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La acupuntura podría mejorar la disnea de la EPOC The PTO includes at least two pulleys and/or rollers 102A and 102B, about which a ribbon cable 102C passes and/or rolls. 657. Guiding pulleys 657 are arranged around the circumference of aperture 659. Each guiding pulley is associated with a flexible connector e.g. Mating connectors 91-10, which may be single elements or ribbon arrangements, transit from confluence structure 91-7 and interface to, wrap around, or otherwise mate with spherical inertial mass (IM) 91-11. IM 91-11 is shown to have a rigid outer shell with aperture 91-9 located at its top-center. The further the at least one pulley/capstan is located from the center of rotation of the flotation module, the greater will be the torque imparted to the flotation module with respect to its center of rotation, and the more effective the aligning moment will be. However, since these oscillations are within, and/or parallel to, the planes of rotation of the pulleys, those pulleys, and their respective cables, will not tend to experience excessive damage or wear.

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UNDISPUTED: Dolor VS Koshmar - Battles - Comic Vine Inside the tube is an approximately neutrally-buoyant spherical plug 1436, connected to inside surfaces of the tube by connectors 1432 and 1438. When the tube is being accelerated upward by flotation module 1401, water will flow downward through the tube and the spherical plug 1439 will block the constricted portion of the tube, causing the inertia of the water trapped in the upper and lower portions of the tube to resist flotation module’s 1401 upward acceleration.

227. At least a portion of the downward vertical forces transmitted to those beams, e.g. As one or both of the two flexible connectors 332-333 are pulled down (or, equivalently, as the flotation module 320 is pulled up against one or both of those connectors), at least a portion of the resulting downward force imparted to the power take-off assembly 331 is communicated to two underlying beams, e.g.

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Dolor neuropatico 2014 julio 4 Typically, most embodiments would be expected to benefit from the positioning of their inertial masses such that the average depths of those inertial masses are approximately near or below the wave base characteristic of the wave climate driving those embodiments at any particular time. This embodiment further includes an electrical power cable 7-750 adapted to carry electrical power from the generator housed in the converter to a remote electrical grid, such as an onshore grid adjacent to a shoreline of the body of water. The latency of such an audio signal, or the relative latencies of different types (e.g. In this manner the inertial mass can be moved to a more advantageous vertical location in the water column (e.g., to avoid currents, or to increase or decrease exposure to residual wave action at different depths, etc.). This embodiment is similar in most respects to the one illustrated and discussed in relation to FIGs.