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Los cólicos del lactante aumentan el riesgo de migrañas.. The PBSM 14 also has an elongated horizontal cross-section, with a front end 36 and a rear end 38, the front end 36 being adapted to face into the general direction of an approaching wave. It is versatile, being able to extract energy from waves covering a large range of wave heights, wave frequencies and wave directions. By using the ocean floor as a frame of reference it is possible to get the most amount of relative movement and as a result the most amount of energy extracted over as wide 10 a range of frequencies as possible. In order to extract energy there needs to be differential motion, generally in the case of a single heaving body the second frame of reference is the ocean floor. 5 The linear electric generator 20 within the apparatus 10 is such that the stator 22 is part of an oscillating body system which is in a predominantly stationary reference frame, while the translator 24 is attached to the predominantly moving reference frame.

Acupuntura: o que é, benefícios e como diminui ansiedade.. The braking system 70 may have a contact switch (not visible) located at the top of the PBSM 14 which will be opened if the float member 18 moves to the extent of its allowable movement. Figure 14 20 illustrates an embodiment of the apparatus 44 with a plurality of solar panels 108 mounted on top of the wind turbine 100. In other respects the wave energy converting apparatus 44 of this embodiment (and of the previous embodiment) with its associated tension mooring system 50 is substantially identical to that of the embodiment illustrated in Figures 8 to 11 and will not 25 be describe again here.

Lesión del Subescapular hombro.Limitación en la movilidad.. Pneumatic pumps may be used instead of the hydraulic pumps 98. The wave energy converting apparatus 44 shown in Figures 8 and 10 5 incorporates a wind turbine 100 mounted on top of the support structure 45 of the apparatus. The wind turbine 100 provides a means of capturing another source of renewable energy, namely ocean winds. Another advantageous aspect of the apparatus 10 is that it can be engineered 10 to be responsive, for electric power generation, to a specific wave frequency range. The tension mooring system can be adapted for use with any 10 buoyancy type wave energy converting apparatus to improve its operating efficiency. In this embodiment of the apparatus 110, the housing of the mooring caddy 30 80 is open at the bottom so as to allow sea water to fill the space within the hollow interior not occupied by the components of the tension mooring system 50. In each of the foregoing embodiments all of the components of the – 22 tension mooring caddy housed within the caddy 80 are encapsulated in an air-tight and water-tight casing that protects them from the corrosive effects of sea water.

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For example, the stator need not be located on a central plane or axis of the apparatus, but could be located elsewhere in the support structure of the wave energy converting apparatus. Advantageously the mooring system further comprises a mooring caddy, and the submerged member of the structure is adapted to dock with the mooring caddy. 20 An air compressor 94 is provided within the mooring caddy 80, for pumping air down to the counterbalancing means 53 via air hose 57. Tratamiento para dolor lumbar . Some of the power generated by the generators 86 can be used to power the air compressor 94. Air compressor 94 is also under the control of control system 92. An air conduit 96 supplies air from atmosphere to the air compressor 94, 25 and extends upwards through the submerged body 46 to a point above the water line. However an analysis of the efficiency of the dual heaving body design as an oscillating system, over the typical frequency range of ocean waves, indicates 25 that a dual heaving body design is not practical for any serious wave energy extraction.

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14 The counterbalancing means 64 of the mooring means 60 will essentially be a mass, though it is intended that the counterbalance will not be a completely inert mass. If the mass needs to be increased, then the control system 92 will either open the air 15 valve 58 to expel the air within the hollow vessel 55 or activate the air compressor 94 to pump the air into an alternate storage tank thus allowing water to fill the evacuated volume and increasing the mass of the system. Figure 16 illustrates an embodiment of the tension mooring system 120 which itself has been configured as a wave energy converting apparatus. Figure 15 illustrates a fourth embodiment of the wave energy converting apparatus 110, which is similar to the embodiment 44 of Figures 8 to 11 and hence the same reference numerals will be used to identify the similar parts.

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Figure 5 illustrates a preferred embodiment of the mooring caddy 72. The PBSM 14 is secured in the mooring caddy 72 by a suitable locking mechanism, which may automatically secure the PBSM 14 as it docks in the mooring caddy 72. In the illustrated embodiment the PBSM 14 is manually secured to the mooring caddy 72 via securing bolts 74. The 25 braking system 70 and pulley mechanism 68 are preferably housed in the mooring caddy 72. All the components required to implement the wave energy converting apparatus of this embodiment may be housed in the mooring caddy 72. The mooring caddy 72 preferably has its own buoyancy tank 76 (not visible) which can be filled or evacuated with compressed air as 30 required to lift or lower the caddy 72 in the water during docking, maintenance or operational situations.