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Similarly discharge valve means at 27-28 associated with the upper and lower ends of chamber 14 permit in an alternate manner the exhausting of fluid from said chamber. The motor may be usefully coupled to various power converting means as for instance electric generating equipment the details of which equipment are not part of the instant invention. Accordingly, the features of the instant invention may be provided on a scale to beneficially utilize tidal changes in the water level. Toward accomplishing the foregoing objects a closed float assembly is provided being very responsive to water level changes and including tubular extensions for the ultimate operation of a piston within a fluid filled chamber. The supports 11 serve additionally to guide the float assembly 12 in a rectilinear, vertical path, the details of the assembly being provided at a later point in the specification. One such arrangement is shown wherein walled openings 46 are provided in the float assembly with four walls 47-50 in closely spaced relationship to the corresponding support surface.

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Walls 47-50 have openings therein through which extends a chordal segment of the rollers 43-44. Rollers shafts 51 are journalled at their ends within the sealed bearings 45 in blocks 52. The bearings 45 and blocks 52 are supported interiorly of the float chamber by an annular partition with the outermost set of rollers being carried by the circumferential wall 53 of the float structure. Comprising part of the float assembly are a plurality of upwardly extending tubular members 18 extending through openings as at 20 in platform 10 terminating in a bridge 17A in secured attachment to the lower end of a piston rod 17. A piston 19, moves within fluid chamber 14, in response to float assembly movement as transmitted through piston rod 17. Suitable rod seals are provided at 15 in bearings with a dummy piston rod 16 being journalled in the uppermost seal 15. Provided on the underside of platform 10 are a series of bumpers 22 engageable with the float assembly when at its uppermost limit to protect the same from damaging contact with the platform.

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The hydraulic system may be termed a closed system in that the fluid chamber 14 is at all times fully charged with a recirculating supply of hydraulic fluid. With a loss of some mechanical efficiency power transmission components may be added if deemed advantageous. Toward this end the float assembly is constructed with friction reducing roller components and is configured to transform water motion into an upwardly inclined force vector.

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To the extent known the prior art includes various arrangements for converting wave or tidal motion into usable mechanical power. A further object is to provide a means for confining a float assembly against undesired lateral displacement under the influence of ocean wave movement. 1. In a power conversion apparatus powered by the changing surface level of a body of water, said apparatus having a float assembly, a fluid chamber positioned upon a plurality of upright supports, piston means powered by said float assembly for reciprocal movement in said chamber, supply valve means regulating fluid flow In an alternate manner to admit fluid behind the piston during travel, discharge valve means permitting discharge of fluid in an alternate manner from that area of the fluid chamber ahead of the moving piston, a fluid powered motor in communication with the discharge valve means and powered by pressurized fluid discharged from said chamber, the improvement comprising an improved float assembly, said float assembly comprising, a circular float structure having a lower surface of inverted conical shape and an upper surface of domed shape, centrally disposed tubular members extending upwardly from said upper surface of the float structure and terminating in operative connection with a piston rod of said piston means, said float structure having internal walls to define at least four circumferentially spaced apart openings in said structure each opening receiving an upright support, opposed sets of rollers internally carried Within said float structure adjacent each of said openings with the rollers having chorded segments rotating through openings in said internal walls and in rolling contact with two opposed surfaces of a support to at all times space the portion of said float structure defining said openings away from said supports whereby resistance to guided vertical float movement is reduced in the presence of side loads imparted to the float by wave action.

ABSTRACT An apparatus located in a body of water which has a fluctuating water level for actuation of a float assembly which is coupled to fluid displacement means. OFFSHORE POWER CONVERSION APPARATUS Edward A. Dolor lumbar riñones . Strange, PO. An electrical generator 39 is shown in direct driven connection with the output shaft of motor 33 and constitutes power conversion means. The motor is coupled to power conversion means, as for example a generator as shown. The structure is shown as being round in plan view having shaped upper and lower surfaces at 41 and 42. Said upper surface avoids water accumulation while the lower surface is shaped to efficiently partake of the rising and falling swell movement of the water. Since the ultimate use of the transmitted power as shown in the art at hand is the powering of electrical generators, the required rotational speed was sought by providing a multitude of gear components constituting a very complicated and costly structure.