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Although bearings can be used, in order to avoid friction between the rotor and the fixed parts, “spacer” magnets or electromagnets (suitably insulated) of an appropriate size to that of the turbine can be provided, which can be spaced regularly, some on the rotating part and others on the fixed (the walls of the fixed parts of the casing or elements in the form of a pseudo-ring with a C-shaped section that has the stator ring, or nozzle and/or inner cylinder or ring or system of rings with braces-and in this case, for example, preferably on the external part of the braces that join the rings-), with others of the same polarity on several areas of the outer and inner periphery of the rotating part of the turbine, installed in such a way that like poles face each other and repel each other.

Fiebre amarilla en niños. ¿Cuándo se vacuna? - Mi Pediatra.. In any case in the front part through which the current enters they would not be necessary, since this pushes the turbine towards the back. In this way no contact is produced nor any friction, either radial or axial, between the rotors and stators, thus avoiding the need to use bearings. Magnets fixed transversally to the ring, as in FIGS. In FIG. 31, (1) represents the magnets and in FIGS. 12, 13, 14 and 15) can be fixed to the area of greatest (10) or least (17) radius of the blade runner of the turbine, depending on the case, or to both if the turbines are of open-center (and for cycloidals with an annulus, they can be fixed to the rim of the outer circumference, or the inner or to both). In FIGS. 39, 41, 42, 43 and 44 (51) are the braces which connect the fixed inner ring to the outer.

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The turbine can rotate around a fixed central ring that acts as an axle or can rotate freely on the inside of a fixed pseudo-ring (with a C-shaped or similar section, so that it can enter a little on the inside) that surrounds it, in order to prevent it from falling towards the front or the back, and in this case, in the case of turbines of type 3 it is convenient that they be complete rings, but in the case of turbines of types 1, 2, 4 and 5 it is not convenient that they be complete rings but sectors of the same, of adequate dimensions to the parts of the nozzle in which they are going to be installed (to do that, the curvature of the nozzle in the area of its critical section has to be equal to that of the outer circumference of the rotor of the turbine).

1) is the magnet, (2) the armature coils, with their cores (3), (30) the insulating material in which they have been embedded and (36) the rotor shaft. 1) are the rotor magnets, (2) the stator coils and (3) their cores. 5) represents the portions of high magnetic permeability of the rotor and (4) the portions of low magnetic permeability, (6) the turbine blades, (8) the sector of the ring to which the magnets with windings of the stator have been fixed and (16) a sector of the stator ring. 4, 5, 16, 17, 18, 25, 31, 32, 33 and 45) have been fixed. 13, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 24, 25, 26, 27 and 28) are formed by a drum (whose size can vary as well as the specific shape of its section) on the periphery of which a series of blades or scoops are mounted (the number of which may vary), which could be concave, convex, or flat, fixed or articulated, and of varying dimensions, curvature, position, the specific shape of each one, the articulation system that is used and the material of which they are made and/or coated both of the drum and the blades.

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18, 2005, and Spanish Application No. 11, 2006, which claims priority from Spanish Application No. To minimize losses by Foucault currents, the teeth or portions of material of high magnetic permeability (5) are advisable to be formed by a great number of very thin laminae of the material, superimposed one on top of the other, insulated from each other and strongly compressed or by any other suitable means to minimize them. All of the preceding is for the application above all especially for turbines of type 3, which are the most suitable for higher speeds of fluid, which in this way would be able to rotate freely on the inside of the pseudo-ring with a C-shaped section or similar. RING-SHAPED GENERATORS In this invention the use of non-watertight generators installed in the form of a ring is especially proposed, the generators being magnetoelectric or of variable reluctance.

It is especially necessary to mention that in the case of large units and especially with open-center reel-shaped turbines, it is advisable that the inside of the cylinder be hollow and closed at both ends, for example with double doors of the type of those on submarines, maintaining air on the inside.

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For open-center reel-shaped turbines, the system of rings with braces or the fixed inner cylinder around which the blade or scoop runner turns, can be secured at their ends to the lateral walls of the nozzle. For open-center axial turbines, the central ring can be secured by braces to the walls of the nozzle. Dolor muscular en muslo parte posterior . Although these turbines could be directly installed in this way, it is advisable that they be installed on the inside of a nozzle (preferably in the area of the critical section of a convergent-divergent nozzle (22), as for example in FIGS. 25 and 26), impelled by the current, will tend to be placed in the radial direction and perpendicular to the same, so that they will cause the drum to rotate, while the rest (27 and 28 in FIGS. Inside each nozzle (and/or on each drum) there can be several pairs of rings (armature-exciter pair), installed circumferentially around the blade runner and at a certain distance from each other along the direction parallel to the axis, and the cables coming out from each pair can be suitably connected to each other so that only one pair of cables comes out from each unit.

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In this case, independent generators can be used for each nozzle and turbine (each turbine can have one or several generators), being possible to install common generators for every two turbines, for example, since the turbines can be installed in couples, and in this case, for example, being placed in the middle, on the common central shaft between the two nozzles or turbines, taking into account that, by doing so, it is advisable to use differential components on the shaft to prevent the stress that the shaft would undergo in the event of local variations in the speed of the current that would affect the speed of rotation of each one of the turbine pair with a common generator. As the equipment is submerged in the case of marine currents, it is barely affected by storms (which could destroy or damage systems for obtaining energy from waves).

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Although the turbines could be used without a nozzle, much bigger and more costly sizes of turbines would be needed to obtain the same amount of energy than with other smaller units used on the inside of a nozzle. The diameter and other dimensions can be variable, as well as the material of which they are constituted and the material with which they may or may not be coated. In the case of independent generators, all of the considerations contemplated for the case of ring-shaped ones that can be applied to them will have to be taken into account. It will be convenient to install them anchored to the seabed if they are located close to the coast and with bottoms of relatively little depth. If the fixed inner system were a ring or system of rings, it is convenient that they have a system that easily allows their extraction complete or in sections (for example by remote control and/or by means of robots) and their flotation for maintenance.

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The stator is formed by a ring to which a plurality of coils with a core of a magnetizable material without residual magnetism and of high permeability (for example a core made up of a large number of very thin laminae of Fe-Si, insulated in between and strongly compressed) have been fixed. As the rotation of these turbines will be slow since the speed of marine currents rarely exceeds 4.5 knots, and moreover the magnetic fields from the magnets are of a small value and very concentrated in the magnetic circuits, these systems do not present any danger for the fauna or flora of the surroundings. Small sized units could also be installed in any type of vessel. To prevent the ring of high and low magnetic permeability and the edges of the air gaps rubbing together, the magnets of the stator could be mounted with alternating polarity (which would keep the ring centered), and it would in addition also be convenient to coat it with a material that allows it to turn easily, avoids friction and that furthermore is non-stick, to prevent biofouling (for example a fluoroplastic, or similar).

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 31, 32, 33, 45 and 46, although it is also applicable to FIGS. The explanation of their operation will be given with reference to FIGS. 1 and 2 with the difference that the ring-shaped variable reluctance generator has been mounted this time on the area of least radius of the blade runner of the turbine.

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24), (25) and (26) represent the flat blades that have been carried by the current to a radial position causing the drum to rotate (27) and (28) represent the flat blades that have been carried by the current to such a position that they present no resistance to the passing fluid. 38 is installed in the area of the critical section (50) of a convergent-divergent nozzle (22) (in this case of circular section). With this object, a system of floats may be provided, and/or a system of cables or similar that facilitate its raising and flotation. In this case it is convenient that the shaft of the turbine or turbines and that of the generator be connected by means of a gearbox. As for the pieces (38) of the stator, as already mentioned, neither is it necessary for the magnets to be complete. Both the rotors as well as the stators with the coils of the armature should be protected by another type of material that prevents corrosion, the formation of small turbulences, and impedes the introduction of foreign substances.

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