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Supradyn® - Bayer Te Cuida Finally, reference should also be made to the particular design principle for a wave power plant having a submersible platform 1 according to FIGS. Disposed in an orbitally rotatable manner between the rails 2 is at least one coupling body 4, the design structure of which corresponds to the coupling bodies described with respect to the first illustrative embodiment. Finally, a torque compensating device, by means of which a reaction torque of the platform, generated by the tapping/supporting of the usable torque, is counterbalanced or neutralized, is provided. The coupling body (bodies) 4 is (are) articulately attached to the rails 2 by levers in order to be able to perform an orbital motion about the pivot points. For instance, two or more buoyancy bodies can accordingly be fixed to the side of the platform. The kinetic energy of the blade is converted in a generator, for instance, into electric power.

This could be realized, for instance, by at least one weight, which is movable in the longitudinal direction (perpendicularly to the bearing axle of the individual coupling bodies) or is asymmetrically fixed. According to FIG. 1, this can consist of a balance weight 20, which is movable along the rails 2 and which is preferably disposed beneath and midway between the two rails 2, or on each rail 2, and can be moved back and forth, for instance, by means of a rotatable spindle extending along the rails 2, or by a cylinder or an own drive.

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It is also advantageous to fix (or anchor) the submersible platform to the seabed by a flexible cable having a specific weight, preferably a mooring chain, which in principle, upon an upward motion of the pivot point between the chain and the platform, is gradually raised from the seabed and thus correspondingly increases the weight force acting on the pivot point. Furthermore, the use of other mooring systems, such as, for example, taunt moorings or similar, is possible. Alternatively to the above-described coupling body design, the coupling body 4 can be configured, for example, also in the form of a cross geometry according to FIG. Preferably, the countertorque generating mechanism according to the disclosure has for this purpose a device for the (asymmetrical) weight shifting or weight distribution, acting counter to the above-stated total torque (reaction moment), along the platform and/or the rack, such that the thereby adjustable weight distribution applies to the submersible platform or the rack a weight force, which (with due regard to the lever arms, necessarily produced by the weight distribution, with respect to the geometric center point) counteracts the usable torque.

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More concretely, according to one aspect of the disclosure, the wave power plant is equipped with a countertorque generating mechanism, which in dependence on the total torque (reaction torque), which is composed of the (tapped) individual torques generated by the coupling bodies and is referred to below as the (theoretically) usable torque, applies to the platform such countertorque that keeps this essentially in a stable (preferably horizontal) position. Additionally or alternatively to the buoyancy bodies 16, 18, a countertorque acting counter to the sum of the individual torques Me can also be achieved by a (fixed) non-symmetrical weight distribution with respect to the geometric center point of the wave power plant, to be precise with a high plant weight on that side of the submersible platform 1 which is facing the incoming wave (that longitudinal side of the submersible platform 1 to which also the mooring chain 22 is fixed) and with a low plant weight on that side of the submersible platform 1 which is facing away from the incoming wave.

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Thus the platform does not necessarily any longer have to be equipped with an own countertorque generating mechanism. A largely still position of the submersible platform relative to the orbital motion of the water molecules is thereby obtained. In this case, a coupling body, for instance a blade, a rotor, a roll or such a rotation body is mounted in such a way that an orbital motion of the water molecules, as a consequence of the sea wave motion, is likewise converted into an orbital motion of the coupling body, which orbital motion can then be converted by a crank mechanism directly into a torque which can be used for power generation. 3, each coupling body 4 hence consists of a roller or roll, which extends substantially over the entire parallel distance between the two rails 2 and which in the middle has a bearing axle 6. The bearing axle 6 is mounted or fitted on two lever arms 8, which are disposed on the respective end faces of the roll 4. To one of the ends of the lever 8 lying opposite the bearing axle 6 of the roll 4 is fixed a mounting axle 10, which is respectively inserted rotatably in a bearing bush of the rail 2. In this way, each coupling body or each roll 4, according to the above construction, can perform at least an orbital motion about the mounting axle 10 and thus drive the crank drive, comprising lever 8 and mounting axle 10, for a torque pick-off.

1 and 2, at least on the respectively longitudinally spaced end portions of the submersible platform 1 (at a distance directed perpendicular to the mounting axle 10), buoyancy bodies in the form of ballast tanks 16, 18, or similar air-fillable containers are disposed, wherein at least one buoyancy body on that longitudinal end of the submersible platform which lies opposite the mooring can, where necessary, be sufficient for the working of the plant.

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The free end of the mooring chain 22 is fixed by cable sections or ropes 26 to a longitudinal end of the submersible platform 1 (preferably opposite to the at least one buoyancy body). Causa de dolor lumbar . 5, the at least one floating or buoyancy body/ballast tank 18 is disposed on the now upper longitudinal end of the submersible platform 1, whereas the, in this position, lower longitudinal end of the submersible platform 1 is fastened to the seabed by the mooring 22, for instance a catenary mooring, taunt mooring or tension leg mooring. The torque changes also in the event of constant mooring force, as a result of deflection of the weight and/or of the buoyancy body. A further illustrative embodiment of the disclosure is represented in FIGS. As can further be seen from FIGS.