, detectors at a second level and detectors at a third level. Note that in the Ex.1, Ex.2, and Ex.3, it is still possible to determine a velocity for Object 2. Of course, some other possibilities exist as well; however, where Object 1 and Object 2 interrupt one or more same paths at more than one level, then it is likely some overlap of position of Object 1 and Object 2 exists. Hence, acceleration may be determined based on a difference between the first velocity and the second velocity.

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A user may select for example “Brazilian percussion instruments” and optionally further “Frevo” related Brazilian percussion instruments. FIG. 9 shows an exemplary user interface that has a window 900 for displaying musical notation. Ejercicio dolor de espalda . DISCLOSURE OF THE INVENTION The description and drawings presented disclose various exemplary arrangements, devices, systems, methods, etc., many aimed in part at alternative and/or enhanced musical expression. Various exemplary devices, methods, etc., disclosed herein aim to satisfy this and/or other needs. While electronic drums and triggers for acoustic drums have satisfied some needs of the musician, a need still exists for alternative and/or enhanced expression. FIG. 1A shows an exemplary volume and emitters (E0, E1, E2) with respect to a cylindrical coordinate system 100. While the exemplary volume appears as a box, other shapes are possible (e.g., cylinder, polytope, etc.).

Features include clock rates to 5 MHz (5,000,000 Hz) wherein a run of all 128 active pixels requires 128 clock pulses (approximately 40,000 Hz) and an operating voltage of approximately 5 V. Such an array is optionally suitable for use in an exemplary device, for example, wherein optical fibers communicate radiation from detector locations adjacent to an illuminated volume to a sensor, optionally remote from an illuminated volume. An exemplary device optionally includes wireless communication capabilities (e.g., 802.11 b, etc.) and optionally includes remote emitter sources and/or detectors. A “wire” connecting to an exemplary device optionally allows for communication with a computer (e.g., computing device), a power supply for emitters and/or detectors, and/or for transmission of radiation (e.g., a waveguide), etc.

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Emitters are available in a variety of sizes. With respect to position and/or area determinations, a variety of algorithms may be used (e.g., Boolean logic, reconstruction, look-up table, etc.). Visible wavelengths may generate visible paths that may act as fiducials (e.g., dots, lines, cross-hairs, etc.) to enhance maneuvering of objects with respect to an exemplary device. 6A and 6C may apply to determining the position of two objects even if the objects have circular cross-sections, each cross-section having a diameter equal to approximately the radius of the inner circle. FIG. 31 is an approximate circuit diagram for the exemplary component of FIGS. Often, these include optical elements (e.g., lens, etc.) that allow for line generation from a radiation source. Dolor de espalda y pecho al respirar . IEEE 1394b cables include 9-pin shielded twisted pair, CAT-5 unshieled twisted pair (e.g., standard Ethernet cable), step-index plastic optical fiber, hard polymer-clad plastic optical fiber, glass optical fiber, etc.

Various exemplary devices include filters, shades, baffles, etc., to improve signal to noise ratio and/or other operation. Refractive and/or detractive optics may be used. Optical components such as an optical fiber cable, waveguide, mirror, prism, etc., may allow for detector to sensor operation. FIG. 36 is a diagram of an exemplary device and associated exemplary components. Various components are available from companies such as Melles Griot, Rochester, N.Y.

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Tomography typically relies on aspects of such projection techniques. Exemplary algorithms include, but are not limited to, those associated with tomography and those that are discussed further below. Commercially available accelerometers and/or gyroscopes include, for example, the Valu-Line™ Model 7596 MICROTRON accelerometer from ENDEVCO (San Juan Capistrano, Calif.) which uses variable-capacitance microsensors for low-level, comparatively low-frequency measurements that can aid in motion measurements, modal analysis, etc., and the Angular Rate Sensor ADXRS150, which is a 150 deg/sec angular rate sensor (gyroscope) on a single chip, complete with all of the required electronics. Thus, the aforementioned discussion on mass with respect to momentum also applies to force. 12, 2003, and which also claims the benefit of U.S.

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A brief description of the drawings follows, which is followed by a description that includes best mode and modes for carrying out the invention or inventions. Advances in robotics, for example, have led to more widespread use of gyroscopes and accelerometers. For example, interrupted continuous wave radiation involves modulation in which there is on-off keying of a continuous wave. For example, a cylindrical lens or a slit may help to direct radiation as a substantially planar fan. Fibromialgia y dolor de espalda . For example, an existing system uses infrared emitters and detectors that rely on reflection of radiation from an object. For example, a triangular arrangement may optionally have emitters located at triangle vertices and optionally detectors along opposing legs.