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37E - Meridians - Acupuntura + Medicina China + Osteopatía.. Accordingly, in a further aspect, the present invention provides a subsea installation for the production of oil and/or gas, the installation comprising a system for generating energy from one or more currents flowing in the body of water above the installation. In one particularly preferred arrangement, the system comprises a line of generator assemblies extending vertically above the fixture assembly, with each generator assembly comprising a buoyant member or buoyant housing, the system further comprising a buoyant body at its uppermost end distant from the fixture assembly. The vane portion is most preferably located on the downstream side of the generator assembly, as viewed during normal operation.

Similarly, the upper group of generator assemblies 120 are oriented to face upstream in the prevailing current, that is to the right as viewed. The action of water impinging on the generator assembly, in particular the vane surfaces 650 and 652 of the rear housing member 612, is to align the generator assembly to face into the oncoming water, that with the front housing member 610 pointing in a substantially upstream direction, with the impellor assemblies 620 arranged across the flow of water and extending vertically. As noted above, the system of the present invention may comprise a single generator assembly, but more preferably for many applications comprises a plurality of generator assemblies.

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A plurality of substantially planar blades 634 extend radially from the shaft 622 and are mounted at their inner edge portions to the outer edges of the plates 628. The plates 628 are spaced apart along the axis of the inner hub, which provides openings or apertures between adjacent blades 634 connecting the annular cavity 632 with the region outside the hub between the blades. Alternatively, the inner portion of each blade may be spaced from the hub, providing an annular cavity between the inner portions of the blades and the hub through which water may flow from one blade cavity to another. 15, the impellor assembly 720 is offset relative to the front and rear housing members 710, 712. The arcuate surface 738 of the front housing member 710 extends towards the impellor assembly 720 and acts as a guide for water impinging on the front housing member 710. The inner surface 742 of the front housing member 710 is arcuate and has a radius of curvature substantially the same as the path followed by the outer edges of the blades, with a suitable tolerance, such that the inner surface 742 is swept by the outer edges of the blades, when in use.

Preferably, the generator assemblies are all of the same design, the preferred design being those with one or more impellors arranged to rotate about a vertical axis. All the generator assemblies may have the same arrangement of impellors. In one preferred arrangement, in which a plurality of impellors is employed, the impellors are caused to rotate in different directions. A particularly preferred arrangement is one in which the system comprises a plurality of generator assemblies arranged in a line or stack extending vertically from the fixture assembly. The generator assembly array 106 comprises a plurality of generator assemblies 120 arranged in a line extending vertically up from the wellhead assembly 104. Dolor en la parte alta de la espalda . In use, the line of generator assemblies will be bent in a downstream direction under the action of the prevailing currents and thus deviate from the strictly vertical arrangement shown in FIGS. The array 1002 is shown disposed in a body of water in which a current is flowing.

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The wellhead assembly 204 serves as an ocean floor fixture assembly for a generator assembly array 206 connected to the wellhead assembly by a retaining assembly 208. The retaining assembly 208 comprises a tubular assembly 210 consisting of a tubular, the lower end of which is connected to the wellhead assembly 204 as shown in FIG. Details of the retaining means that may be used to connect adjacent generator assemblies in the array are as hereinbefore described. The generator assemblies 120 are each arranged to be oriented to face in an upstream direction, as will be described in more detail hereinafter. Water impinges on the upstream blades 734 of the impellor assembly 720, imparting rotational kinetic energy to the blades, and flows into the region between the blades. 11), to move the generator assembly into a proper orientation with the front housing member 610 facing upstream. The hub assembly 624 is shown in more detail in FIG.

Again, the lower housing end 608 contains a buoyant material 676, such as a foam or other cellular material. 15 and extends between the upper and lower housing ends 706, 708 (see FIG. 2, 3 and 8. Similarly, the generator assembly may be connected at its upper housing end to the lower housing end of an adjacent generator assembly or to a buoyant member, as shown in FIGS. The upper housing end 706 visible in FIG. However, in some cases, a sufficiently strong current may exist closer to or at the bed of the ocean, in which case the retaining means will be very short. In this respect, it is to be understood that the generator assembly and the retaining means may be acted upon by the action of the current, in particular in the case of a strong current, such that the generator assembly is out of vertical alignment.

This, in turn, ensures that the water flowing through the impellor assembly loses minimal momentum before impacting the surface of a blade and imparting rotational energy to the impellor. The specific turbine assembly described and shown comprises two contra-rotating blade assemblies located co-axially within the passage and rotatable about a horizontal axis. As described hereinbefore, the buoyant member may be located below the surface of the ocean and submerged. The impellor assembly may be used in any orientation in any appropriate form of generator, such as those described hereinbefore. Dolor de rodilla al andar en bici . FIG. 16 is a cross-sectional view of the generator assembly of FIG. In this way, water may be exchanged between blade cavities within a single impellor assembly and between the adjacent impellor assemblies. A turbine blade assembly is disposed within the passage to rotate about a horizontal axis.

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The second cable functions to hold the turbine assembly at the required depth against the action of the buoyancy in the assembly. 12, the impellor assemblies are arranged within the housing such that the volume swept by the blades overlaps. Water leaving the impellor assemblies 620 impinges on the vane surfaces 650, 652 of the rear housing member 612, keeping the generator assembly properly aligned with respect to the current.

Additional buoyancy means may be employed with generator assemblies of this design, as required.

Accordingly, the techniques of constructing the tubular assembly 22 will be well known in the art. This will be the case, for example, where the retaining means is flexible, such as a tether or cable. The second retaining means may be any suitable means for connecting the buoyant member in this way, such as those hereinbefore described, and is preferably a flexible retaining means. Additional buoyancy means may be employed with generator assemblies of this design, as required. Accordingly, it is often the case that the retaining means is long enough to extend through the zone adjacent the bed and position the generator assembly or assemblies at a depth that has a higher incident flowrate of water. Pat. No. 5,440,176. The generator comprises various arrangements of turbines and generators suspended in a body of water from a tension leg platform located on the bed of the body of water. Alternatively, the fixture assembly may be an existing structure on the bed of the body of water.

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Pat. No. 4,219,303. The power plant comprises a turbine assembly for generating electrical energy from a fluid current in which the assembly is fully immersed. Inyecciones para el dolor lumbar . However, the arrangement of the turbine assembly and its system of anchoring cables and tethers limits the ability of the assembly to accommodate changes in the direction of flow of the current, which may occur over extended periods of time.

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In operation, the suspended members are impacted by the moving water, the action of which is to rotate the ring-like member, allowing for the generation of energy. However, as noted above, each generator assembly 320 is free to move and rotate relative to the adjacent assembly or assemblies. However, to date, little has been proposed to exploit sea and ocean currents as a sustainable source of energy. Again, its use in deep water to exploit deep ocean currents is not feasible.

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2 is shown fixed to the ocean floor and exposed to the shear current. The velocity profile of the current varies according to the depth, such that in the region of the water adjacent the ocean floor, the current has a very low rate of flow, the flowrate increasing with increasing distance from the ocean floor. The direction of flow of the current is indicated by the arrows D. As can be seen in FIG. The energy is passed by means of cables and/or flow lines, indicated as 32, attached to an extending along the retaining assembly 12 from the generator assembly 10 to the wellhead assembly 8. The energy generated by the generator assembly 10 may be consumed in nearby subsea systems. The assembly is provided with sufficient buoyancy to maintain the assembly at the required depth in the water.