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ABSTRACT The invention pertains to an improved design of a magnetic pulse generator which renders the pulse generator reliable and suitable for use in a concealed manner in an intrusion alarm system. The stateof-the-art magnetic pulse generator is described in Design News, May 10, 1967, page 204. This product is a product of the Suprel Division of Globe Industries, Inc., Dayton, Ohio. It is apparent that the requirements for slidable movement between various surfaces of the components described above would dictate to some extent the materials chosen. SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The intrusion alarm detection system described herein with reference to the drawings includes one embodiment of a magnetic pulse generator including a spring loaded pole piece-coil assembly for latching with a magnet to set the magnetic pulse generator in a latched condition while the pole piece is maintained in physical contact with the magnet.

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Tipos de dolores de cabeza y cómo reconocerlos - YouTube The cylindrical assembly 30 is slidably positioned within the intrusion detection device housing 50. An iron circuit represented by the soft iron member 33 having a coil element 34 wound thereabout is slidably positioned within housing 50 in operable alignment with the north and south pole extension elements 26 and 28. The alignment of the soft iron member 33 is provided by the shoulder portion 34 which is slidably positioned relative to the inner wall surface of the housing 50 and the elongated body portion which is slidably inserted through an aperture in a stationary collar 36. In the unlatched condition the soft iron member 33 is maintained in contact with the actuating rod 22 by a spring element 36 acting between the stationary collar 36 and the shoulder 35 of the member 33. The coil element 34 is wrapped around a transition portion 33A of the soft iron member 33 as illustrated in the sectioned view along section line 1-1 as illustrated in FIG.

The combination of the magnetic pulse generator which consists of a magnet which is movable with respect to a pickup coil wound about a pole piece in response to movement of a monitored object such as a door or window, and a transmitter circuit in a single package provides a compact intrusion alarm device.

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A change in magnetic flux resulting from rapid movement of the pole piece relative to the magnet in response to movement of the monitored object produces an output signal which is subsequently amplified and transmitted by the transmitter circuit to a remote mounted alarm indicating circuit. The change in the flux linkage caused by the rapid separation of the magnet assembly 202 from the soft iron member 203 is aided by the action of magnet 201. The attraction of magnet assembly 201 on the soft iron member 203 following separation of the magnetic assembly 202 from the soft iron member 203 causes a reverse motion of the soft iron member 203 towards the magnet assembly 201. The orientation of the magnet of the magnet assembly 201 is such that the direction of flux linkage is opposite to that established between the magnet assembly 202 and the soft iron member 203. The acceleration of the soft iron member 203 towards the magnet assembly 201 results in an increase of the flux level in the coil 210 to its saturation level in a direction opposite to the change in flux manifested by the acceleration of the magnet assembly 202 away from the soft iron member 203. This opposite polarity change in flux has the effect of increasing the d/dt term in the above voltage equation by a factor of 2 thus essentially doubling the energy output from the magnetic pulse generator 200 in response to the opening of the door D. The final position of the components of the magnetic generator assembly 200 in the quiescent, unlatched condition is illustrated in FIG.

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The actuator rod 205 responds to the closed position of the door D by forcing magnet assembly 202 against spring element 204 establishing a latched condition between the magnetic assembly 202 and the soft iron member 203 and further causes the soft iron member 203 to make contact and latch with the stationary magnet assembly 201. The force exerted by the spring element 204 in the latched condition will be assumed to be approximately 45 pounds. The movement of the door D to a closed position applies a force to the actuator arm 22 which in turn causes movement of the soft iron member 33 against the spring element 36 which, in the illustrated embodiment, is assumed to apply pounds compression between the shoulder 34 and the stationary collar 35 in the unlatched condition causing further compression of the spring element 36 until a movement of the member 33 results in physical contact between the magnet extension elements 26 and 28 and the soft iron member 33 thus producing a latched condition.

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3B, the spring element 204 operates against a fixed collar 206 to move the latched combination of the magnet assembly 202 and the soft iron member 203 toward the door D in unison. 3C. The soft iron member 203 is latched or mated with the magnet assembly 201 and the spring element 204 is extended to its free length. Que tomar para dolor muscular por ejercicio . STRUCTURE AND OPERATION OF THE MAGNETIC PULSE GENERATOR The magnetic pulse generator 10 is comprised of a magnet assembly 22 consisting of a permanent magnet 24 having a north and south pole as indicated, and soft iron extnsion elements 26 and 28. The combination of the permanent magnet 24 and the soft iron elements 26 and 28 are secured within cylindrical container 30 by potting material 32 in a position to assure protrusion of the elements 26 and 28 beyond the potting compound.

Upon release of the force maintaining physical contact between the pole piece and the magnet-coil assembly the latched combination is permitted to move in unison within a housing in response to spring biasing by the first spring which movement causes compression of a second spring. In the embodiment described, wherein spring element 36 is designed to provide 15 pounds compression in the unlatched condition, a suitable latching force for the magnet 24 is considered to be approximately 13 pounds. In the latched condition the spring element 36 is compressed to a point where it exerts approximately 45 pounds force between the shoulder 34 of the member 33 and the stationary collar 35. During the latched condition the spring element 37 is maintained at its free length. 1 a second spring element 37 assumes its free length which is slightly less than the space between the stationary collar 35 and the potted magnet assembly 22. The free length of spring element 37 is sufficient however to prevent contact between the magnet extension elements 26 and 28 and the soft iron member 33 as a result of any sliding motion of the potted magnet assembly in response to vibrations.

In the latched condition the soft iron member 33 acts as a magnetic shunt between the poles of the magnet 24 and provides a magnetic flux path between the elements 26 and 28. This latched condition is maintained while the door D is in a closed position. Referring to FIG. 3A there is illustrated a magnetic pulse generator 200 comprised of a pair of magnet assemblies 201 and 202 and a single soft iron member 203 wherein the magnetic pulse generator is in a latched condition. 3A, 3B and 3C. In this embodiment a single spring element and two magnet assemblies are utilized.

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An alternate embodiment of the magnetic pulse generator is illustrated in FIGS. FIGS. 6 and 7 are waveform illustrations of the operation of the discriminator circuit of FIG. Dolor cronico muscular . SHEET 3 BF 4 TUNER i I-FAMP l I R QUADRATURE DETECTOR PAIENIEIIIIIIV I3 I973 SHEET u GF 4 AND RESISTOR s4 DETERMINE THIS cuRvE r5 2 THRESHOLD LEVEL 8 Q I m LEVEL REQUIRED TO I 6 CHANGE STATES OF I E MULTIVIBRATOR I a CIRCUIT m I I w I I k S I (RESET) 5 I 4 I 5 I O a I 3 TIME FIG? 2. The wires 34A and 34B extending from the coil 34 pass through passages 32A and 328 respectively provided in the potting material 32 and are terminated in the transmitter circuit 40. In the unlatched condition disclosed in FIG.

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43,126), Ser. No. 271,880 (filed July 14, 1972), Title Transmitter Circuit (W.E. 271,878 (filed July 14, 1972), Title Receiver- Discriminator Circuit (W.E. The transmitter circuit is simultaneously frequency modulated by a tone and keyed by a pulse of known width to reduce the probability of alarm response to an erroneous signal. TRANSMITTER CIRCUIT OPERATION While there are numerous state-of-the-art circuit arrangements available to implement the operation of the transmitter circuit such as that illustrated in the cofiled U.S. The magnetic pulse generator, or induction generator, is a commercially available product which has found application in the national space program as a device for firing explosive squibs. BACKGROUND OF THE INVENTION Security systems for protecting homes and businesses are becoming increasingly popular due to the increase in vandalism and thefts. The conventional system requires extensive wiring and specially designed switching devices making a conventional security system susceptible to tampering and failure as well as rendering the costs prohibitive.

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