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Rutina de entrenamiento concentrada en el pecho The natural frequency of the mass 26 can be tuned by adjusting the radius of the mass 26 track, the diameter of mass 26, and the length of mass 26. 10 The hull geometry is designed for a low moment of inertia. The mechanism or system 20 is designed so that the natural frequency of each primary component of the dynamic system, the mass 26 / track 24 and the hull 28 geometry can be optimally tuned, like a musical instrument, to work with the natural frequency of 15 ocean waves 46 to maximize the creation of energy, power. Each modular vessel can be attached to an array of other modular vessels to create an energy farm, so to speak, of modular vessels.

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5, a belt drive 68 is fastened around the circumference of the 25 cylinder 60 and attached to a shaft 70 of an electric generator 72. As the cylinder 60 rolls down the track 24, it turns the shaft 70 of the generator 72, producing electricity. The controller 142, based on the parameters that are given, has two different functions that of tuning the system as represented by block 330 and that of controlling the energy extraction from the system as represented by block 332. Certain functions, such as controlling the electric braking 340, can be used both for tuning the system 330 and for energy extraction 15 332. The system 278 can tune based on inputs and tables of data. In theory, the line represents the available braking power or energy from the kinetic energy of the swinging mass 152. The braking power is the amount of energy that can be pulled from the system either through the flywheels 198 or the stators 248. While the graph 10 in FIG.

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As the fulcrum of the 10 wave passes beneath the hull, the radius of the mooring line moves in an arc, creating a reciprocating motion. 10 -13 was a track 24 of a WO 2012/018392 28 PCT/US2011/001368 variable radius that can be adjusted. 10 is shown with various elements tuned for a wave 46. The radius of the track 24 has been adjusted therein varying the natural frequency of the mass 26 / track 24. The radius of the track 24 can be changed by adjusting the track 24 or moving the radius of the curved portion 144 by lengthening or shortening a linear portion 146. In 20 addition, the tunable masses 134 have been moved inward and the location of the mooring line 132 that is secured to the hull 28 has been moved to adjust the natural frequency of the hull 28. A series of tests have been done using computer modeling.

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For example, the mooring line 132 while moved from the trailing edge 36 in FIG. FIG. 19A shows the hull 28 on the wave 46 with the swinging mass, the second movable mass, 152 located near the trough 48. Remedios caseros para dolor de espalda alta . The brake mechanism 192 retains the swinging mass 152. As the hull 28 is shifted in the other direction by the wave 46, the swinging mass 25 152, which is held in place by the braking mechanism 192, is now on the same side as the counterbalance mass 170 as shown in Fig. 8, a volume of a suitable liquid 110, such as water, can be used to flow down an incline plane 58. The flowing water 110 is diverted through a duct, pipe, or other channel 114 to a turbine 116. The flowing water drives the turbine 116 which, in turn, drives a generator 118. Various means known to those skilled in the art, such as separate channels, can be used to insure that the turbine is WO 2012/018392 11 PCT/US2011/001368 turned in the same direction by the flowing water regardless of the direction of the flow of the water as it flows down a series of reverse incline planes.

Because the rolling mass 26 changes 15 direction of rotation on each side of the wave, a simple cam system can be used to keep the flywheel and/or generator always rotating in the same direction. It is desirous to have sufficient weight or mass in both the second movable mass 152 and the first movable mass 164. Because of Archimedes’s Principle, the floating platform 22, which is floating in the water, is buoyed up by a force equal to the weight of the water, sea water, displaced by the floating platform. It should be noted that this source of energy is renewable because the 5 waves 46 continuously create reverse incline planes, causing the mass 26 to repeat continuously its motion from the bow to the stem and back to the bow. In that the system has two degrees of freedom, that of the movement of the floating platform, the movable mass 164, including all the associated components relative to the waves and the second degree of freedom related to the movement of the second movable 25 mass (the swinging mass) 152 relative to the first movable mass 164, it is desirable to tune the various elements.

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3. Remedio casero para el dolor muscular despues del ejercicio . The energy of a series of moving waves is converted into mechanical energy through the movement of a mass down a series of reverse incline planes formed by the hydraulic force of the water in the waves on a ship’s hull. If more power is desired from a hydro application, the surface area of the turbine blades is increased. 23A & 23B. In addition to gathering energy from the current that flows through the wires 252 of the stator 248, as seen in FIG. In 25 referring to the system 20, the hull 28 and the tuning mass 134 and other components can be referred to as a first movable mass 164. The mass 26 can be referred as a second movable mass 152. Referring to FIG. The natural frequency of the hull 28 geometry can be tuned by adjusting, vertically and horizontally, the position of the tunable masses 134 in relation to the bottom of the hull or to the waterline.

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In changing the track radius, the natural frequency of the mass and the track changes. In addition, by moving the tunable masses 134 locations, the hull’s natural frequency is changed without changing the size of the hull. 15, the system 150 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28, which are similar to the tuning masses 134 in FIGS. 22, the system 240 has a plurality of counterbalance weights or masses 170 located below the hull 28, which are similar to the tuning masses 134 in FIGS. The external force, the oscillation of the waves, induces an oscillation in the first mass relative to 15 the ground plane. 3; FIG. 8 is a schematic diagram of a moving liquid on the incline plane of the ship shown 5 in FIG. FIG. Dolor de pie izquierdo causas . 21 is a side view of a similar embodiment.

Referring to FIG. 31, a side sectional view of an alternative floating platform 300 of an alternative system 302 is shown. 23A is a side sectional view of the floating platform of FIG. 10 to the midships in FIG. The system can produce an extraordinary amount of energy within a small footprint.

A high frequency, short-wave-length wave has appreciable power even though its amplitude or wave height is relatively small. Therefore, the properties of the waves 46 are monitored including the period of the wave and the wave height. 19A – 19D, schematic views of the system 150 are shown 20 showing the adjusting the position the second movable mass 152 relative to the hull 28 and rest of the first movable mass. The system has an energy extraction 25 system having a pair of complementary energy extraction devices including a magnetic field device and a coil device wherein the movement of the magnetic field device relative to the coil device creates a flow of current in the coil device. 23A and 23B, could be used to impart braking into the system to tune the movement of the swinging mass 152. Referring to FIG. 30 In still another preferred embodiment, as shown in FIG.

15, a perspective view of a system 150 having a floating platform 22 is shown. I IA and 1 B is a schematic diagram of the floating platform of FIG. As the crest 44 of the wave 46 passes under the platform 22, the hydraulic force of the water no longer raises the leading edge 34, which now falls into a trough 48 of the wave 46, relative 5 to the trailing edge 36. Referring to FIG. The first mass has a first natural frequency that is tunable relative to the wave natural frequency of the wave. 15 While other ratios may work, it has been found that matching the mass 26 / track 24 and the hull frequency 28 to each other and having those frequencies be in the range of approximately 1.6 to 2 greater than the natural frequency of the ocean results in maximum power generated.

Dolor de manos en fibromialgia - - Fibromialgia Noticias As waves approach the shore, they become steeper, which changes the natural frequency 10 of the wave. The Natural Frequency of the wave is tuned by the forces of nature. The 20 frequency of the electricity generated is regulated. Water can be pumped in and out of portions of the double hull to tune the system. In addition, the mass or weight of the tunable masses 134, the hull 28 and the mass 26 could be varied. The end point of the pendulum has at least one guide moving along the at least one rail. Electricity generated by the present invention can be stored, for example in batteries, on the ship on which it is produced or can be transmitted concurrently with its production through underwater cables to the power grid. 25 In addition to electrical energy generated by the system 20 being transferred to shore via an underwater cable, electrical energy created by the system 20 can be used to manufacture a fuel such as hydrogen, which can be liquefied and transferred to shore via an underwater pipeline or a cargo ship.

The coil device is carried by the other of the curved surfaces. Throughout this specification and the claims which follow, unless the context 25 requires otherwise, the word “comprise”, and variations such as “comprises” and “comprising”, will be understood to imply the inclusion of a stated integer or step or group of integers or steps but not the exclusion of any other integer or step or group of integers or steps.