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Technical problem to be solved in the utility model overcomes above-mentioned the deficiencies in the prior art, and the combined generating set of the maximized wave energy of a kind of Energy harvesting, wind energy and marine tidal-current energy is provided, ocean energy can be realized change and the autologous electricity generate function of device to the one-level of electric energy, can be offshore marine settings and island with power simultaneously. Ocean energy a kind ofly contains the renewable energy sources in ocean, comprises the natural resources such as wind energy and solar energy at thermal gradient energy, energy by ocean current, wave energy, tidal energy and sea.Wherein ocean wave energy is ubiquitous in ocean, and surging ocean wave contains energy greatly, and the energy flux density of wave energy is maximum, provides the considerable cheap energy by less device.Reasonable development also utilizes electricity generation by sea waves, neither consumes any fuel and resource, does not produce any pollution again, little investment, instant effect.Therefore the renewable energy sources such as ocean wave energy comes into one’s own day by day in many countries, especially researches and develops wave-energy power generation technology.After within 1911, First electric generator using sea wave energy is succeeded in developing in the world, many countries are all devoted to study wave-energy power generation.Since the eighties in 20th century, various countries have built up more than 20 wave energy generating set or power station in succession.But with regard to current existing ocean power generating device, power station and power generation with marine energy patent, mostly all strictly follow three grades of energy transferring forms, and complete mechanical energy to electric conversion of energy eventually through generator.The complexity of its apparatus structure and the narrow limitation of generator own; make device generating efficiency low and complex structure; and generation manufacture cost is high in succession, installation is difficult; the difficulties such as later period maintenance cost and task aggravation, these seriously constrain the development of the generalization of power generation with marine energy, industrialization and scale.Therefore realize miniaturization, structure is simple, and the ocean power generating device that efficiency is high remains the emphasis of current various countries research and development.

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According to an embodiment of the present utility model, the second driving gear that described second commutation speed increasing mechanism comprises the second bevel gear, be meshed with the second bevel gear, the second largest cylindrical gears be connected by the second coupling shaft with the second driving gear and the second small cylinder gear be meshed with second largest cylindrical gears, described second bevel gear is fixed on second driving shaft, be connected with gear after the second gearbox is stretched out in described second driving shaft one end, described second small cylinder gear is connected with the second generator drive gear.

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Dolor En La Pierna Femenina Foto de archivo - Imagen de.. According to an embodiment of the present utility model, described linear electric generator is made up of stator, mover and winding, is fixed on buoyancy aid bottom described mover, and described stator one end is connected with buoyancy aid by spring, and described winding is arranged in stator, and is wrapped on mover. Below in conjunction with accompanying drawing, the preferred embodiment that the utility model designs is described in detail, to make advantage of the present utility model and feature can be easier to be readily appreciated by one skilled in the art, thus more explicit defining is made to protection domain of the present utility model.

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According to an embodiment of the present utility model, described air guide sleeve is symmetrical horn-like structure, and be connected by hollow rectangle between described symmetrical horn-like structure, described flange and impeller are arranged on hollow rectangle inside. As shown in Figure 5, described marine tidal-current energy acquisition equipment 20 is by main shaft 201, five impellers 202 and two flange plates 203 form, described main shaft 201 runs through air guide sleeve 25, the hollow rectangle that described flange plate 203 and impeller 202 are arranged on air guide sleeve 25 is inner, described strut 10 is fixed on main shaft 201, and strut 10 is placed at air guide sleeve 25 both sides, described two flange plates 203 are set on main shaft 201 successively, the outward edge of each flange plate 203 is evenly equipped with five draw-in grooves, and draw-in groove position on two flange plates 203 is corresponding, described each impeller 202 is installed on the corresponding draw-in groove of two flange plates 203.Described five impellers form cirque structure, and the hollow rectangle that described flange plate 203 and impeller 202 are arranged on air guide sleeve 25 is inner, for catching trend stream.The quantity of certain flange plate 203 and impeller 202 also can be multiple.

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According to an embodiment of the present utility model, described tidal current energy generating equipment is made up of air guide sleeve, marine tidal-current energy acquisition equipment, directed free wheel device, gear, second driving shaft and the second gearbox; Described air guide sleeve is connected to the below of buoyancy aid by strut, described second gearbox is connected on air guide sleeve by hound, and be installed on the second commutation speed increasing mechanism in described second gearbox and commutate the second generator that speed increasing mechanism is connected with second, described second commutation speed increasing mechanism is connected with gear by second driving shaft; Described marine tidal-current energy acquisition equipment is made up of main shaft, some impellers and some flange plates, and described main shaft runs through air guide sleeve, and described strut is fixed on main shaft, and described some impellers are connected on the main shaft in air guide sleeve by some flange plates; Described gear matches with directed free wheel device, and described directed free wheel device is arranged on main shaft.