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For example, a condition A or B is satisfied by anyone of the following: A is true (or present) and B is false (or not present), A is false (or not present) and B is true (or present), and both A and B are true (or present). The various compartments defined by the parts of the apparatus 100 are substantially full of liquid 114 at this stage, although it is to be appreciated that some amount of air may be present in at least one, more than one, or all of the various compartments. At the same time, an annular gap 186 separates the wall 170 from the tank wall 118. The annular gap 86 may be at least partially filled with liquid 114 and/or air.

Mantas Pre y Postoperatorio - Macor The outer riser 110 is movable in a substantially vertical direction relative to the outer tank 104 and the outer ringwall 120. The liquid 114 which partially fills the annular gap 184 between the outer riser 110 and the outer ringwall 120, and the annular liquid column inside the annular gap 186 separating the outer riser 110 and the tank wall 118, cooperatively exert force on the outer riser 110 to keep it moving substantially vertically. As an example with a liquid column height of 12 feet, or 5.2 lbs psi, the pressure from one side to the other will net a 5.2 psi differential (with the greater pressure maintained on the inside of the system). The hydraulic capture assembly 240 may be implemented similarly to the hydraulic capture system 112 as described above, for example. The air and liquid 114 in the system are moved back and fort by the differential air mass exchanger 102 as long as the pod 106 and inner riser 108 is allowed to rise when a predetermined lift is reached.

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The inner riser 108 is substantially hollow and is at least partially filled with liquid 114 and/or air. Before explaining at least one embodiment of the inventive concepts disclosed herein in detail, it is to be understood that the inventive concepts are not limited in their application to the details of construction and the arrangement of the components or steps or methodologies set forth in the following description or illustrated in the drawings. The hydraulic assist 218a is used to compensate for the differential loss by using the pressurized hydraulic fluid from the hydraulic accumulator 212. The differential air mass exchanger 102a may be connected to at least two units 101a and 101b, when additional work is added to one side of the differential air mass exchanger 102; the cylinder 216 travels in the opposite direction.

The locking mechanism for the differential air mass exchanger 102 is the shut-off valve 224 to the cylinders 216. In order to remove the possibility of movement of the differential air mass exchanger 102, the air is vented from the cylinders 216 of the differential air mass exchanger 102 to atmosphere. 140 begins to receive air.

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Filling the displacement chamber 140 moves a volume of liquid 114 – which in turn systematically moves the separated air and separated liquid 114 volumes between each outer ringwall 120, inner ringwall 122, and inner riser 108 and outer riser 110 to both create the “head” on one side and unequal pressures (converted to lift) on the inner riser 108 and outer riser 110 surfaces. As successive ringwalls and risers are added, the air needed to fill the ringwall and riser would increase because of increased diameter. The function of the pod 106 is to: (a) provide lift; (b) follow the inner riser 108 in its upward travel; (c) fill the upper air gap between the pod 106 and the inner riser 108; (d) support the pre-charge function; (e) to maintain pre-charge during apparatus stroke; (f) to eliminate the need for additional gap air during cycle; (g) to serve as an open chamber where compressed air can replace liquid 114; (h) to serve as a chamber where compressed liquid 114 can replace air; (i) the specific dimensions of the pod 106 are determining for stroke length and inner riser 108 configuration.