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Docencia Alto Palancia: DOLOR ABDOMINAL(IMAGEN DOCENTE) As above, it is assumed that the shaft is fixed while the shell moves up and down relative to the shaft. Note that at this point, the velocity of the WEC is large relative to the non-AIMS case. Clearly, in accordance with the invention, the displacement of the shell in the up direction will be greater than it would be in the standard, prior art, scheme; and, likewise, the displacement of the shell in the downward direction extends significantly below the bottom for the standard (non-AIMS case). Waveform C depicts the displacement of the WEC in accordance with the prior art. In this embodiment of the AIMS method, the net power absorbed by the PTO is shown by the horizontal dashed line in the figure. For this case, the AIMS apparatus and method, by controlling the timing when power is supplied to the WEC-shell, causes the peak of WEC-shell velocity to approximately coincide with the peak wave force.

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Como eliminar para siempre el dolor de espalda y cuello.. This method of imparting energy to the buoy just after it has reached its maximum extent has the effect of sending it slightly past its next “natural” turning point, thus changing the phase relationship between wave force and WEC motion. 0 seconds, the WEC has reached its largest negative displacement from its rest position. Thus, in systems embodying the invention, for the cases of “weak” and “strong” positional restoring forces, the maximum displacement and velocity (as well as the acceleration) of the WEC shell are increased leading to increased power absorption by the WEC. Because the WEC reaches its maximum displacement later in the wave cycle, the WEC reaches its peak velocity later.

For the case of the WEC exhibiting strong positional restoring forces, its PTO imparts energy to the WEC-shell as the shell approaches its maximum displacement. 12, the shell reaches its maximum displacement at time tB, but power is applied to the WEC-shell before that time. Concurrent with the greater displacement is a significant increase in the velocity of the WEC-shell as it goes from one end of its travel to the other end of its travel. In the example, at approximately 1.5 seconds, the WEC passes through its rest point, and PTO begins to draw energy from the WEC (i.e. The PTO continues to draw energy from the WEC until the WEC reaches its maximum extent at approximately 3 seconds. This has the effect of delaying the instant (extending the time) at which the WEC-shell reaches its maximum displacement.

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As the WEC-shell velocity and acceleration increase,, the mechanical wave power absorbed by the WEC-shell (and the energy subsequently imparted by the WEC-shell to its PTO) increases dramatically. Dolor de brazo izquierdo y pierna izquierda . A in Fig. 13) at which the displacement and velocity of the shell becomes zero (and first begins to increase) is sensed and power is then applied to the shell (or the shaft) to increase its displacement, speed and acceleration.

Depending on the design of the system and the system requirements, power may be applied for a longer or shorter time interval. In AIMS systems and method embodying the invention, the PTO absorbs energy for a shorter amount of time than in prior art systems, but, there is much more energy to absorb. There is also a benefit due to the favorable shift in phase resulting in a still greater gain in power. 12 (waveforms B and C) represents the displacement of the WEC from the “rest” position.

Assume that waveform A represents the force of the ocean waves applied to a WEC of the type shown in the figures (e.g., Fig. Because mechanical wave power absorbed by the WEC-shell is the product of the wave force and the WEC velocity, this leads to an increase in mechanical power absorption by the WEC, which leads to an increase in maximal WEC displacement. Note, that in figure 12, the maxima in the magnitude of the wave force occur at 1.5 seconds, 4.5 seconds, 7.5 seconds etc. When properly implemented and executed, this change in phase relationship provides a benefit for power conversion by aligning the wave force with the velocity of the WEC.

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12 (waveform A) represents the force of the wave on the WEC. 12 (waveforms D and E) represents the force (FPτo) of the power take-off device (PTO). Eventually, the absorbed power stops increasing with increased WEC velocity and stroke, due to damping effects, and the inability of the wave field to exert force on a quickly moving object. An AIMS- controlled PTO improves on the prior art method by imparting energy to the WEC during portions of each wave cycle, thus increasing the maximum displacement, and hence velocity of the WEC, which makes for increased wave power absorption by the WEC-shell. 12 and 13 demonstrate the benefits of the proposed AIMS apparatus and method when compared to the prior art.

This procedure has the effect of increasing the displacement of the WEC-shell (compared to the prior art) and substantially increasing the velocity (and acceleration) of the WEC- shell. The dramatic increase in power absorbed by the WEC may then be made available to the PTO which can absorb the increased power and convert it to produce an increased electrical energy output. The net gain in power using the invention may be seen by comparing waveforms H and I, where H is clearly more positive than I. The waveforms of Figs. Dolor de rodilla cuando duermo . Negative absorbed power implies positive imparted power, which means that the PTO is acting as a (PSD) motor (i.e., is using previously generated or external power to drive the WEC).