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The main portion of structure 210, including dock 212 and front deck 217 (functioning as a baffle), preferably is fabricated primarily, or substantially entirely, of concrete. FIG. 6 is a perspective view of a system that includes a structure functioning as both a floating dock and a water current energy-generating unit.

GABRIEL VARGAS GRAU NEUROCIRUGIA BUCARAMANGA (COLOMBIA.. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The present invention addresses these needs problem by providing, among other things, improved systems, methods, apparatuses and techniques for generating energy from water current. 38, this structure performs similarly to the other fabric pivoting paddle structures described above. Energy-Generating System Using Fixed-Position Fabric or Fabric-Like Paddles. FIG. 8 is a perspective, partially cutaway view of a subsurface energy-generating system that is particularly adapted for use in a stream or river. The front (upstream) edge 232 of anchor 230 preferably is plow-shaped, with the concave face directed downstream, thereby providing the anchor 230 with increased holding power in the river current by resisting motion in the downstream direction. In such cases, the anchor cables preferably are capable of being adjusted, e.g., by including a winch on the anchor, on the energy-generating unit, on the deployment vehicle or on the shore.

At the same time, the structure 420 that is being fabricated preferably remains buoyant so that the partial submersion of barge 400 results in structure 420 floating free from barge 400, as shown in FIG. In addition, each of the concrete baffles 16 (one located between each pair of adjacent paddle wheels 30) preferably has an angled (typically flat) front face 18 (i.e., the face that is adjacent the rear portion of the paddle wheel 30 immediately in front of it), such that the top front edge 19 of the baffle 16 is furthest from the waterwheel 30 immediately in front of it, and its bottom front edge 20 is closest to the waterwheel 30 immediately in front of it. This configuration has been found to increase efficiency by directing the incoming wave over and around the paddle wheels 30. The degree to which the front face 18 of the baffle 16 is sloped preferably depends upon the expected current speeds resulting from the waves to be encountered.

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11, energy-generating unit 300 preferably includes two sets of four paddle wheels 305 (for a total of eight paddle wheels 305), with a generator 315 disposed between the second and third paddle wheels 305 in each such set. Dolor muscular despues del ejercicio . Each such main structure and each such anchor preferably is fabricated primarily or substantially entirely from concrete (e.g., as described in the ‘219 patent). In addition, the concrete main portion of structure 210 includes side walls 223 that support the paddle wheel(s) and generator(s). As shown, system 450 includes an energy-generating unit 460 which is attached (e.g., via cables 462) to an anchor 470. In the preferred embodiments, both energy-generating unit 460 and anchor 470 are refloatable (e.g., having variable buoyancy from negative to positive) and have a main structure that is primarily made of concrete (e.g., as described in the ‘219 patent).