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Fig. 3 is the schematic block diagram according to the electromechanical generator 120 of second embodiment of the invention. The present invention relates to be used for mechanical vibrational energy is converted into the electromechanical generator of electric energy and mechanical vibrational energy is converted into the method for electric energy.Specifically, the present invention relates to a kind of like this device, this device is the small generator that can ambient vibration can be converted into electric energy, for example is used for the intelligence sensor system is supplied power.This system is used in and exempts a plurality of fields that power cable or battery aspect have economy or service advantages. The present invention also provides a kind of electromechanical generator; It comprises: the electromechanical assembly that is used for mechanical vibrational energy is converted into electric energy; But this electromechanical assembly has the oscillating mass body that is suitable under a frequency with amplitude of oscillation resonance; But should have first element of from the group that comprises at least one coil and at least one magnet, selecting by the oscillating mass body; But and should be arranged to second vibration of element by the oscillating mass body with respect to said electromechanical assembly, this second element is selected from the group that comprises at least one magnet and at least one coil; Detector, this detector are used to detect the electricity output from least one coil of said electromechanical assembly; Comparator, this comparator are used to calculate the value of the electromotive force that said at least one coil by said electromechanical assembly produces, and will be worths and the preset value comparison of electromotive force; The lead-out terminal that shunt impedance element, this shunt impedance element are striden said electromechanical assembly connects, and has variableimpedance; And adjuster, this regulator response is suitable for regulating the impedance of said shunt impedance element in said comparator operations, thereby the electromotive force value of calculating is adjusted to the value of the preset value that is not more than electromotive force.

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Dolor de estomago anciana - anciano con dolor de estómago.. 1 to Fig. 3, and wherein vibratile mass is suitable for resonating with amplitude of oscillation with natural frequency.Electromechanical assembly 222 has electric output, and electric output comprises two lead-out terminals 226,228 in this embodiment, and each lead-out terminal is connected with corresponding electrical lead 230,232.In use, electrical lead 230,232 is connected to through corresponding connector 234,236 and treats by electromechanical generator 220 electrically driven (operated) external circuits. More preferably, said voltage regulator comprises at least one Zener diode. Compare with first execution mode, second execution mode is improved from dc voltage and electric current after the rectification of the AC/DC rectifier that links to each other with the electric output (being the lead-out terminal of coil in this embodiment) of electromechanical assembly 2 through detecting.Therefore, in second execution mode, electromechanical generator 120 comprises as above with reference to the described electromechanical assembly 2 that is used for mechanical vibrational energy is converted into electric energy of Fig.

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In Fig. 1, damper 14 is schematically shown the structure into piston and cylinder in order to simplify.Yet as well known to those skilled in the art, damper 14 comprises the assembly that can when its two parts relative motions, produce electric current.Mechanical energy can be converted into electric energy through electromagnetic coupled and/or piezoelectricity coupling.Usually, but ” piston ” that be arranged to translational motion comprises electric coil, is arranged to static ” cylinder ” and comprises the magnet assembly that produces electric coil flux areas disposed therein.Yet, opposite structure capable of using.The motion of electric coil in magnetic flux makes and in electric coil, generates electric current that this electric current can be used as the electric power source that drives the external device (ED) (not shown). The present invention also aims to provide a kind of improved electromechanical generator that is used for mechanical vibrational energy is converted into electric energy, and it is suitable for when amplitude exceeds certain threshold value, reducing the amplitude of resonator.

More preferably, when amplitude of oscillation is not more than predetermined maximum threshold the impedance of said shunt impedance element higher, and the impedance of said shunt impedance element is lower when amplitude of oscillation is higher than predetermined maximum threshold. The puncture voltage of each voltage regulator 238,240 is predefined for the short circuit that the output of the electricity of electromechanical generator 220 is provided when the output voltage of two lead-out terminals 226,228 surpasses the specific threshold corresponding with puncture voltage, puncture voltage is corresponding to the predetermined peak swing of oscillating mass body. Under open circuit conditions, promptly lack under the situation of the voltage regulator of this aspect according to the present invention, when sinusoidal drive acceleration increased, amplitude increased with linear mode accordingly.This means that amplitude can become greatly, makes at 250mg RMSSinusoidal drive acceleration under, the amplitude of mass motion is up to ± 1.8mm.This can cause damaging electromechanical generator.And output voltage can increase to high value accordingly, and this possibly make electromechanical generator when being used for existing the environment of potential explosion hazard (for example because fine powder or burning gases), constitute potential hazard.

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When electromechanical generator when from the field of vibrating body harvest energy, coming into operation, can not be from all above variablees of the actual conditions that run into prediction.The amplitude of spring-mass body maybe be in time to change at intermittence and uncertain mode. Another benefit of utilizing voltage regulator to reduce this method of amplitude is to have limited output voltage.Exist under the environment of potential explosion hazard owing to fine powder or burning gases, output voltage and electric current must be by strict restrictions.All circuit of Fig. In another embodiment, said electromechanical generator also comprises the rectifier that is used for the electricity output rectification of electromechanical assembly, and said detector is suitable for detecting direct current and the direct voltage from this rectifier output. Electromechanical generator 320 comprises the electromechanical assembly 322 with mass-spring structure 324; Mass-spring structure 324 for example is the form of any mass-spring structure of Fig.

Fig. 4 shows the 3rd execution mode according to electromechanical generator of the present invention.Electromechanical generator 220 comprises the electromechanical assembly 222 with mass-spring structure 224; Mass-spring structure 224 for example is the form of any mass-spring structure of Fig. Although presently preferred embodiments of the invention have been shown and described with particularity, it will be appreciated that various changes and modifications may suggest themselves to those of ordinary skill in the art upon being apprised of the present invention. 6 to Fig. 8 statement is identical and shown in Fig. Dolor de espalda es sintoma de embarazo . 1 is a perspective view of one embodiment of a buoyant sail in accordance with the invention having means to sense the vertical wind velocity gradient and to guide the sail to the optimum height for energy generation. Consequently, the floating sail may be caused to assume the height of the maximum wind velocity and thus maximize the energy which may be extracted from the wind.

FIG. 3 illustrates another embodiment of a floating sail which is designed to alter the drag coefficient. By having basically a pulley arrangement with two passes of the tether line, the speed at which the line 52 is unwound will be twice that when a single line pulls the floating sail.