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8, can observe, the final section of the close rotor of standing part changes path and direction and obtains higher performance tangentially to enter the bowlder with the radius produced by the rotation of rotor blade at fluid (liquid). The described standing part of hinged guide vane comprises vertical wind turbo machine booster to use the air stream introduced; The described standing part of each blade comprises arc, described arc in the part that standing part is nearest from movable part with the continual curvature of movable part, then change bending path and direction at the final section place near rotor, this change in bending path and direction tangentially enters the bowlder with the radius produced by the rotation of rotor blade at fluid (air) and allows and improve performance. Electric that isolate, machinery, hydraulic pressure or Pneumatic actuator like this allow to close movable part, and when fluid stream exceedes the speed detected by the velocimeter comprising constant current rate really in the structure, such device can automatically activated.

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Comprare24 - Flekosteel It is R that the vertical axis wind turbine with current control comprises radius, the regular hexagon type structure of parallelepiped shape, inside this Hexagon type structure, there is the rotor of three each and every one blades around vertical axis revolving, this vertical shaft is positioned at hexagonal center when seeing from top to bottom, wherein, described blade produces the circle that radius is Rt when rotated, this vertical axis wind turbine with current control comprises hinged guide vane further, introducing air stream to compensate from the wind approaching side of turbo machine and is gathered in rotor blade by these guide vanes, and the air stream left from rotor blade is spread from the side that the wind approaching side with turbo machine is contrary.

The open GB 2485574 of patent application relates to the vertical shaft water turbine being arranged on vertical tower inside, this water turbine can be arranged on sea bed or river, rotor has the direct action portion of gamma free flux concentrator, rotor is low performance device, because its tangential velocity equals flow rate, turbulent flow appears at the centre area of rotor, and has energy loss, produce in the signal portion that the adverse current with opposite course may rotate at rotor, and the seizure entrance of blocking tower.Anchor system is in the operation of predetermined depth place, and this makes to change flow depth, and anchoring is unidirectional or only allows unimodal current. Even multidirectionally in turbulent flow fully automatically use wind-force. In this case, the fluid power being actually the kinetic energy of streaming flow can provide mechanical energy to rotor, this rotor makes the rotor of generator (being generally threephase alternator) rotate by mechanical drive system, and this generator converts rotating mechanical energy to electric energy.

Fig. 1 ‘: the top view that the vertical shaft hydraulic turbo machine with liquid flow control is shown, wherein, show the hinged guide vane (1) opened, together with movable part (2) and standing part (3), corresponding to the upper surface (4) of movable part and lower surface (5) region, there is the rotor (6) of 6 blades, described rotor (6) is hollow, hexagonal structure (7), the rotor radius (Rt) taking from hexagonal center (8) and corresponding Hexagon radius (R).Rotor blade is shark fin. Consider such profile of the movable part of the hinged guide vane as wing, it has the convex-shaped region on the top that is separated by average curvature line and the concave region in lower surface, the upper region of convex is connected to concave region by the convex semicircle that the radius in the widest part of profile is r, wherein, described radius r is called as the radius of curvature of leading edge, and in the not too wide part of profile, form acute angle, consider aerofoil profile, the not too wide part of described profile is corresponding to the outer end of movable part being called as trailing edge.

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Tabla1. Escala de analgesia de la OMS The blade of rotor shark fins shape comprises triangular shaped, wherein, the leg-of-mutton side not being attached to rotor has convex curvature and concave curvature respectively, water is made to drive rotor in the concave side of blade, and excessive fluid is through convex region, impinge upon (see Fig. Fig. 5 illustrates the top view with empty current-controlled vertical axis wind turbine, in order to better understanding, not shown hexagonal structure, wherein, shown in vertical line to be on the top of figure, the hinged guide vane (1) opened catches together with the wind of its movable part (2) and standing part (3), wherein movable part catches wind from the side that wind comes, and make it impinge upon on standing part (3), be gathered on identical rotor (6), wherein, can it is seen that, along with tangential introduction of air enter the radius having and produced by the rotation of rotor blade, the final section of the close rotor of standing part (3) changes its bending path and direction to allow having higher performance.