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¿Qué causa un leve dolor por pellizco en el tórax superior.. Therefore, here too the wind must be incident parallel to the long direction and perpendicular to the base for the Kelvin-Helmholtz stability to cause flapping or vibration of the cantilever. Surfaces having projections along them designed to encourage vibration of the energy harvesting elements. Elements 1120 can be disposed either in parallel or normally to the fluidflow in order to optimize the vibration according to the tunnel design and achieved turbulence. These hairs or fibers are used in the current invention to generate electrical voltages, either due to being composed of piezoelectric material themselves, or due to being attached to piezoelectric devices, for instance at their bases. Such components are made either of piezoelectric fibers which directly convert deflection into voltage such as those shown in Fig. Thus, the element can bend in any direction, and produces voltage from any such bending moment. The device should be protected from foreign objects and environmental harm.

In Figs 5a to 5f an alternative embodiment is shown wherein electrically inert fibers 901 are attached to piezoelectric elements 902, which are vibrated and deformed by movement of the fibers. A single hair-like element is shown in Figs la to If. The invention provides for harvesting of fluid energy even in built environments by use of small hair-like components, which are irritated and bent by the slightest air flow in any direction. Air tunnel geometries may take the form of: single entry tunnels, multiple entry tunnels, tunnels changing the flow direction, tunnels with inputs from a single flow direction, tunnels with inputs from multiple flow directions, tunnels with outputs for a single flow direction, tunnels with output in multiple directions, combinations of these, and other such embodiments as will be obvious to one skilled in the art. The term ‘fluid’ hereinafter refers to any fluid flow, including but not limited to air flow, water flow, and gas flow.

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The term ‘hair’ or ‘fiber’ refers to a flexible element having a large aspect ratio (one dimension being far larger than the other two), one end being free and the other being attached to a base, in a fashion similar to a human hair. For example, fluid-flow manipulation covers, fins, panels, fluid tunnels, and other fluid-shaping elements can be used as stand-alone members designed to increase the energy imparted to the energy harvesting ‘hairs’ or fibers of the device. It is within provision of the invention to provide many such hair-like fibers affixed to a largely planar surface, creating a “carpet” of piezoelectric members. The line like elements comprise piezoelectric members 1313, connecting leads 1315 which connect the members 1313 to rectifiers 1317. Fig 9b shows such extruded line-like elements encased in a support panel 1319. Leads 1318 are designed for connecting a load of interest.

A series of such walls can then be placed along the expected flow path, every few wavelengths, to propagate this wave-like motion. This may be accomplished by a number of means as well known in the art, such as full-bridge rectification, half-bridge rectification, and non-linear switching techniques such as quasi-resonant rectification. This output is fed into an electrical energy storage device 1330 such as a capacitor or battery, then inverted to AC and used for electrical power, fed into the grid, etc. Dolor de seno derecho y espalda . This extends reliability and prolongs the life cycle of the system.

A further object of the invention is to disclose the fluid energy harvesting system provided with an energy storage device in electrical communication therewith. It is further within provision of the invention to encourage the formation of solitons in the flow, by means of placing the energy harvesting elements within channels of appropriate depth and width. Another object of the invention is to disclose the fluid energy harvesting system further 2011/000938 comprising a turbulizer disposed at an inlet of said passage and configured for turbulation said fluid flow within the passage. A further object of the invention is to disclose the passage provided with an inlet collecting trumpet-shaped member. It is a core purpose of the invention to provide the system further comprising (a) a passage accommodating the plurality of piezoelectric elastic elements and limiting the fluid flow which drives the elements. It is hence one object of the invention to disclose a fluid energy harvesting system comprising a substrate provided with a plurality of at least partially resilient elements mechanically connected thereto.

4 Tipos De Dolores De Cabeza - Salud A further object of the invention is to disclose the passage provided with a plurality of intake ports at a side surface thereof. A side view of this embodiment is shown in Fid. This device is shown in the prior art of Fig. However it will be appreciated by one skilled in the art that other embodiments may be beneficial as well. The capacitor mentioned may be any suitable capacitor such as a supercapacitor, ceramic capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, or the like as will be obvious to one skilled in the art. Other embodiments are possible as will be obvious to one skilled in the art, such as grouping subgroups of the energy harvesting elements together that are expected to experience similar fluid flows. O T IL2011/000938 insolation per m divided by maximum insolation of IkW/m ) is about 20% in a sunny climate such as Israel.

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These flow manipulation elements are largely unaffected by the geometry of the hair-like members, thus each member can be optimized to the maximum efficiency almost independently. It is thus within provision of the invention to use cantilever geometry for the energy harvesting elements, rod-like geometry, extruded polygons, and the like. Causas de dolor de rodilla . It is within provision of the invention to use the aforementioned hair-like elements as the energy- harvesting geometry. Furthermore no provision is made for use of external wind-shaping elements that would increase the wind utilization of the device. For example, it may be found that placing wall-like elements perpendicular to the expected wind flow direction(s) may encourage wave-like motion of a certain wavelength. This may be found to increase the total amount of vibration, as well as to encourage coordinated vibrations (which may for instance allow rectification of large group of energy harvesting elements in parallel, thus avoiding the need for rectification of individual elements).

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For example it may be found beneficial to mechanically couple groups of energy harvesting elements together, at their tops, midway between top and bottom, or at other points. The former is apt for situations in which the wind is expected to be largely isotropic while the latter is suited for situations where the wind direction is expected to be chaotic on the length scale of the distance between adjacent piezoelectric elements. Fig. le shows a hair-like element employed by the invention connected to a rectifier to maintain positive voltage, while Fig. Fig. 11 illustrates another planar extruded embodiment of the invention. The piezoelectric elements 902 are attached or embedded in the substrate 903. The individual piezoelectric elements may be rectified as in Fig. Instead of single ‘hairlike’ elements, these elements span a distance and may be rectified (for example) at their bases as in the case of the hairlike elements.