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Neon Waves In another aspect of an embodiment of the invention, the generator has an electrogenerative portion or energy converting portion positioned relative to the surface structure and the base structure. FIG. 3a depicts an example of an array of cells for implementing an embodiment of the present invention where the array is located along a bottom surface of a structure. Thus, by way of example, where a linear electric generator (LEG) is used as the PTO, there is generated alternating current (AC) voltages which tend to be of low amplitude and low frequency. FIG. 1k depicts a coupled structure where the curved surface structure is rigid so as to join the two opposite curved surfaces around the pivot point.

Bellas y Naturales: El postoperatorio de la rinoplastia The airborne generator comprises a gliding or flying structure with generator cells incorporated into the surface. It is the implementation rather than the specific means of releasing (several of which exist in industrial applications) which is novel with regard to this invention. This also tends to increase the costs of the system and to decrease its efficiency. The fresh water which permeates the filter is carried through an extraction tube 94 through a check valve 96 and is then gathered for use in a variety of possible ways at 95. The portion of the water which does not transfer through the membranes, returns with the non-transferred dissolved materials via another outlet tube 91 through a check valve 93 to return to its source at 92 or to pass through an energy recovery system which harnesses and recycles most of the excess pressure from the system to increase overall device efficiency.

Activaciòn Fìsica y Mental: Técnicas de Relajación con.. The lower chamber is either enclosed on the top and sides with a mouth opening on the bottom or alternately, it is fully enclosed. Further, slightly preceding or immediately after a wave reaches its lowest point of travel, being in the trough, and begins to rise again, the load release and re-establish means momentarily reduces or eliminates the resistive load applied to the wave follower by the driven device, thus allowing said fluid (ballast) filled lower chamber to quickly fall, travelling the extra distance needed to become re-submerged. Posturas para dolor lumbar . Since the fluid in the open bottomed lower chamber 22 is of the same density as the wave and is actually a part of that wave, work is only required to raise the buoyant upper body 21 of the wave follower 20. The fall of the wave starts the downward stroke of the wave follower 20 (again, after overcoming the resistance of the loads 202a and 202b). As the falling wave trough is tracked by the wave follower, fluid in the chamber 22 will attempt to flow out of the opening at the bottom of the chamber 22. The one-way check valve 99 which is closed at times of pressure equilibrium or pressure drop, prevents the free outflow of fluid from the chamber 22. As the wave falls and the fluid outside the chamber 22 begins to fall away, that fluid in the chamber 22, being now held above the level of that fluid outside the chamber, is pulled down.

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Prior devices typically required large structures and/or large motive forces, which often mean that the devices could only be operated under certain conditions or in certain locations. Thus the mechanical advantage modifier means allows for earlier unlocking and therefore, travel of the wave follower, rendering it operable in times of smaller than normal wave heights when other devices designed for normal wave patterns would cease to function due to their inability to unlock at smaller wave heights. Further embodiments of a Wave Energy Converter being solidly attached to ground or another immovable body are not shown as they do not differ significantly in operation from those pictured in the included figures other than they do not require the use of reaction plates or damper plates and their means of attachment to any fixed body are much varied and of well known technology.

The apparatus 201 is usually held in position by an anchor 62 or other mooring device and an attached cable 63 which is at another end, attached to the support member 59 by an appropriate fastening means 64 but is not limited to use when so anchored. 11 in that they do not incorporate any fulcrum for leverage.