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Tipos de dolor It will be further apparent in view of this disclosure that the “nested” arrangement of the first float 108 and second float 110 and their respective drive arms 112, 114 can be extended to designs comprising more than two floats rotating about, and operatively connected to a single nacelle (e.g., two floats positioned within the spars as depicted in Figs. As described above, the floats 108, 110 are operatively connected to PTOs mounted within the nacelle 102. Such PTOs may, in some embodiments, comprise one or more direct drive generator(s), gearbox drive generator(s), hydraulic system(s), pumping system(s), 11 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 water pump(s), water desalinator(s), pneumatic pump(s), hydraulic pump(s), etc.

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9D. The 19 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 overtopped float 904 may then rise into proper position at the surface as depicted in Figs. In this position, the floats 108, 110 may be positioned between the nacelle 102 and HCS 116 as depicted in figures 10A-B. In this case, maximum component deballasting will allow for 20 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 the WEC 100 to minimize its draft and maximize the navigable waterways through which it can move in tow without hitting bottom. While depicted as a single HCS 116 being attached to two spars 104, 106, it will be apparent in view of this disclosure that any number of HCSs 116 may be directly or indirectly attached by any means to any component, or combination of components, of the WEC 100 (e.g., floats 108, 110, drive arms 112, 114, nacelle 102, etc.). 1F-G, the drive arms 112, 114 need not be straight, but may, in some embodiments, be curved or arched.

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4, in some embodiments, ingress/egress of equipment, ballast and/or personnel to a WEC 100 may be provided via nacelle access hatches 126, spar access hatches 128, and/or any other hatch or airlock positioned on an exterior of any other component of the WEC 100. Nacelle access hatches 126 may provide access to the interior of a module 118, 120, 122, which may or may not house a PTO. 8A-F to join the WEC 100 at an independent connection point 804, it will be apparent in view of this disclosure that each mooring line may alternatively join the WEC 100 at a common connection point 804. As further illustrated in Figs. In some embodiments, including the embodiment depicted in Figs. Additional specifications of a WEC 100 in accordance with this exemplary embodiment are provided in Figs. Que hacer para el dolor muscular despues del ejercicio . Such propulsion systems may be mounted on any WEC 100 component (e.g., spars 104, 106, floats 108, 110, nacelle 102, HCS 116, etc.) to provide yaw control, autonomous transport between deployment sites, station keeping at a deployment site, or any other purpose for which propulsion systems may be used.

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Debate Dolor Pecho Brazo Izquierdo Various embodiments may include boarding areas (e.g., service platforms and/or docking fixtures) attached to one or more of the spars 104, 106, providing for improved service access for deployed WECs 100. For larger designs, including utility scale designs, a spar access hatch 128 may be provided in the upper region of an extended spar. For various pump and hydraulic-related embodiments, the drive shaft/hub may be directly or indirectly connected to, for example an impeller, compressor rotor, and/or mechanical turbine rotor. However, it will be understood that drive arms 112, 114 in accordance with the present disclosure may have any shape and/or cross-section. The drive shaft/hub 202, 203 may generally rotate about the spar-nacelle connection member 201 on drive bearings 208 or other suitable structures. 2A-B, the rotary-driven PTOs may be large-diameter direct-drive systems, (e.g., low-speed, high torque systems). 1-15. Deploying the WEC in a wave field 1604 may include deploying the wave energy converter in, for example, any body of water (e.g., ocean, sea, bay, river, lake, wave pool, etc.) of suitable width, length, and depth to accommodate the WEC.

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In many embodiments, it is desirable to keep the WEC 100 on station relative to a wave field, at a desired orientation relative to a wave field, and/or autonomously (i.e., manned or unmanned, but not towed) move the WEC 100 between wave fields. 8F may provide for reduced costs, reduced environmental impact and/or passive orientation. All sides (e.g., 108a-c) of first float 108 may be flat or concave, but in some preferred embodiments may be slightly convex. Such optimization may be achieved using hydrodynamic numerical analysis and optimization techniques to design the float to maximize power delivered by the first float 108 while minimizing the material utilized. Fig. 2A provides a cross-sectional top-view of the nacelle 102, focusing on a first module 118 and Fig.

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Fig. 11 provides side views illustrating the length and depth of four exemplary WECs in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Fig. 4 is a cross-sectional front-view of a WEC illustrating various ingress/egress and access features in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. In one aspect, a system and apparatus for a wave energy converter (WEC) is provided comprising a buoyant nacelle having a central longitudinal axis. Such a system may, in many embodiments, be used for utility-scale electric-grid or other offshore energy applications in moderate-activity wave fields. 10D, a float is ballasted to be lower in the water and less exposed to severe weather or other conditions. This results in lower electromagnetic hardware costs, improved efficiency, increased 2 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 energy output and lower cost of energy (CoE). It is noted that the foregoing examples have been provided merely for the purpose 22 PCT/US2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 of explanation and are in no way to be construed as limiting of the present invention.

11, 12A-C, 13A-C, 14A-C, and 15A-C, the exemplary 21 PCT/U S2013/062579 WO 2014/052953 WECs 100 shown may be used for a range of applications. However, in many embodiments it may be preferred to optimize WEC 100 design (e.g. Fig. Que causa el dolor de espalda . 7 is an illustration of the orbital motion of a WEC and the wave response motion of the first float and second float in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Figs. 15A-C are dimensional schematics of a large-scale WEC for deployment in highly active wave fields in accordance with various embodiments of the present invention. Without device tuning, a differing wave period will result in differing WEC response and a different phase relationship with respect to the wave. However, one skilled in the art will realize the invention may be embodied in other specific forms without departing from the spirit or essential characteristics thereof.

In yet still further embodiments, requirements may exist to prevent uninhibited 360-degree float 902, 904 rotation. Solving the conflicting problems of survivability and cost of energy is achievable, yet success in doing so requires a significant improvement over the state-of-the-art (STOA). WECs in accordance with the present disclosure may take advantage of the rotational nature of ocean waves to capture the incident energy with floats that are rotationally coupled to produce mechanical torque in the central housing.

Wave energy is a globally-desirable resource and has the potential to be a cost-competitive and important component of a diverse mix of clean, renewable energy resources. 5-7. Dolor de hombro y cuello derecho . Water velocities within a wave are illustrated in Fig. In further embodiments, as depicted in Fig. In some embodiments, however, a three point mooring may be used as depicted in Fig. HCSs may be produced from composite material (e.g., carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc.), concrete, rolled steel, aluminum, and/or any other suitable material. The floats 108, 110 may be produced from composite material (e.g., carbon fiber, Kevlar, fiberglass, etc.), rolled steel, aluminum, any other metal or alloy, wood, foam, rubber, concrete, and/or any other suitable material.

Features and processes known to those of ordinary skill may similarly be incorporated as desired. A first float may be operatively coupled to a first power take off and be positioned to rotate about the central longitudinal axis within a radial span bounded by an outer surface of the nacelle and a radially distal end of the first float and a second float may be operatively connected to a second power take off or the first power take off positioned to rotate about the longitudinal axis within a radial span bounded by a radially distal end of the first float and a radially distal end of the second float. At peak 506, water moves entirely in a forward surge motion along a velocity gradient having a maximum velocity adjacent the surface of the water.

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This relative rotational motion is depicted in time steps Tl, T2, T3, and T4 of figure 7 as described above. In further embodiments, the ballasting sequence described above may be implemented, but the float motion is supplemented with a controlled application of motor operation. Such a system may, in many embodiments, may be used for utility-scale electric-grid applications in high-activity wave fields.

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In such embodiments the HCS 306 may, for example, be repositioned along the spar 302 by releasing a brake, adjusting a ballast to buoyantly reposition the HCS 306, and engaging the brake to retain the repositioned HCS 306 in place. Additionally, the spars 104, 106 serve as a point of attachment for one or more hydrodynamic control systems 116 (e.g., a weight, plate, or ballast tank). In such a damping control mode, damping (torque) may be applied to the first PTO when rotating in the aft direction and damping (no torque) may not be applied when rotating in the forward direction. 8A, a three-point mooring system 800 may be used to control directionality. Based on considered mission requirements and worldwide wave field characteristics, geometric dimensions ranging from lm to 36 m in fully deployed length and from 1,5m to 45m in fully deployed depth may be appropriate. The mooring lines 802, 808 may be made of, for example, cable, nylon, polyester, chain, any other suitable material, or any combination of these.