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Diclofenac Potásico 50 mg. - Drogas antiinflamatorias no.. Indeed, the exemplary embodiments do not limit the various aspects and concepts of the present invention as many comparable parameters, sizes, ranges, and/or values may be implemented. Similar to floors that “press-in,” this method has negative aspects related to pedestrian safety (e.g., tripping) and the mechanical longevity of the flooring. CROSS-REFERENCE TO RELATED APPLICATIONS This application claims, under 35 U.S.C.

Agonizó un mes y medio tras haberse electrocutado y perdió.. Throughout this description, various components may be identified having specific values or parameters, however, these items are provided as exemplary embodiments. These carpet tiles can be constructed in a manner that houses the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices (and any additional components or circuitry) between the top decorative component (i.e., the carpet piece itself) and the bottom core/substrate layer (i.e., an supporting layers or underlayment layers).

NEW WAY - Ratón vertical y ergonómico 3200 DPI, cable USB.. The decorative component 102 can be affixed to the substrate 104 using a wide variety of methods. The substrate 604 further includes a plurality of protruding legs, which can be used to at least partially support the groutless tile on the flooring surface on which it is installed. The inclined inner surfaces of both the body portion 348 and the enlarged portion 342 form horizontally active locking portions, which in a coupled condition are located vertically under the decorative component of at least one of the groutless tiles 200 and 300. In FIG.

4. Conversely, the mechanical-energy-harvesting device can be incorporated into either or both of the two primary profiles of the mechanical joint with location(s) selected such that the third component 500 imparts a mechanical force/strain on the embedded device when the floor is dynamically loaded. As stated above, the mechanical-energy-harvesting device optionally can be connected to either an electrical storage component (e.g., a battery or capacitor) or to an electronic component that will be actuated or driven by the electricity generated by the conversion device. In certain situations, the floating flooring unit can be a groutless tile flooring unit, wherein the decorative component is a tile disposed within a groove of a substrate, wherein the substrate comprises the mechanical joint profile.

Instead of (or in addition to) placing the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices within the mechanical joint area of the groutless tile units, another location where the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices can be incorporated is on the backside or underside of the groutless tile unit. Another location where the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices can be incorporated, instead of (or in addition to) those described above, is on the topside of the groutless tile substrate. Naturally, as described above, these cavities 808 can also serve as the location of the mechanical-energy-harvesting devices, when it is desirable to place these devices on the underside of the groutless tile flooring units.

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In addition to having a ceramic tile encased by a polymeric frame, the floor units of these floor systems generally include mechanical joints for connecting adjacent groutless tiles (flooring units). Finally, MEMS-based devices, which are generally constructed using the fabrication methods used to produce silicon chip integrated circuits, can convert mechanical energy/vibration into electricity using piezoelectric, magneto-inductive, capacitive methods, or a combination of these phenomena.

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By way of example, another type of flooring unit that can be used to make the floor systems of the present invention includes those laminate wood flooring planks manufactured and sold by Unilin/Mohawk Corporation under the trademark QUICKSTEP™. Regardless of the type of device used to form the mechanical-energy-harvesting device, it is necessary to locate the mechanical-energy-harvesting device where it will be subjected to the requisite vibration in order to generate electricity.

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Such materials are used in making audio speakers. It is to the provision of such systems, and the associated methods of manufacture and use that the various embodiments of the present invention are directed. According to some embodiments of the present invention, a floating floor system can include a floating flooring unit comprising a decorative component and a mechanical-energy-harvesting-device. As described above, the floating floor systems generally include a (i.e., at least one) flooring unit, which comprises a decorative component (e.g., ceramic tile, marble tile, granite tile, quartz tile, natural stone tile, porcelain tile, hardwood planks, engineered wood planks, glass tile, a variety of metal or polymer tiles, and the like) and a mechanical-energy-harvesting device (e.g., piezoelectric devices, magnetic-induction devices, MEMS-based capacitive devices, and like devices). Causas del dolor de pierna . The additional or deeper groove for the mechanical-energy-harvesting device can be fabricated during or after manufacture of the substrate.