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Follow the voltage ll In another exemplary embodiment, output apparatus 150 may generate electrical energy by implementing magnets, stators, or other suitable means as now know or hereinafter devised. This touch would generate the desired/required amount of friction between members 245 without activating any of the binding or gluing strategies outlined above. Alternately, an additional set of leads could be provided from a switch mechanism created by placing a contact, or contact set, nearby the resonant member in such a way that only highly resonant harmonic motion at the resonant frequency of the vibrating member, would cause contact closure to occur. The heater elements are fabricated to essentially surround this central conductor in such a way as to communicate thermal energy effectively to the state-change elements of that member.

First, the external skin of the device or member of the invention could be heat- shrinkable, zip-able, zip-lockable or other closure method that could be accomplished by a ring-like device sliding over the outer surface of the cluster. Inflation, in this case, can even be achieved through external means such as by the application of compressed air. In exemplary embodiments, suitable liquids include adding agents to change the liquid properties, such as adding saline, silicone, or equivalents to increase buoyancy and/or decrease the temperature of the liquid. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION A buoyancy engine is a highly efficient means of generating energy using the natural buoyancy effect of various materials in a soluble solution to create a rotary motion. However, the benefits, advantages, solutions to problems, and any element(s) that may cause any benefit, advantage, or solution to occur or become more pronounced are not to be construed as critical, required, or essential features or elements of any or all the claims.

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Benefits, other advantages, and solutions to problems have been described above with regard to specific embodiments. Various manners of the overall buoyancy engine have also been contemplated. In an exemplary embodiment, reservoir 115 is generally shaped as a cuboid or cylinder, though other shapes are also contemplated. The shapes of areas 55 and 60 and the pattern of alternation may be selected as desired. Furthermore, segmented chain 120 may be made from various materials, including at least one of wood, fiberglass, metal, carbon fiber, foam, plastic (specifically polypropylene or polyethylene), rubber (natural or synthetic) or other suitable materials as would be known to one skilled in the art. Use of a crankshaft is well known in the art and will not be discussed in detail herein.

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All of the methods outlined herein can be applied as well. Sequestered or injected solvents, foams, or adhesives could also cause, or aid in, the expansion as well as optionally make irreversible the deployment. The process might work in reverse as well. In a purely heat-driven scenario, a high temperature might be used to store a configuration and a lower temperature might recall it. Multiple devices might be employed simultaneously.

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This element might be, for example, an electrical conductor, a heating wire or element, a length of tubing through which is transported, on in which is contained, a gas, slurry, semi-solid, gel, or liquid, and most especially a substance capable of volumetric change – for example by state-change, such as a low- boiling-point liquid that upon heating becomes a gas.

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In an exemplary embodiment, divider 110 separates the liquid and gas environments and may comprise metal, concrete, plastic, other suitable material now known or hereinafter devised, or any combination of such materials. Also, the segments may comprise some material with a cover that provides additional rigidity. Dolor de rodilla a que se debe . For example, the outer surface may be foam or laminate material. 11A-11C, the segments may be connected at a single point or at multiple points along the outer surface edge of segmented chain 120. The segments may be hinged, sewn, glued, fused, or other suitable means of attachment as now known or hereinafter devised.

10A and 10B, segmented chain 120 does not comprise a continuous chain, but instead comprises individual segments that are connected at the outer surface. In accordance with an exemplary embodiment, the leading surface of a segment comprises a convex shape and the trailing surface comprises a concave shape configured to increase the sealing ability of the segmented chain 120. As illustrated in FIG. Upon removal of the inflating substance or pressure from tube 175, the rods again nestle together creating a rigid structure in the new shape. 6A-6C, multiple gaskets are present in reservoir aperture 140. Multiple gaskets can provide extra sealing, which is beneficial for a liquid environment with high pressure. In Fig. 82, there is shown an actuator 1010 deformed so as to permit the passage of air that may be used to provide a selective air flow impedance, opening, for example, when moisture on one side wets a hydrophilic layer 1020. In Fig.

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In an exemplary embodiment, segmented gasket 401 comprises multiple rotating components configured to create a sealed and low-friction pass-through for segmented chain 120. For example, the multiple rotating components may be at least one of rollers, ball-bearings, or other suitable devices for achieving the desired low-friction motion. Vomito diarrea escalofrios dolor muscular . An optional low-friction protective layer 1100 is provided between actuators 1090 and rods 1105 of variable length. Expansion of bladder 335 forces rigid rods 340 to be thrust into generally-wedge-shaped members 345 in any of several ways. Among other methods, rigid low-profile spacers could be placed at the x/y junctions of the weave (or arbitrarily equi-spaced in a non-woven sheet-based array) to • hold the planes of ‘fabric’ apart – say, two inches. In the case of woven or non- woven sheets embodying the principles of variable size/diameter in the interstices of the weave or in devices placed at (regular) intervals across the plane of the sheet, the following comments should be made.

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Thus, the following detailed description is presented for purposes of illustration only. For purposes of illustration and with reference to FIG. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION In accordance with various aspects of the present invention, a method and system for a buoyancy engine is presented. FIELD OF INVENTION The present invention relates to a mechanical buoyancy engine. Fig. 50 is a cross sectional view of a device of the invention.

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Rods 730, having two spherical ends 735 are shown in cross-section in Fig. When no force, or a force below a threshold, is applied, ridges 20 interlock to prevent relatively movement of rods 15. If a distorting force above a threshold is applied laterally to the length of bundle 10, ridges 20 are caused to separate or slide relative to one another in a zone of distortion, allowing the rods 15 to realign against one another. These metallic surfaces when exposed to current-flow or to radio-frequency radiation such as microwave radiation, will heat. In yet another exemplary embodiment, segmented chain 120 is comprised of one solid or continuous piece of material, such as molded foam for example. For example, at least one of brushes, an additional sealed inlet, a rubber/neoprene wiper, a hydrophobic skin on a structure such as the segmented chain or reservoir aperture, or other suitable devices may be included in buoyancy engine 100. Furthermore, in an exemplary embodiment, liquid that is present in the gas environment is collected and transferred back to the liquid environment.

In an exemplary embodiment, the buoyancy engine is not limited in size and the energy produced by buoyancy engine 100 is directly related to the volume of segmented chain 120. In other words, an increase in the liquid displaced by segmented chain 120 results in more power generated. In another exemplary embodiment, the angular momentum generated via rotary motion is centered and reaches an equilibrium, which facilitates less wear on buoyancy engine 120. Tratamiento dolor de espalda baja . Furthermore, in another exemplary embodiment the overall energy production is increased by operating multiple segmented chains in same liquid environment. 1B, a pump 160 could transfer the liquid that collects in a drain in buoyancy engine 100. The conservation of liquid helps to enable a stand-alone buoyancy engine 100 that requires little to no maintenance.

That is, in one implementation, a conductive sheath could accommodate (x) energy, while an insulated bundle, or distributed group, or internal conductors or control tubes, would each accommodate the fractional energies. The next linear section of device would be provided with 10-20 volts and so on. The next layer 1070 is an insulating layer of, for example, plastics or ceramic beads.