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According to yet another aspect of the present invention, an apparatus is provided for converting the kinetic energy of a fluid stream into useful work, the apparatus being open at opposite ends so that the fluid stream can pass through. Subsystems may be coupled together and moved 180 degrees out of phase, or only mechanical oscillators acting in opposite directions with each other to maintain and enhance flutter vibration and provide initial disturbance in the fluid flow.

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La flor de mi secreto Including a support structure for mounting the plurality of thin aerofoils and the aerofoil in a support structure as a blade row having an angle of attack of 0 degrees if no disturbance is applied. According to yet another feature of the present invention, an apparatus is provided comprising a pair of parallel plates and a thin aerofoil disposed at equal intervals from each plate and having at least 2 degrees of freedom in the fluid flow. The foils of each subsystem are connected to each other, move in the same phase, and require at least 2 degrees of freedom to induce flutter vibration, so each foil has at least 2 degrees of freedom. Then, disturbance is applied to at least one foil, harmonic vibration is started, and energy from the fluid flow is utilized in a practical device, and this energy is converted into useful work such as generation of electric energy and pump operation.

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The system is then adjusted until the fluid has a flow rate sufficient to induce flutter vibrations, and the aerofoil is disturbed and the resulting vibrations are used to perform useful work. Such a foil extracts energy from the flow and performs useful work such as power generation, or generates propulsive force by applying energy from the outside and generates negative drag. Furthermore, according to the present invention, there is provided the above method wherein the step of directing the additional fluid is performed by placing a shunt barrier at a location adjacent to the upstream side of the foil in the fluid flow. The terminal foil is separated from the adjacent support structure wall by half the distance between adjacent foils. Each energy conversion device has a plurality of equally spaced foils 2 arranged in the support structure 1 at an angle of attack of 0 degrees when the foil is not disturbed.1, 22, 2Three, 2Four, 2Five, 26, 27, 28Is provided.

This plate is arranged parallel to the free flow and the aerofoil defines an aerodynamic system with an angle of attack of 0 degrees when not disturbed. It has long been known that a large amount of energy can be obtained when an aerofoil is subjected to an aeroelastic flutter phenomenon.

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In the following description, the term airflow will be used, but the present invention can also be applied to the waterflow under specific restrictions described later. It will be apparent to those skilled in the art to which the present invention pertains that they understand the present invention. It is. Dolor de espalda parte media derecha . The frame has been removed to make the design easier to understand. As best shown in FIG.1, 102Etc. to attach to the front and back of the foil. Accordingly, it is also within the scope of the present invention to generate a mechanical movement to vibrate the foil using a cascade of fluid driven by a flutter. At critical velocity (Vc), this aerodynamic damping component becomes negative and equilibrates with the positive mechanical damping of the vibrating aerofoil, resulting in harmonic vibration of the wing.

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The lower curve shows the critical velocity of a single aerofoil, and the upper curve shows the critical velocity when a practical device is incorporated into the system. The various parameters are then adjusted based on the fluid velocity so that the fluid velocity is the critical velocity of the system.

FIG. 3 is a graph showing how energy is recovered by introducing a practical device into a system exposed to flutter vibration. FIG. 11 shows a cross section of the foil. The vibration of the foil is maintained by the vibrator. 4,347,036 and 4,184,805 refer to the effective application of this phenomenon for energy generation and propulsion. Finally, FIG. 1 (c) shows a self-supporting system placed on the pivot 6 and a cylindrical body 4 provided at the top of the system accommodates the interlocking mechanism, the crankshaft, and the generator. 1A shows a system mounted on a cylindrical or elliptical barrier 3. A cylindrical cylinder 4 mounted on the system houses the interlocking mechanism, crankshaft, and generator and protects them from natural forces. The This connection is made with a gear in the case of a rigid connecting rod and with a chain-sprocket in the case of a flexible cable.

A set of rods 8e and 8o, 9e and 9o attached to the leading and trailing edges, even and odd foils respectively, interconnect the subsystems. FIG. 9 is a partial schematic view of a typical interlocking device that connects the front / rear edges of an even / odd pair of foils to a generator, followed by a heavy flywheel.