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Universal joint - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia 2,8 and 9, it can be seen that force transfering device 12 may include lever arm 28, and it is connected to energy and turned Parallel operation 14, the wherein converter for it is rotary-type (in other words, the converter by by the angular movement of the rotary shaft around converter and The energy conversion of rotation torque transmission is another form of energy, such as hydraulic energy or electric energy).The lever arm 28 causes moment of torsion turning The opening position of parallel operation 14 becomes big, and can also be used for changing the mechanical impedance of equipment.The lever arm 28 also allows for providing following solution Scheme, it is used at the tie point to converter for example by using sylphon seal. 1,2,5-12, energy converter 14 is connected to power/motion transfering device 12 and supporting member 3.The energy Relative motion of the converter from motion transfering device 12 relative to supporting member 3 and the driving force from film produce electric energy.

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Muletas De Aluminio Ortopedicas - $ 699.00 en Mercado Libre As shown in figs 20 and 21, the equipment may include film idling parallel operation 16a, 16b on film 4.These converters 16a, 16b It is disposed in from a certain distance from the supporting member 3.The mechanical energy that film deforms is converted to electricity by these converters 16a, 16b Energy.

The direction of these longitudinal ridges 22 be parallel to fluid stream, to guide fluid stream along film, thus reduce fluid towards Energy loss caused by the flowing of the longitudinal edge of film. Figure 14 shows one of the equipment according to the present invention for applying the present invention in the embodiment shown in Fig. As illustrated in fig.

The installation of elastic limits device is shown specifically in fig. It is this feelings of tension coil springs in separation limits device 18a, 18b as shown in the chart in Fig. The elasticity of connecting component apparatus allows each extending in these limits devices 18a, 18b upon the application of a tensile force, So that film stretches between the first and second positions. 6,8 interval relative to each other of the first and second regions, i.e., when at rest, The film is bent between its first and second region. It is desirable that the arrangement is such, i.e., when film is in it is static when, distance D1 is less than the 95% of L1, and preferred D1 Half less than L1. It is desirable that determine rigidity and its thickness, its width, its length between point 17a and 17b and these companies of film Contact 17a and 17b separation and number, so that its energy regenerating ability in given stream maximizes.

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¡Mejora el dolor de tus hombros o tendinitis con este.. These head deflecting wedges 19 and afterbody deflecting wedge 20 are formed by rigidity bar. Every curve C1, C2 are formed in the following manner, that is, obtain film, and by film in its first and second region 6,8 Between be connected to supporting member, to limit film each point Dx detached from each other.Because separating distance Dx is less than film length Lx, and Because the film has bending rigidity, so it is by being bent to form at least one half-wave.Each fixed design at 17a, 17b (in other words, there is the pivot fortune of longitudinal cutting plane P perpendicular to film into making film keep the transverse pivot around film freely to pivot It is dynamic).After fixation, film is influenceed by the fluid stream with given speed, and it was found that, film starts to fluctuate with vibration mode, The vibration mode is the natural quality of film, and is determined that it extracts the ability of energy from stream.