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FIG. 15 is a plan view of a shroud rotor wind turbine including a hub and a shaft with blades, where the pitch of the blades is adjustingly variable. The demand for electricity is continuous but variable while energy from the wind is intermittent and variable thus supply and demand seldom matches. In the early 1980s, Professor Jörg Schlaich designed the Solar Tower power plant, bringing together three well-known principles: The use of the sun’s radiation to heat a large body of air (solar collector), also hot air rises (as through a chimney); and movement of air as energy source to drive large turbines to generate electricity. Hydrogen generating electrolyzers can produce hydrogen fuel (high purity and pressure) anywhere electricity and water are available, they utilize electrolysis with a simple fluid electrolyte. This is done as a hybrid system of wind and fuel.

The hot exhaust air passes over a curved surface, similar to an airfoil; a low pressure area is created inducing the ambient air to flow into the throat with the high velocity exhaust air causing the mixing of hot exhaust and ambient air. FIG. 7 represents diffused bleeder vents offset from each other and with the capability of rotating 180° depending on wind direction. In this case the dynamic pressure represents the amount of work the wind can do by virtue of its motion. It states that along a given streamline, the sum of the static pressure “p” and the dynamic pressure (½ρV2) is constant.

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A fuel gas-turbine could produce high pressure air which is be pumped to the base of the submerged tower. The towers can function as a stack for a conventional gas-turbine producing electric power by burning fuel. A typical gas turbine producing 40 MW of electric power has the ability to burn a variety of fuels, including natural gas, distillate oil and low BTU fuels which can be enhanced by the addition of hydrogen. Electrolyzers can produce the high-pressure hydrogen needed for efficient storage and distribution, without a separate compressor.

The bleeder vents will act as a more efficient heat sink then if the top of the tower was open as in a conventional chimney effect. If the towers are the same height then the velocity is inversely proportional to the narrowing of the distance “d” between the adjacent towers.

6. Under steady flow conditions wind velocity is inversely proportional to the area. Better generating equipment and standardized design has made wind power using horizontal axis turbines with some subsidies competitive to coal and gas power plants. BRIEF SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The invention starts with one or more towers in the shape of airfoils. These shapes also include airfoils that are symmetrical. The amount of land used is a small fraction of the land used by these megaliths as they need a separation distance of several rotor diameters. Dolor en la rodilla en la parte de atras . Hydrogen which can be produced by electrolysis can be used as the fuel for the gas-turbines.

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The wind will produce hydrogen that will power the fuel cell cars of the future. So what generates the power? This is the answer! The power towers! Its surface is smooth but covered with bleeder vents that while they protrude into the boundary layer they are designed so as to minimize air resistance and the air escaping from them will be directed parallel to the boundary layer at the same direction and velocity as the wind close to its surface. The negative surface areas for a single 1000 ft tall tower could be covered by 250,000 bleeder vents averaging 4 in2. Negative means a pressure drop below ambient pressure po. This generally means the burning of hydrocarbon based fuels. This means that the wind will be moving more slowly after it passes the rotor.

Power comes from the pressure drop generated by the wind moving over a changing surface of the airfoil. They would be similarly located at the base of the tower as the ones of the above surface towers. The air would lower the water density, making the water rise faster. Thus the gas turbine works against a lower back pressure.

A little reflection, shows that Bernoulli correctly locates the regions of low pressure where velocity is greater and where air or water move faster then where they are retarded. We can then augment (multiply) the wind velocity by adding another similar symmetrical airfoils FIG. This maximum is applicable to a single airfoil; the invention uses several airfoils to multiply the velocity to more effectively use the power of the wind.

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The control of this plant is centralized and coordinated in a single control system. 3 v2. and substituting for v1 in Eq. Dolor fuerte de espalda . Another deficiency is that the access energy is wasted because it is too expensive to store it for later use. The aerodynamic profile of the blades needs some modification in order to maximize power because of this peculiarity. The bleeder vents again are used to conduct the rising water to the lower pressure exterior of the hydrofoil shaped towers. FIG. 8 shows a graph of the air pressure plotted vertically while the horizontal axis indicates the distance from the rotor plane. Graph FIG. 8 shows the air pressure plotted vertically while the horizontal axis indicates the distance from the rotor plane.

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Image of blonde beautiful woman holding her head on white wall. Thus, a decrease in local velocity, giving V less than Vo leads to an increase in the value of local pressure p so that (p−po) is positive and conversely an increase in V, or acceleration to a value greater than Vo, leads to a decrease in local pressure p so that (p−po) is negative. 5. Note that −Cp is the maximum negative pressure coefficient resulting in maximum pressure differential Δp. Como aliviar el dolor muscular despues del ejercicio . The accelerated hot gas (pressure drop) of the combined flow is transmitted back via the flow path to the exit of the gas turbine and also to the wind turbines.

The basic idea of this hybrid system consists in utilizing the solar energy of a very large solar collector and discharging the hot air into the atmosphere using the drop in pressure generated by the wind by the bleeder vents for producing a lower pressure in the tower than ambient air. Now allowing for energy losses due to friction of the air rising in the tower include the energy needed to lift the air from ground to average vent height (even though the tower is a stack and tends to naturally lift air due to thermal differences between the ground and the colder air above).

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Now let us make the equivalent rotor area the same as the area of the total of all the vents. The oil that is now the lifeblood of the economy and transportation is reduced in importance. The height and size can be scaled to any size. They can be rotated for variances in wind direction and used to generate power at remote locations. The large volume of air contained by the tower reduces the variances in wind velocity.