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Radiografía al cáncer de pulmón - Diario Sanitario Generator system 10 includes an adaptive control loop coupled to the linear alternator defined by structures 12 and 14. The control loop includes current and voltage measurement units 16 and 18, respectively, for measuring current flow in wire coil structure 14 and voltage thereacross. Measurement units 16, 18 and 20 supply inputs to a controller 22 which processes the inputs in accordance with a desired function such as maximizing electrical power to load 100 as in the illustrative example.

Tienes dolor de espalda o dolor de cadera por cargar a tu.. Resulting relative movement between structures 12 and 14 generates an electric current that flows through wire coil structure 14. The remaining elements of generator system 10 control this electric current in a novel fashion to control the electrical power delivered to load 100. By way of illustrative example, the present invention will be described for the situation where it is desired to maximize the electrical power delivered to load 100 in changing wave conditions. Using the above described general information, a control method can be derived (for use by controller 22) to, for example, maximize the electrical power (i.e., Vi14) delivered to load 100. One control method for maximizing the electrical power involves minimizing a ratio. Pat. Nos. 3,546,473 and 4,539,485. The problems associated with these systems include the need to tether the system to a fixed reference such as the ocean floor and the inability of the systems to maximize their power generation efficiency in varying wave conditions.

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Another object of the present invention is to provide an electrical power generator system that uses wave motion as a motive force and that adapts itself to varying wave conditions to control and/or maximize power generation for a given application. Como diferenciar un dolor muscular de un infarto . Thus, the present invention is adaptive to maximize its electrical power supply regardless of the amount of wave activity. The present invention relates generally to the generation of electrical power using wave motion, and more particularly to a wave motion electrical generator that adaptively adjusts itself to efficiently deliver electrical power to a load regardless of the amplitude or frequency of wave motion.

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To maximize the electrical power delivered to the load, one current control method involves the minimization of a ratio defined by one of the dynamic parameters (e.g., relative acceleration, velocity or displacement measurements between the magnet and wire coil structures) to the electrical power. As a result, electrical power delivered to the load and the relative movement between the magnet and wire coil structures are controlled. The portion of generator system 10 that converts wave motion to electric energy is provided by a linear alternator consisting of a magnet structure 12 and a wire coil structure 14 capable of floating at a water’s surface 102. Both magnet structure 12 and wire coil structure 14 are untethered.

As a result, electric current is induced in the wire coil. For example, wire coil structure 14 could be configured as a plurality of wire coils 14A, 14B, etc. By way of example, generator system 10 could be included on board an unmanned underwater vehicle (UUV) having a rechargeable battery(ies) as load 100. When the battery needed to be recharged, the UUV would surface and assume the configuration illustrated in FIG. The ratio to be minimized is defined by either relative acceleration, velocity or displacement between magnet structure 12 and wire coil structure 14 as compared to electrical power delivered to load 100 or Vi14. In accordance with the present invention, an adaptive wave motion electrical power generation method and system are provided for maximizing and controlling the amount of electrical power delivered to a load. The control loop further includes dynamic parameter measurement unit 20 coupled to structures 12 and 14 for measuring one or more dynamic parameters that describe the relative movement between structures 12 and 14. These dynamic parameters can include acceleration, velocity and displacement of each of magnet structure 12 and wire coil structure 14. It is to be understood that the particular devices/methods used to obtain these parameters is not a limitation of the present invention.