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The outer bearing races 92 are secured at opposing open ends 30 and 40 of tubular housing 20 where they are free to rotate with housing 20 about inner bearing races 94. Such bearing sets are well known to those of skill in the field of this apparatus. 1, an axial impeller 10 has a tubular housing 20 with opposing open ends 30 and 40, a longitudinal central axis 50, an exterior surface 60 and an interior surface 70; a circumferential drive engagement 80 is integral with exterior surface 60 and may be joined to surface 60 by forming, bonding, fastening and other means known to those of skill.

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Diario Extra - Dolor de cadera Impellers are an integral part of an axial-flow pump used in ventricular assist devices to augment or fully replace cardiac function. SUMMARY In view of the foregoing, an impeller according to the following description and illustrations can have a bearing mounted housing so that its blades and housing rotate as an integral unit. Many changes and modifications may be made within the scope of the embodiments herein without departing from the spirit thereof, and the embodiments herein include all such modifications. A set 200 of turbine blades 210 may be engaged within tubular housing 20 as will be further described below. The blades may be cast as a single part with the housing, or may be fastened to the inside wall or may be hinged to the wall so that they may be extended to a set degree to increase or decrease thrust.

BACKGROUND An impeller can be used as the rotating component of a pump or generator, and is usually made of a rigid material such as a metal. Furthermore, the term “or” is used to refer to a nonexclusive “or,” such that “A or B” includes “A but not B,” “B but not A,” and “A and B,” unless otherwise indicated. A lever 232 may be used to manually change positions of switch 230 between “A” and “B.” As shown, rod 234 may extend through an aperture 22 in tubular housing 20 and aperture 22 may be sealed for excluding fluid leakage from housing 20 as would be known by those of skill.

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To accomplish this, as shown, blades 210 may be secured by hinges, so as to rotate between the retracted position “A” and the extended radial position “B”. As shown, rod 234 may be engaged with a hinge arrangement 236 at the proximal end of blade 210 which allows blade 210 to pivot about its own hinge pin. The significant benefit of this design is that no central axle is required which reduces assembly complexity and lowers resistance to fluid flow through the housing.

In the foregoing description, embodiments are described as a plurality of individual parts, and methods as a plurality of individual steps and this is solely for the sake of illustration. In a reverse action an impeller may be driven by the flow of a fluid as for instance in a dam turbine so that the energy of the flowing fluid is converted into turbine rotation most often coupled to an electrical generator. 2. In either approach or others that may be known to those of skill, will accept a flexible drive belt or drive chain (not shown) in engagement so as to be driven in circuitous rotation as housing 20 rotates, or for driving housing 20. Therefore, such a flexible drive belt or chain may be engaged with an electrical generator or an electric motor (not shown) as would be known to those of skill.

In paddle type impellers relatively low velocities are attained.

As a consequence of this type of weather modification, electrical requirements for summer air conditioning will be reduced thus compensating for the electrical input required in the summer to power a deep water pumping operation. In propeller type impellers the blades are axial thrust-giving elements providing a high degree of swirling in the vessel. In paddle type impellers relatively low velocities are attained. In turbine type impellers the blades are often exposed to high temperature and pressure and also extreme mechanical stress. According to an embodiment, a cylindrical housing may have impeller blades attached to its inner wall and extending radially toward the cylinder’s center. FIELD OF THE DISCLOSURE The field of this disclosure is impeller devices as used, for example, in mixing, homogenizing, pumping, and similar actions.

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It should be understood, however, that the following descriptions, while indicating preferred embodiments and numerous specific details thereof, are given by way of illustration and not of limitation. Metodo japones dolor de espalda . As indicated previously, this enhances fresh water production with an order of magnitude less energy than that required in the most energy efficient desalinization process presently known. Rotating vanes to push the fluid axially provide increased linear flow motion and builds fluid pressure. A plurality of perforated plates 33 axially displaced along the rod 30 serve to beat or stir the deep water creating turbulance which has a mixing effect on th water.

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The total head is thus only about 15 cm of water. Because the surface temperature during the summer is significantly higher than the winter, the overall temperature head will remain large enough average yearly conditions. The velocity achieved by the impelled fluid transfers into pressure when the outward movement of the fluid is confined by conductor resistance or receiving apparatus such or valves, diverters, and receivers.