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Fire around Buddha statue Weibull or real set of wind data to determine the maximum possible annual energy production within the design constraints of the components. This may be used to identify and address design optimization parameters either for the rotor or the nozzle. The release may take the form of a single or multiple vortex or swirl mechanism/s, bulbous feature/s, drill through mechanism/s, and the like or a combination thereof. In embodiments, a contiguous substance is housed within a single or plurality of central portion/s of the rotor assembly wherein channels extend axially through a single or plurality of bodies attached to said central hub. The rotating wind power structure may be a single wind power turbine module, a row of wind power turbine modules, a column of wind power turbine modules, an array of wind power turbine modules, removable from the superstructure, and the like. Thus, the present invention relates in particular to the use of turbines and similar moving devices for extracting kinetic energy from flowing water for the 10 purposes of utilising such kinetic energy to produce either electricity or shaft power for utilisation for a required purpose.

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3 supported within the water column of the sea, river or an estuary so that the flow of water may turn the rotor to produce shaft power and hence possibly electricity for utilisation for a required purpose. The hardware may include a general purpose computer and/or dedicated computing device or specific computing device or particular aspect or component of a specific computing device. In practice, it may well be desirable to allow some leakage since good clearances and less than perfect sealing will in all probability reduce the mechanical losses in 25 the pump(s) and thereby improve the overall -system efficiency;. 1 n Therefore, it becomes necessary to provide some means for speeding up the output gained from the rotation of a slow moving rotor in order to effectively drive an electrical generator or other relatively high speed machinery. The high pressure water main 33 transports the high pressure water emitted from 5 the pumps 24 to a water motor or Pelton Turbine 35 that provides an efficient and well known mechanism for obtaining a high speed output from a jet (or in some cases several jets) of water.

The optimized performance may be achieved through a increased power conversion by the wind power system. For example a nozzle with a constriction of 2 would yield a 2 times velocity increase and a 4 times power increase. 5 Thus the concept of immersing a rotor in a water current in order to extract energy has been tested and described, as for example, in our above mentioned British Patents. This may be because there may be applications wherein energy density or some other parameter is considered to be wholly or partially more important than the cost of energy from the system. It may be desirable to optimize an energy producing machine as described in the invention based on a simultaneous optimization of yield and cost. This may be utilized in both the intake and exit regions of the nozzle in the case where an annular “relief” ring is present or may be utilized from the intake to the exit in the case where an annular ring is not present or a combination thereof dependent on the local topographical features as in a non-contiguous annular feature.

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Técnicas de relajación para niños - Speech and language.. The geometry of the nozzle may be adapted based on calculation of the probability of movement of air molecules from dense to sparse regions within the nozzle. They may include both uniform or regular structures, such as in a geodesic space frame the basis members could formed from triangular or some other polygonal variation of a truss, and non-uniform or irregular structures such as tensegrity structures. Dolor de rodilla despues de hacer ejercicio . Mass flow efficiency categorization of these nozzles derives from velocity and power data. In embodiments, nozzles may be camouflaged, such as for use in military situations or to provide improved aesthetic characteristics when deployed in urban or suburban environments. Another option may be a curved arrangement wherein the rate of curvature can range from 0 to 1 with the spacing structure ranging from 1 to n. Alternatively the matrix may be filled completely dependent on the particular properties of the arrays deployed in the formation.

WO 2004/055365 PCT/GB2003/005378 To accommodate any such leakage a make-up water supply 40 is provided in which a header tank 41 is mounted such that its water static level 42 is immediately below the water motor or Pelton Turbine 35 as illustrated, so that if the level in the return supply pipe 34 falls significantly below that in the header 5 tank, some make up water will flow from the header tank through a non-return valve 43 into the circuit near the top of the low pressure return supply pipe 33. The header tank 41 is topped up when a level sensor 44 detects that the water level has fallen below some predetermined level; when this happens a small feed pump 45 is operated to draw water from the surroundings to the system through 1 n an intake with a strainer and filter system 46 and to pump it through a makeup water feed pipe 47 into the header tank 41. When the water level in the header tank 41 exceeds a predetermined height, then the feed pump 45 is switched off.

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Stress on a variable length blade may be alleviated by attachment to a channel in the exterior arrays allowing the blade to extend in the vertical direction while the machine completes its circuit. The modules and modular elements of the superstructure may be “plug and play” devices allowing maintenance or refitting of the array components to be performed on- or offsite. FIG. 1 depicts an embodiment of the invention, showing components of four representative modules 110 in an array 124 with superstructure and electrical infrastructure, including a nozzle facility 104 (which in turn may have structural characteristics and an orientation facility), a kinetic energy access facility 108 (which may include a rotor, such as with blades and a hub), a drive facility 112 (such as a transmission drive facility), a generator 122, structure 102, orientation facility 114, blades 118, hub 120, and the like.

In embodiments, the structure could be a hexagonal, square, triangular, and the like arrangement that components are placed into, a basic geodesic structure and put module components into, and the like. FIG. 74 depicts a wind power structure embodiment of a fractal support structure interconnection of the present invention. A start weight may also be used at the center, then move out and hold peak power production with inertial at high speed and as the wind drops. 5 Preferably the pump assembly/arrangement comprises a plurality of low speed positive displacement high pressure pumps. The concepts of the invention may be applied to water current turbines with more than one rotor, in which case each rotor will be coupled to a similar low speed, positive displacement pump fed with the same working fluid that the turbine runs in, whereby if the pump is in the sea it will be sea water, if in an inland river it 20 may be freshwater.

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FIG. 76 depicts a wind power embodiment of the present invention. Current renewable systems that produce any meaningful level of power are typically large, complex, fixed installation systems, such as geothermal plants, solar arrays, large wind turbines, dams that include large water turbines, and the like. In embodiments, the exit angle of the diffuser may be less than about four degrees. In embodiments, a system may comprise a plurality of interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules; a collapsible support structure; and a bearing facility connected to the collapsible support structure and supporting the plurality of interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules in a manner that permits a rotation of the interconnected collapsible wind energy conversion modules toward the flow of air, wherein at least a portion of a wind energy conversion module is constructed of a flexible fabric and wherein at least a portion of the support structure is inflatable.

FIGS. 79A-79C illustrate steps in the deployment of structural elements of the mobile wind platform of the present invention. Dolor en la parte lumbar de la espalda . The methods, programs codes, and instructions described herein and elsewhere may be implemented on or through mobile devices. Depending on the pressure of compressed air, temperature outputs between the hot and cold outputs of the vortex tube can be substantial, on the order of 100 C or more. In this model both wake and density flow types may be integrated into the model based on statistical momentum flux within variably populated matrices and collision parameters that may be elastic or non-elastic in nature. A set of rotor designs and types may be selected for an optimization set. Each set is optimized for higher-speed profiles, to extend the usable range of each blade state to maximum efficiency. Once you break into arrays and optimize, you may not need materials such as carbon fiber, eGlass, and the like, but very low-cost, lightweight materials may be used, especially at the top of the superstructure/array, such as a polycarbonate thermofoam, and the like.

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