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Some known designs are used only for surveillance and monitoring, and 0 are not able to interact directly with other objects, on a physical level. In some example embodiments some of the links include thrust modules as discussed further below, and the joint modules may be articulated mechanisms in between the links.

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Dolor lumbar - Ejercicios y estiramientos para aliviar el.. The robot may have any or all features as discussed above. To enable easy towed transportation the snake robot can assume a transport configuration similar to that of the snake robots with stern thrusters discussed above, i.e. The robot may include a gait pattern controller for generating the undulating motion of the robot. Such a thrust module may, for example, include tunnel thrusters using propellers, or water jet thrusters. Such a device can in one mode of use generate a lowered water pressure between itself and a fixed structure to thereby provide suction to secure the robot to the structure, and in another mode of use it can provide thrust by propelling water outward from one side and drawing water inward on the other side, as would be done by the lateral thrust devices of the examples. The control system is arranged to combine the flexural undulation motion of the snake robot with thrust from the thrust devices in order to provide motion that is not possible with a conventional snake robot or a conventional ROV/AUV.

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One example uses a thrust module with thrusters oriented in two perpendicular directions, which may be two directions that are generally orthogonal to the longitudinal extent of the robot (or to a tangent to the extent of the robot when it is in a curved shape). All of the robot may be flexible, or the robot may have flexible sections and rigid/fixed sections. Autonomous and remotely controlled robots can take many forms and sizes and have been adapted for numerous purposes. An example of a thrust device for applying lateral thrust is a thrust module with one or more thrusters, the thrust module being integrated with a joint module and/or a link or being mounted fore or aft of a joint module and/or a link. • Measuring the vibration of a structure under water by pushing a vibration sensor tool against the structure.

In addition to the pair of manipulation tools 14 there is also an inspection tool 12 in the form of a camera 12 at the mid-point of the robot’s length. This allows the operation of the two manipulation tools 14 to be monitored when the robot takes a suitable configuration, as in Figure 5 and Figure 7 for example. These can provide information during transportation, and also provide further information relating to operation of the manipulation tools 14, such as a close-up view. The joint modules each permit relative rotation in one or more of the yaw, pitch and roll directions of the robot, optionally rotation in all three of yaw, pitch and roll.

The example of Figures 9 and 10, described below, includes longitudinal thrusters at a mid-point of the robot, and t will be appreciated that similar thrusters could be utilised in any of the other examples. The use of an oil filled bellows provides protection from water ingress as well as reducing the risk of snagging of the mechanical parts during use. The thrust devices may include propellers, impellers, tunnel thrusters, rotatable (azimuth) thrusters, retractable thrusters, screws (single, twin, contra rotating, controllable-pitch, nozzle style etc.), fins, vacuum pumps or thrusters and/or water jets.

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The underwater manipulator arm robot may include a thrust device for providing 5 longitudinal thrust. A combined 0 suction and thrust device may be provided by the addition of a suitable cowling or vane structure to a thrust module. The robot and/or the tool may be tethered. The relative rotation enables control of the orientation and/or position of the tool.

The thrust devices may alternatively or additionally include a thrust device for applying longitudinal thrust, i.e. Dolor muscular en el brazo izquierdo . An example of a thrust device for applying longitudinal thrust is a stern thrust device mounted at the stern of the robot for applying a thrust at the end of the robot. The use of the thrust devices for propulsion and/or guidance encompasses all desirable uses of thrust forces on the robot. In preferred examples the robot comprises at least three links joined by joint modules allowing for articulated motion. The robot of the first aspect effectively provides a manipulator arm without the encumbrance of an ROV or AUV holding the arm. This means that operations can be carried out in spaces that are not accessible by traditional manipulator arms fixed to ROVs and AUVs and also that operations can be carried out with a reduced degree of dismantling of surrounding structures. However, the known ROVs and AUVs are stiff structures consisting of a large main body equipped with one or several smaller manipulator arms.

the need for speed The concept described herein eliminates the large main body of the ROV/AUV and enables the manipulator arm itself to carry out both propulsion and manipulation, since the snake robot body effectively becomes the manipulator arm. The stern thruster unit can typically be used to propel the robot over larger distances, while the tunnel thrusters can be used to carry out small sideways or vertical displacements of the robot. The above equation can be employed separately for each set of joints that have, for a straight robot, parallel axes of rotation. A stern mounted device enables the thruster to be in-line with the length of the robot, rather than resulting in a protrusion from the robot at one side, which might otherwise be required to allow thrust in a longitudinal direction. 13direction of the major part of the robot. Such devices on the structure can form all or a part of the attachment means.

Searching, grasping and recovering objects lost into the subsea template during ROV operations. The method may include using the joint modules to move the robot into a required 0 configuration and then using the thrust devices to translate and/or rotate the robot in the required configuration to move it to a required location.

A tool mounted at the front end can have a large range of movement, especially when combined with a longitudinal thrust device such as a stern thrust device and one or more thrust modules for lateral thrust. • Using a hydraulic cutting tool mounted to the head of the robot to cut away a piece of a process pipe in conjunction with the replacement of a subsea process section. To address this issue, the robot may optionally be provided with elements having controllable buoyancy. Such multi-linked robots may alternatively be designated as eel robots or lamprey robots and the term “snake robot” is intended to cover this.

Known snake robots consisting only of joint modules can swim like a biological eel. Dolor costado izquierdo de la espalda . The relative location of the joint modules and thrust devices is known and/or can be calculated, and in addition the joint angles are known and/or can be calculated. 11 improved. In addition, the use of a stern propeller module as one of the thrust devices allows for faster linear motion of the snake robot.