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Because the mass flow rate of water is the same for the upper and lower portions of the currents and the currents flow in a fixed direction and magnitude, there is no need for additional static support structure, but an apparatus can be designed based on hydrodynamic buoyant and lift forces.

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Ultimos avances en el tratamiento especializado de dolor.. 2, power producing module 20 includes an outer shell 24 which is hydrodynamically shaped to permit flow of water by it with a minimal amount of turbulence. Windmills commonly found on land is just one example of such an attempt to turn energy in a natural fluid stream into electric power, while turbines driven by the flow of trapped tidal waters are another. This invention relates to an apparatus and method for generating electrical power, and more particularly, an apparatus and method for converting the energy contained in large ocean streams into usable electric power. The velocity of such ocean streams and temperature gradings are well known and vary within precise limits, so that an apparatus can be designed with a steady and predictible output. An economical apparatus has been designed for installation in large ocean streams or currents, such as the Gulf Stream, to generate electrical power in large quantities.

The use of ocean currents, as distinguished from wind and tidal currents, for the generation of electrical power has been attempted. Thus, in systems embodying the invention, for the cases of “weak” and “strong” positional restoring forces, the maximum displacement and velocity (as well as the acceleration) of the WEC shell are increased leading to increased power absorption by the WEC. 0 seconds, the WEC has reached its largest negative displacement from its rest position.

A in Fig. 13) at which the displacement and velocity of the shell becomes zero (and first begins to increase) is sensed and power is then applied to the shell (or the shaft) to increase its displacement, speed and acceleration. Depending on the design of the system and the system requirements, power may be applied for a longer or shorter time interval. Assume that waveform A represents the force of the ocean waves applied to a WEC of the type shown in the figures (e.g., Fig.

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Note that at this point, the velocity of the WEC is large relative to the non-AIMS case. For this case, the AIMS apparatus and method, by controlling the timing when power is supplied to the WEC-shell, causes the peak of WEC-shell velocity to approximately coincide with the peak wave force. The PTO continues to draw energy from the WEC until the WEC reaches its maximum extent at approximately 3 seconds.

Because the WEC reaches its maximum displacement later in the wave cycle, the WEC reaches its peak velocity later. Waveform C depicts the displacement of the WEC in accordance with the prior art. The power generated from such devices is also unpredictible since electrical output fluctuates in accordance with fluctuation in wind and wave activity. DESCRIPTION OF THE PREFERRED EMBODIMENTS Referring now to the drawings in detail, wherein like numerals indicate like elements throughout the several views, an underwater power generator constructed in accordance with the principles of the present invention is illustrated in FIG. Conventional power sources such as natural gas and oil are being rapidly depleted throughout the world. The high pressure and low pressure tanks or manifolds 48 and 44 are adapted to be disposed in the wing 22 and through the elastomeric joints. In this embodiment low pressure manifold or tank 44 is eliminated and a conduit 64 is provided in power producing module 20′ through conduit 64 and is filtered by a filter 66 and sucked through a conduit 24′ (due to rotation of centrifugal pump 36′) to centrifugal pump 36′, conduit 42′, high pressure manifold 48′, disposed between power producing module 20′ and power absorbing module 18′, into conduit 50′ through high pressure turbine or centrifugal pump 52′, conduit 58′ and back through a conduit 68 which discharges directly into the ocean current or stream.

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Pumps 36c and 36d pass the sea water through high pressure conduits 42c and 42d, respectively, to the high pressure manifold or tank 48b. Remedio para dolor de rodilla . The power absorbing module shown in FIG. A propeller 26 is rotatably mounted on the front of the shell 24 of power producing module 20. Propeller 26 is fixed to a shaft 28 which extends into the shell and is rotatably supported within a bearing 30. Shaft 28 is connected to a drive shaft 32 by a gear train 34 which increases the speed of rotation of shaft 32. Shaft 32 is fixed to a conventional centrifugal pump 36 having a pair of inlet conduits 38 and 40 and an outlet conduit 42 in communication therewith. 7. Each propeller drives a centrifugal pump 36c and 36d, respectively, to suck sea water through conduits 64c and 64d, respectively, from the ocean current.

4 and a power absorbing module 18′ as illustrated in FIG. FIG. 4 is a cross-sectional view similar to FIG. FIG. 3 is an enlarged longitudinal cross-sectional view of the power absorbing module of the apparatus illustrated in FIG. The AIMS apparatus and method also improves power conversion efficiency when the WEC has strong positional restoring forces.

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Young woman wearing apron holding basin with cleaning tools looking overworked touching shoulder having pain over blue wall This coincides with the velocity maximum of the WEC system with the AIMS apparatus, but not for the WEC system without the AIMS apparatus. FIG. 7 is a longitudinal cross-sectional view of still another modified form of power producing module which can be utilized with the apparatus illustrated in FIG.

If desired, counterrotating propellers may be used on each power producing module in both the open and closed cycles heretofore described to counteract any torque which may be induced in the support structure. Dolor lumbar ovulacion . Furthermore, by constructing each of the units in module form, they can individually be detached, floated to the surface, and towed to shore facilities for repair and fitting.

5 could be utilized to achieve the same results.

Productos para terapia física y fisioterapia A suitable bearing and joint is disclosed in an article by S. P. Vitt, entitled ELASTOMERIC BEARINGS FOR HIGH-LOAD APPLICATIONS, appearing in ASME Journal. The A.C. electrical power is then transported along tether lines to anchor points in the sea bed, collected in larger sea bed cables, carried ashore, and transported as high voltage A.C. power. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION According to the apparatus and method of the present invention, ocean currents are utilized to generate electrical power. 5 could be utilized to achieve the same results. The dramatic increase in power absorbed by the WEC may then be made available to the PTO which can absorb the increased power and convert it to produce an increased electrical energy output. Eventually, the absorbed power stops increasing with increased WEC velocity and stroke, due to damping effects, and the inability of the wave field to exert force on a quickly moving object.

No electrical storage facilities are needed because such current velocities are essentially constant, which results in reduced cost and increased efficiency of the equipment used for such purposes. For the case of the WEC exhibiting strong positional restoring forces, its PTO imparts energy to the WEC-shell as the shell approaches its maximum displacement. The second pump acts as a turbine and its output is mechanically linked to rotate a shaft which is connected to the windings of an electrical generator. Rotation of the propeller produces rotation of a shaft directly connected to an electrical generator. Accordingly, FIG. 6 illustrates a closed cycle power producing module, generally designated by the numeral 20a in which counterrotating propellers 26a and 26b cause rotation of centrifugal pumps 36a and 36b respectively through the medium of shaft 32a and 32b respectively. Rather than driving a generator directly from the current through the medium of a propeller, discrete power producing modules are provided which convert the kinetic energy of the fluid current into mechanical rotational energy, which energy is in turn cumulatively transmitted to a power absorbing module containing an electrical generator.

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