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PPT - Enfermedad del Nodulo Sinusal Bradiarritmias.. This is shown by piezoelectric elements 228 and 234 of the upper row 263 being staggered relative to vertically-aligned piezoelectric elements 270 a and 90.1 a of the lower rows 269 and 271. The upper rows of piezoelectric elements are thus longitudinally staggered relative to the lower rows of piezoelectric elements in this embodiment. This capability may enable more flexibility in the design of the beam/piezo systems, for example, by allowing the stresses in the piezo/beam to be limited without causing too large a spacing between the buoyant planar members 148.2 and 156.2. Assembly 20.2 may be a more suitable embodiment for large scale energy generation. For the sake of comparison, recently installed turbines at the Mica Dam, a hydroelectric dam owned by BC Hydro® and spanning the Columbia River near Revelstoke, British Columbia, Canada, recently cost $500/KW. The slats will function as a means of reducing the number and therefore the cost of the piezoelectric elements that would be needed.

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10B, the piezoelectric elements 270 a and 270 b of the first lower row and fourth lower row are smaller than and, in this example, have lengths LR that less than half than, and in this example 2.5 times smaller than the lengths LP.1 of the piezoelectric elements 228 of the rest of the upper and lower rows of piezoelectric elements. The assembly may be referred to a series of interconnected groups of six buoyant planar members 177, 280, 286, 294, 288 and 282 surrounding a space 333 where another identical buoyant planar member could have been located but has not been installed.

On a large system tapping the energy in ocean waves, the DC power produced would preferably have to be converted to AC and transformed to a higher voltage at the buoy in order to minimise losses in transmitting the energy to the shore, where it could be then preferably be transformed to higher voltages to supply local communities or to feed into the grid. In this example, the elastic planar member is pre-stressed in tension while the piezoelectric element is being bonded thereto in order to pre-compress the piezoelectric material so that the material is less prone to cracking at the tops and in the troughs of the steeper waves. For assembly 20.3, the plurality of longitudinally and laterally spaced-apart piezoelectric elements 86.3 and 93.3 extend only along the top 78.3 of elastic planar member 74.3. These are bonded to the elastic planar member while it is in a pre-tensioned condition so that when the tension is later relaxed, the assembly would become curved upwards with the elastic planar member is still under tension and the piezoelectric elements compression.

The layers of the electroactive polymers in the compressed sections are charged with the aid of control electronics, and thereafter excess electrical energy resulting from relaxation of these sections and the associated separation of the charges in the electroactive polymer is extracted by a capacitive discharge. The material can manifest a high coupling coefficient and may therefore produce a high electrical output for a given input of mechanical (elastic) energy, such as about 46%, for example. 5, the assembly 20 includes a first plurality of piezoelectric elements per each of the elastic planar members 74, 75, 77 and 79, in this example a first, planar, upper layer 71 of longitudinally spaced-apart rows of piezoelectric elements relative to longitudinal axis 67. This is shown for elastic planar member 74 by a first row 81 of spaced-apart elements 83, 85 and 86, and a second row 89 of spaced-apart elements 91 and 93 that are staggered relative to the elements of the first row.

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In this example, each of the buoyant planar members 148 and 156 includes a top portion 157 in this example made of two thick wooden slabs, between which the elastic planar members are clamped, with a thicker layer of light floating material underneath coupled to the lower slab. The assembly includes a plurality of longitudinally spaced-apart elastic planar members with piezoelectric elements extending between the first and second plurality of buoyant planar members. Each of the elastic planar members includes a plurality of longitudinally-extending columns 314, 316 and 318 of longitudinally and laterally spaced apart piezoelectric elements 320, 322 and 324, 326 and 328, and 330, 332 and 334, respectively, bonded to the elastic planar members in a manner described in for assemblies 20.5 to 20.7, for example. 5, the assembly 20 generally includes a plurality of spaced-apart, longitudinally-extending elastic planar members 74, 75, 77 and 79 in this example.

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Thus, each of the buoyant planar members includes at least four of the elastic planar members in this example. This is shown by slabs 147 and 149 for member 148, with a bottom portion 151 thereof made of a floating material underneath and coupled to slab 149. Thus, the elastic planar members couple to and extend between the top portions of the buoyant planar members in this example. 2, a bottom 66 spaced-apart from the top. The result is that an array of such buoyant planar members and flexing piezoelectric/elastic planar members may operate in wave trains arriving from different directions either separately or simultaneously. The buoyant planar member must also be incompressible enough to prevent excess squeezing by the motion of the waves which may prevent the true shape of the waves being transferred continuously to the flexing elastic planar members. Remedios caseros para el dolor muscular en la espalda . 2 on a large body of water, in this example the ocean 23. However, this is not strictly required and the body of water may be a lake or sea in other examples, for example.

1, there is shown a floating piezoelectric assembly 20 for generating energy from water waves 22, 24, 26, 28, 30 and 32 seen in FIG. The assembly 20 includes in this example a buoy 38 floating at the surface 34 of the waves, in this case wave 24. The assembly includes an anchor 40 abutting the bottom of the body of the water, in this example ocean floor 42. The buoy couples to the anchor via an elongate member, in this example rope 44. The rope has an extendable portion, as shown schematically by the coiled portion 46, to accommodate the changing levels of the ocean caused by the waves and the tide. 4, each elastic planar member 74 has a bottom 76 and a top 78 and is generally rectangular in top and bottom profile in this example when viewed from above.

Each bottom portion 151.2 of the buoyant planar members is a lighter, box-like structure in this example. Each of buoyant planar members 177 includes six sides 162.7, 277, 160.7, 164.7, 158.7 and 279 extending between the top and the bottom thereof, with the sides being substantially equal in size and length. The top and bottom of the wave-interacting portion of the assembly are substantially similar in size, and rectangular in shape in this example when viewed from above or below, as seen in FIG. Dolor de riñones espalda . Assembly 20.3 is substantially the same as assembly 20 of FIGS. 2) The assembly of clause 1 wherein the elastic elements are pre-stressed so as to ensure a state of compressive stress in the piezoelectric component, and wherein the assembly further includes a planar elastic layer coupled to and between the planar, lower layer and the planar, upper layer of the assembly, the planar elastic layer having a planar top and the piezoelectric elements coupling to the top.

5) The assembly of clause 3 further including a flexible weighted planar member operatively coupled above the piezoelectric/elastic planar member. FIG. 24 shows an assembly 20.8 for generating electricity from waves according to a ninth aspect. 23 with decimal extension “0.8” replacing decimal extension “0.7” and being added for numbers previously not including decimal extensions. Each row has between two to three piezoelectric elements in this example; however, this is not strictly required. However, this is not strictly required and the buoyant planar member may be made of other buoyant, flexible materials in other examples. The elastic planar members may be referred to as a planar elastic layer of the assembly. This may produce four times as much energy as stretching the piezoelectric elements across the polarised direction which is the normal mode in which they are used. The piezoelectric elements 228 and 234 of the first upper row 263 thereof are staggered relative to at least one of the piezoelectric elements of the second upper row 265 thereof, in this example piezoelectric element 86.1. The piezoelectric elements 226 and 230 of the third row 267 thereof longitudinally align with respective ones of the piezoelectric elements 228 and 234 of the first row 263 thereof.

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19. This would be easier to do with the buoyant planar members in calm water at the dock rather than on an assembly. FIG. 12 is a schematic view of one of the piezoelectric elements of the assembly of FIG. 7) The assembly of any one of clauses 3 to 6 wherein the assembly blankets an area of a plurality of waves and flexes to maintain intimate contact between the assembly and the water. Dolor en la parte de arriba del pie . FIG. 4 is an enlarged view of a section of the wave-interacting portion of the assembly shown in FIG. FIG. 20 is a side elevation view of the assembly of FIG. The wave-interacting portion of the assembly has a length LWI that extends between the proximal and distal ends thereof, and which is configured to extend in line with the direction of the waves, as shown by arrow of numeral 36. As seen in FIG.

The modified analysis for the case with a plurality of buoyant planar members of assemblies 20.1 and 20.2 is based on the assumption that when the relatively short laminated elastic planar members are all joined together, they form a single wave shape which is similar to the wave itself but reduced in scale by the factor of its length to the wave length. 19 to 22 for assemblies 20.5 and 20.6, for example. The float is cylindrical in shape in this example. This can ensure that, during operation, the brittle piezo-ceramic material is subjected only to compression in order to inhibited cracking thereof. The elastic planar members 74, 75, 77 and 79 in this case are thus made of rectangular strips oriented in the direction of the waves, as shown by arrow of numeral 36, in order to make manufacturing easier and to accommodate wave irregularities.

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Preferably, the piezoelectric generating elements are flexible and are supported in such manner to allow flexure thereof in response to movement of the surrounding water. It is foreseen that such costs will lower further should piezoelectric element costs decrease in the future. 1 to 8 with the addition of decimal extension “0.1”.