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Las técnicas más avanzadas se agrupan dentro de la fisioterapia de reeducación del suelo pélvico. La fisioterapia y el estreñimiento. Aunque existe base orgánica en algunos casos (obstrucciones intestinales, fisuras o hemorroides anales, lesiones neurológicas), generalmente el estreñimiento es funcional. In Figures 5 and 6 the apparatus 200 of the invention has two linkage means 220 mounted on a base 212 and includes three hydroplanes 280, 281, 282. The hydroplanes 280, 281, 282 are mounted on support structures 283. Each linkage means 220 comprises symmetrical first arms 240, 241 and symmetrical second arms 260, 261. The first arms 240, 241 are pivotally mounted at a lower portion 242, 243 to move about parallel axes. Referring now to the drawings, and in particular to Figures 1 to 3, the apparatus 10 comprises a base 12 which is located in use on the bed of a body of water such as a sea bed or a river bed.

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Dolor de cabeza tipo tensional ~ NEUROSALUD MUNAY Figures 5 and 6 also show one example of a power transmission arrangement for extracting useable energy from the linear movement of the hydroplanes, this arrangement also being suitable for use with the apparatus of Figures 1 to 4. The power transmission arrangement 250 comprises extensions 252, 254 of first arms 240, 241 which are pivotally connected to first transmission linkage members 255, 256 which are in turn pivotally he a connected to second transmission linkage member 257. The transmission linkage members 255, 256, 257 serve to ensure that the movement of the first arms 240, 241 is synchronized which assists in ensuring that the movement path of the hydroplane support structure 283 is substantially linear.

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Hydraulic piston and cylinder arrangements 258 are provided as the primary power transmission means, of which pistons 259 are connected to the second transmission linkage member 257. Thus movement of the second transmission linkage member, caused ultimately by the movement of the hydroplanes, is converted into movement of the pistons 259, i.e. Means (not specifically illustrated in Figures 1, 2 and 3) are provided for extracting power from the movement of the hydroplane 18. Most typically such means are connected to one or more of the arms 14, 16, preferably the first arms 14a, 14b. Medicamentos para dolor lumbar . Typical power extraction means may be an electro hydraulic arrangement although a form of direct drive and gearbox or a constant pressure linkage adapted to work against a fixed head may also be suitable. Figure 12 shows an arrangement for adjusting the angular orientation of a plurality of hydroplanes which, like the arrangement in Figure 11 has a drive arrangement comprising a cable 331 which is driven by rotational drive means 330 and which drives a pulley or the like 333. Pulley 333 is rotatably connected to a shaft 290a on which a hydroplane (not shown) is mounted.

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Fisioterapia a domicilio en Bilbao Fisiohogar In other embodiments, the hydroplane support structure may be a structure interposed between the linkage means and a hydroplane, on which a hydroplane is mounted. The hydroplane support structure may contain at least a part of the means for adjusting the angular orientation of the (or each) hydroplane. Alternatively, a common adjustment means may be used to adjust all the hydroplanes, but the specific change in angular orientation may not be the same for each hydroplane.

The water in the reservoir can then be used to generate electricity by conventional hydroelectric generating means. The body is arranged in a current of water and the angle of the hydroplanes with respect to the current is adjusted at predetermined times thereby to change the direction of the thrust from the current on the hydroplanes, so that the body oscillates. In further actuating methods (not illustrated), the angular orientation of one or more hydroplanes may be changed by use of direct drive means, such as a motor and associated gearbox. Most preferably the respective first arms are linked together to synchronise their motion and, preferably further to maintain the arms in the desired configuration with respect to each other.

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Preferably, the means operative to adjust the angular orientation of the hydroplane is further operable to rotate the hydroplane with respect to the linkage means from a first orientation in which the hydroplane is operable with a current flow in one direction to a second orientation in which the hydroplane is operable with a current flow substantially opposite to said one direction.