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The Stabilizer Tube 211 can be easily and inexpensively tuned to each site’s average prevailing ocean wave by lengthening or shortening its overall length. The invention can be scaled down to operate at lower power output specifically in the form of 500 kW and 250 kW units which are designed for 31 kW/m2 and 17 kW/m2 ocean energy density sites making the invention able to operate successfully in many parts of the world. The ocean environment is the most lethal environment to man and machine. The mooring system uses a slack Moored System 118 with submerged floats to support the majority of the weight of most of the mooring cable and uses anchoring line “diffuser” plates. The offshore type sited in the most powerful wave areas need expensive deep ocean anchoring systems and are exposed to the worst storm conditions. The Rear Buoyancy Tube 221 further help stabilize the Ocean Energy Module 102. The Stabilizer Tube 211 is designed to penetrate the oncoming wave with minimum shock and lift.

The walk The device is designed for both offshore and ocean siting and uses a time-tested low speed, high torque propeller to extract energy which can handle breaking waves weighing several tons. This saving can more than offset the cost of such storage components, thereby improving overall system economics. The air turbine generators used do not need to be marinized, lightweight and of smaller size and therefore of significantly lower cost than those required if they were placed on each energy module. But displacement type wave energy converters are much more expensive and can only pull energy out a small surface area. This whale tail can activate an air pump at its base as it sweep up and down through the passing breaking wave.

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Thus the inventor incorporated this requirement into his design. ADVANTAGES Conclusions, Ramifications, and Scope of Invention Thus the reader will see the invention absorbs a broad spectrum of wave energy and because it can be configured in the form of a semi-submerged array of devices it maximizes surface area thus increasing overall power output.

This slow down also backs up and heightens the waves behind it thus speeding up and increasing the energy density of the wave’s overall power pulse and reducing overall wave period. It is also designed to allow each Energy Absorber 106 to flip down flat to reduce stress on the Ocean Energy Module 102 during maximum sea conditions. It also serves as a strong link in the Array of Devices 100. To reduce rolling and pitching and to ensure an economic production of electricity the Ocean Energy Module 102 is designed to float as low in the water as possible. Many such devices rely upon a single float for absorbing a wave’s energy.

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As the wave enters the Focuser 200 its induced drag trips the upper section into falling forward creating a burst of kinetic energy. The Stabilizer Tube 211 is on either side of the Focuser 200 which acts as a very large submerged dampener. Dolor de cadera y espalda . The energy in the incident wave is either absorbed, reflected, or transmitted by the body. Thus, it is more efficient to provide pipelines for the gaseous products of offshore energy capture rather than suffering the losses in transmitting electricity over several miles to a shore-based electric generating facility.

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Valtrum Colombia Santo Remedio Dolores Musculares.. The Stabilizer Tube’s 211 primary function is to provide a stable platform in order to maintain the Ocean Energy Module’s 102 position relative to the surface, and to support the Focuser 200 and Energy Absorber 106 with a stable platform. An array of interconnected ocean energy devices designed for both offshore and ocean siting are arrayed across the path of the direction of the primary wave so as to absorb the largest spectrum of wave energy. In an alternative configuration the Front and Rear Buoyancy Tubes can be designed with various shapes, lengths, widths, curves, and materials. The Rear Buoyancy Tube 208 is attached through a Hinge 209 at both ends to two Stabilizer Tubes 211 each approximately 3 feet in diameter and approximately 100 feet in length composed of thin wall steel sections fitted and welded together.