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  3. The apparatus of claim 1, wherein each transducer comprises a pressure-controlled member
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The present invention concerns a method and apparatus for converting kinetic energy in a flow of liquid using a hydrofoil. The present invention teaches a method of selecting design parameters for the unit 50 to provide greatest energy conversion at least cost. The row and column spacing permits each unit 50 to rotate or pivot about its mooring 300, while at the same time prevents collisions between the units. The Gulf Stream conveys water at a rate between 30 000 000 m3/sec (30 Sv) and 80 000 000 m3/sec (80 Sv). As the pressure increases, the piston (110) moves towards the end wall (103), keeping equilibrium between the ambient pressure and the pressure of the compressible fluid. In Fig 6a it is assumed that the tubing for supply of compressible fluid is removed, and that the valve (120) is closed.

In figure 6c, it is assumed that the hydrofoil once more is at its uppermost position (hi), and that tubing (121) is connected to the valve (120). The valve (120) is opened, and the piston (110) can be moved further towards the end wall ( 03) for evacuation of the pressurized fluid through the open valve (120) and tubing (121). The tubing (121) can later be used to provide new compressible medium, e.g. 121) is removed and valve (120) is closed as shown in Fig.

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As parameters of each element of the system: raft, yoke and mooring buoy, are varied, the amplitude of motion and the natural frequency of the system in both the heave and pitch mode of motion are changed and thus, as previously described with respect to FIG. Fig. 5 shows a generic wing Fig 6 a-c are schematic views of a pressure tank at different stages of the cyclic motion of the wing. Figure 6a is a schematic view of a pressure tank comprising a housing (100) and a piston ( 10). The piston ( 10) is slidably mounted in the housing (100), and sealed against the inner surface of the housing (100). Dolor muscular de todo el cuerpo . Figure 6a illustrates a situation where the volume defines by the inner surface, the piston (110) and an end wall (103) of the housing is filled with a compressible fluid, e.g.

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¿DOLORES MUSCULARES? REMEDIOS PARA SU TRATAMIENTO - Dolor.. The piston (110) is exposed to the ambient pressure. Accumulator 162 is a spherical pressure vessel with a volume of 132 cubic feet. Prior art methods are based on blades/propellers rotating as a consequence of a liquid flow and/or liquid pressure (as a subsea windmill). A typical windmill presently has an effect of 2 MW (nominal).

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There are several mechanical solutions for retaining such rotating wheels, propellers or rotor blades in a sea current. Some prior techniques are based on inserting some form of rotating wheels, e.g. 11. Power can be transmitted through the mooring system in a form that allows 360 degrees rotation of the array. This also increases the forces on the equipment and mooring. This limits the opportunities for catching the energy in a cost effective manner. The energy acquired in this manner depends on the variables: Area, speed and mass, which is transformed to pressurized air. Once the foil with its air cargo has reached a predetermined depth, the angle of attack on the foil is altered, and return towards the surface. When the foil has arrived at the intended depth (d 1 ) (1 1 ), the angle of attack is altered such that the hydrofoil gets a lift and rises.