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As the water wave lift up the front tank 174 and rear tank 175 moves down the valley being left behind by the preceding water wave, the flat deck 176 assumes a slant position with its front end up but the strong vertical drive bar 177, being free-pin connected to the center of the flat deck 176, remains rigidly vertical due to the heavy weight 178 attached to its bottom tip, thereby, the two compressors 100 at the front area of the deck 176 are pressed against their corresponding steady piston rods 104 effecting the compression process, at the same time, the two compressors 100 at the rear area of the said deck 176 are move away from their corresponding piston rods 104 pulling the piston outward effecting transfer of air from rear to the front side of each of the pistons. 5 except that the Vertically Fixed Strong Rigid Bar 177 is driven direct to the ocean bed or attached to a special footing on the sea bed and said Bar 177 is keepped rigidly vertical by guy ropes 192 anchored to the sea bed.

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This kind of design of an energy converter works only with the modulated water waves, so it must be placed away from rough seas and away from the beaches where the surfs stand up and break, otherwise, the whole system will be destroyed, or build the system into a very heavy out of proportion structure.

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This FIG. 4 further illustrates how a series of adjacent power boards are constructed in a long line with only one compressor for every power board. 202 & 240), the compression cylinders (218), and the Piston (220), as shown in the drawings, no matter how they will be modified, as a water-wave actuated compressor is limited to a certain size or amplitude of the waves because, if the amplitudes of the waves are relatively shorter than the length of the compression cylinder the piston does not reach the dead end of the compression cylinder resulting to a situation where the entrapped air will not be compressed far enough so it will refuse to enter the storage tank which is supposed to be in high pressure to contain plenty of energy reserved therein; and if the size or amplitude of the waves are relatively longer than the length of the compression cylinder the piston will hit the dead end of the cylinder and stops there too early.

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If the piston moves halfway or 3/4 of the length of the cylinder due to seasonal small waves available, the entrapped air partially compressed refuses to enter the storage tank and it will just kick the piston backward without storing energy because–(a) there are no valves in the pistons, (b) there are no valves at the rear end walls of the last compression cylinder, (c) the hollow piston, 2nd stage, is a hide out of partially compressed air that cannot be stored which will just kick the piston backward even if the piston has moved to the full length of the compression chamber. When the pistons move backward, the entrapped air at the rear sides will be squeezed to transfer thru the valves of the pistons into the front side of the pistons ready for further compression.

These valves make the entrapped air to be flowing forward along the axis of the compressor at any magnetude of forward displacement made by the piston no matter how short because the pistons create low pressures at every rear side for the higher pressure entrapped air at every front side to move forward into. 1, the “Labrador Multi-stage Piston Compressor”–the discussion on how this compressor works can be read as previously discussed in the first paragraph of the description of the preferred embodiments.

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5 which can be read as has been explained in the preceding paragraph hereof, except that in this construction the vertical drive bar 177 is directly and vertically driven into the ocean floor to stand vertically rigid against all forces of nature or it can be anchored to the ocean floor by special footing where the water is shallow and the ocean floor is available for foundation. By connecting the piston rod at varying points along the vertical length of the said pendulum bar of the power board system according to the varying waves sizes to correspondingly limit the displacements of the piston to the length of the compression chambers, and also, to increase or decrease the mechanical advantage of the Power Board upon the compressor. Each of the pendulum beam 131 is provided with a joint 134 which enables it to bend backward by means of the hydraulic control systme 135 to 139 every time an over size surf strikes the power board specially during violent weather in order to keep it working and take advantage of the abundance of energy on those times without endangering destruction of the machine.