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The recess 106 has first and second lateral surfaces 112 and 114 and a forward/upstream end surface 116 forming respective associated surfaces of the aperture. 5 shows further details of an exemplary spray bar 64. The exemplary spray bar is a dual conduit spray bar having first and second conduits 66 and 68. The conduits 66 and 68 are secured to each other by blocks 69 having a pair of apertures respectively receiving the conduits. FIG. 4 is a front view of the spray bar array and manifold of FIG. FIG. 2 is an aft view of an augmentor of the powerplant of FIG.

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Este emprendedor creó muletas de cartón que podrían.. FIG. 6 is an aft view of a spray bar-to-centerbody seal. In alternative embodiments (e.g., of barbed rather than half dovetail engagement) the engagement may be irreversible, requiring destructive removal of the seal. Note that this is quite a bit less than is achieved when the actuator is “plucked” and allowed to oscillate. 6, when shorter stacks 100 are used, actuator arms 40 may extend well beyond fixed supporting member 20. Once again, it will be clear to those of ordinary skill in the art that many different sizes, including both larger and smaller sizes, may be created using such stacks.

In one embodiment, piezoelectric stacks may be 10-40 mm in length and 5 mm×5 mm to 10 mm×10 mm. Such stacks are convenient for use in actuators 1 having dimensions on the order of 2 mm in length and much higher, 0.5 mm to 1 mm in thickness and 1 mm in width and much larger. Upon such application, piezoelectric material 111 will expand.

Alternatively, smaller amplifiers may be formed from a single piece of material. Actuator 1 comprises a mechanical amplifier 10 and piezoelectric stack 100. Dolor de espalda despues de hacer yoga . Mechanical amplifiers of larger-sized actuators may be assembled from discrete components (not pictured). FIG. 6 shows further details of a seal 100 sealing a spray bar 64 to the centerbody 30. As noted above, the seal encircles the spray bar and is captured in the slot 74 of FIG.

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The block 70 has an inboard end 72 bearing inlets for connection to the manifold 62. The exemplary block 70 includes inboard and outboard slots 74 and 76. The inboard slot 74 receives a seal (not shown) for engaging the centerbody structure. The layers are then stacked and fired together to create a unitary structure. Thus the initial step displacement charges the stack capacitance to a DC value that is dependent on the initial displacement and an overriding oscillating voltage is superimposed on the DC voltage due to the cyclical strain induced on the stack by the oscillating actuator structure. Also in FIG. 7 it can be seen that following the decay of the vibration induced voltage the voltage on the stack capacitance bleeds off at different rates depending on the value of the attached resistor. If, however, piezoelectric stack 100 is configured such that the terminals 114, 118 at each end are the same polarity (i.e.

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However, it should be noted that this is the peak power into an optimal load. Como curar dolor de hombro . However, the teachings may also apply to different engine configurations. A number of configurations exist. For introducing the additional fuel, a number of spray bars may be positioned within generally radially extending vanes. Alternatively or additionally to the burner, a number of igniters may be positioned within associated ones of the vanes to ignite the additional fuel. Each of the spray bars carries a plurality of nozzles 80 and wear blocks 82. Each nozzle has an aperture 81 for discharging an associated jet of fuel. Another type of multilayer piezoelectric stack 100 suitable for use with the present disclosure is a stack 100 formed of sections 110 of a single-crystal piezo material. Set-up and Procedure: Performance of the method and apparatus of the present disclosure may be measured by determining the electrical output of the actuators when subjected to a known excitation.

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FIG. 9 shows the instantaneous power output of the 7.5 mm actuator into the 250 Ohm optimal load for two different values of initial displacement. FIG. 13 shows the power delivered by the actuators into their corresponding optimal loads. The tailcone forward rim 110 (not shown in FIG. The aperture is formed by the combination of a recess 106 extending forward/upstream from an aft/downstream rim 108 of the centerbody main portion 32 on the one hand and a forward rim 110 (FIG. Alternative seals may be other than monolithic (e.g., having a metallic core carrying an electro-graphitic carbon exterior portion). Utilizing the structures and methods of the present disclosure, actuators substantially smaller than 10 mm are also possible, with actuators having a length of 1 mm or less being practical. The present disclosure corrects these shortcomings by providing a piezo-electric actuator and a method of utilizing said actuator to convert mechanical motion to electrical energy.