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By a slight inclination, the wind is prepared already in the ramp for the rotation. However, it is already known from aircraft construction that this shape of wing conceivably has poor lift values. As far as the curvature is concerned, the construction of the wing corresponds to that of the high-speed engine of the Schulz principle as a three-wing flow-through rotor, which was developed from the Savorius rotor system. In the rear region of the facility, a suction develops as a Magnus effect, which is placed around the facility like a sheath. For this purpose, the aerodynamics work in the outer region of the rotor wings up to the front line of the curved leading edge.

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The sail pull reacts very well to this ideal shape when the wings 1, 2 or 3 move into the admission compartment 16 for incident flow. At the instant when the 90° flow strikes the wing 2, a brief flow through the center of the rotor 5 impinges at about 45° in the form of a pressure pulse on the last wing 3. The aerodynamics work with different power up to about 75% of the wing path in the admission compartment 16. A curved leading edge 15 at the wing edge permits a constantly ideal incident flow in a sliding working angle in the incident flow. The curved leading edge of the wing permits an incident flow at a sliding working angle, which is always relatively ideal. The rotor has twenty-four blades and works without flow-through, about 15% of the necessary flow velocity, which is absolutely necessary, not been realized.

Since there is no flow-through of the rotor, the flow velocity attained is less than that absolutely necessary by about 15 percent. In addition, there is the disclosure that the cover plate and the base plate may be perforated, as a result of which the flow disadvantageously emerges to the outside at a non-working side. If the admission surface elements are too steep, backpressure would develop, the consequences of which would be a lowering of the urgently required wind velocity for recovering energy. Dolor muscular brazos y piernas . Accordingly, by means of an advantageous aerodynamic configuration, the highest possible velocity and an optimum energy recovering are achieved. It is, however, a disadvantage of this wind wheel and its facility that they utilize too small a portion of the admission surfaces, standing in the wind, for conversion into energy. It is therefore an object of the invention to develop a wind power facility with a vertical rotor and associated guiding surfaces, which converts all possible wind forces optimally into energy.

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The outer ring of the admission surface has a projection, which corresponds to one-third of the diameter of the rotor. The curvature must not be greater than the inclination and curvature of the rotor wings. The three aerodynamic and curved wings are in such a relationship to one another, that there is no forced reduction in wind velocity due to an operating cycle in the rotor. It is a further object of the inventive wind power facility that the individual structural components are matched harmoniously to one another, so that the different forces and velocities arising do not hinder or even cancel one another in any phase of the operation. Moreover, a further wind power facility is known from the WO 81/00463. This facility has 12 admission surfaces which, however, are constructed too flat, the horizontally disposed admission surfaces being sent at too steep an angle. By these means, it is achieved that the angle of attack, which changes discontinuously but fluidly during the rotation, becomes constantly more advantageous aerodynamically.

In the case of the inventive configuration, the positive effect of the curved leading edge of the wing of the front side becomes effective up to the minimum start of the leading edge curvature, which points opposite to the direction of rotation. Finally, inexpensive materials are to be used and the facility is to personify simple but robust technology, for which the Magnus effect behind the facility is to have an effect like a strong undertow. At the same time, this is associated with the advantage that the resulting pressure from the rotation counters the Flettner effect and the statics of the structure as a whole are equalized and stabilized. This is associated with the disadvantage that an undesirably high pressure builds up, as a result of which there is backflow. Closely associated with this is the configuration of the wing shape at its front side with a curved leading edge.

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After the leading edge of the wing has left the compartment, the wind pressure commences to act on the inner part of the wing. Since the whole of the admission compartment is still empty, the air flows unimpeded past the entering wing and presses to almost 90° into the inner curvature of the previous wing. The opening between the wings, from the end of the wings in continuation to the inner curvature of the other, corresponds to one fourth of the distance from the center of the rotor axle up to the outer edge of the rotor as well as also to the distance between the center of the rotor axle to the wing, when the guided line points with 90° on the wing. An almost parallel wall or profile thickness issues from the leading edge over the whole depth of the wing and is formed into a point at the rear end on the last, about 10% of length.

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As a result of the overpressure and underpressure at the wing, the wind flows into the interior of the rotor only at a higher velocity at the wing surfaces. The same also holds good for the rotor wings, overall the construction of admission surface elements and rotor wings is such, that the largest possible wind velocity is retained for the flow-through, since otherwise a decrease in output is noted. The wind velocity can be increased even further, especially in areas with weak winds, by using a conventional known pre-compressor of any construction. For this purpose, a compartment of the pre-compressor must stream against at least two admission compartments.

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When the back of the wing 1 enters the blown against admission compartment 16 in the first operation cycle, it is attracted suction-like by the sail pull. This embodiment has the advantage that each admission compartment receives a new and high initial velocity and the pressure, which is brought about by the through-flow, still works in the fifth up to the ninth compartment. Dolor de espalda nolotil . A change in one factor or a structural distributing feature necessarily leads to a decrease in performance, as a result of which there is also interference with the vibration-free running of the facility.

The attack angles of the wings of the rotor interact with the attack angles of the vertical admission surface elements and, accordingly, are matched to one another. With that, a constantly ideal position of the wings in the facility is assured. In this connection, however, the facility is equipped with a self-protection against extremely high wind velocities, as a result of which a pressure cushion protects against destruction. At higher wind velocities, this slow-running rotor levels out rapidly, comparable with a centrifugal governor, to a low r.p.m.

However, the flow does not have any negative effects with respect to reducing the output.

The number of stories determines the total division of the rotor wings over the 360° of the periphery. The wings of this solution are constructed sickle-shaped with the configuration of a quarter moon. The deflection vanes, as characteristic features, have a conical shape, which, however, brings about no improvement for the ascent of the flow, since the guide vanes are constructed too narrow. However, the flow does not have any negative effects with respect to reducing the output. In the case of hurricane-like winds, excessive flow through of the facility is not possible, because the power conversion is leveled to a constant, so that movable parts are protected. These are the only static parts between the floors of the stories. The facility achieves its effectiveness as a total system in a complex collaboration by the structural configuration of the component parts shown. In extreme cases, such vibrations can lead to the destruction of the whole facility.

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The matching of the vertical admission surface elements with the rotor takes place in such a manner that, in hurricane-like winds, the vertical admission surface elements are filled maximally and, with the counter-flow, act as air cushions. The two-and-one-half-fold depth of the vertical admission surface elements 12 correspond to the diameter of the rotor 5. The vertical admission surface elements 12 are either straight, preferably slightly curved or also curved, as shown in FIG. The ideal wing depth range T is indicated by hatching in FIG.

This forms the ideal range. In this connection, 16 admission surfaces are matched to an eight-wing rotor. Optimum aerodynamics were introduced and attained in the case of the inventive rotor with the shape of the wing curvature. As a proportional dimension, for a profile length of 157 cm, the greatest thickness of the wing is 28 cm. Dolor de espalda alta al respirar profundo . 7. Moreover, the greatest curvature of FIG. At the same time, smooth running is achieved by equalizing the forces and avoidance of point-like attacks by forces on the wind power facility is ensured by the structural configuration. At the same time, the new wing 3 takes up the work once again with the forces of the sail pull in the admission compartments 16 selected for consideration.