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Antelope Canyon Dreams The present invention also provides a kind of from the method for obtaining power, comprising the following steps: utilizes the device for following wave mobile It is spare that energy storage is obtained from seawater fluctuation, and/or absorbs Underwater Pressure using dive and stores for future use, and the energy of storage passes through Nozzle injection water drives naval vessel. 1, the submarine utilizes unique pump configuration, can enter unique energy-storage box using the fluctuation inspiration seawater of seawater particle Pressure energy-storage is carried out, and the energy of storage is passed through into unique spray head and drives the various movements of submarine.The group of unique pump and valve simultaneously Conjunction can also switch over elastic membrane pressure energy-storage case and hard shell pressure energy-storage case, realize the floating dive of submarine, and can absorb The pressure change bring energy of seawater different depth.Realize submarine from capacitation — the energy (fuel, nuclear energy, electricity need not be carried Can) submarine long-term work can be driven, to realize the latent purpose that need not be emerged throughout the year.This is that existing submarine can not be done It arrives.

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Flexing Face Feathers In the outside of tail section protective shell 68, placed five groups of sensing control assemblies 69, sensing control assembly 69 contain various sensors, The communication detection operations such as probe, provide data for the task that is individually performed of tail section.Sensing control assembly 69 is finally connected by data line It is connected to tail section AI plate 71, and is passed to by fiber buss on the fiber buss of body section.The fiber buss of tail section and body area The fiber buss of section is interconnected also by optical coupling, and two optical coupling elements can relatively rotate, to prevent from rotating the time when body section Fibre follows rotation, and swivel becket is mounted on body region, and optical coupling element is mounted on swivel becket. The surface of each comprehensive survey ball 41 is uniform-distribution with 6 (actual quantity is unrestricted) high pressure nozzles 40, each High pressure nozzle 40 is all controlled by a pressure-control valve 39, and the pipeline of high pressure nozzle 40 passes through hard sphere shell and leads to elastic membrane pressure stabilizing Ball 50.Instruction is assigned by head sections AI plate 51 to control the switch of pressure-control valve 39, to adjust 40 amount of water sprayed of high pressure nozzle The movement of comprehensive survey ball 41 is realized with water spray combination.

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The comprehensive survey ball 41 of head sections is connected to clutch, transmission by delivery pipe 42 (built-in optical fiber) and takes in unwrapping wire concurrently On assembly 53, is assigned by head sections AI plate 51 and to instruct unwrapping wire that some submarines is gone to carry out various functions detection to place not, Such detection ball can be placed multiple, placed five altogether in the implementation case. It is all embedded with water pipe 135 in the section end to end of submarine, the material of water pipe is thicker transparent polymer material, plays branch Support clutch, transmission takes in the effect of unwrapping wire assembly concurrently, simultaneously because the design feature of its inner hollow, so also can be used as water It is effective.Clutch control water lines 137 are extracted on water pipe 135, clutch control water lines 137 are equipped with threeway control above Valve 136, to control clutch.When triple valve 136 is connected, the water in water pipe 135 is via clutch control water Pipeline 137 is sent to chamber A160, and chamber A160 is fixed on protective cover 158, communicates with 159 hollow pipe of fixing axle, by solid The hole that hollow pipe is opened above in 159 axis of dead axle, the water of chamber A160 are transported to chamber B161.The both ends of chamber B161 are height Molecule hardboard connects coelosis by flexible polymer films as support, middle section, and chamber B161 is used as clutch inner ring 141 Support chamber, clutch inner ring 141 is elastic membrane structure, when chamber B161 is full of water distending outward, clutch inner ring 141 are tightly attached to above clutch outer ring 142, clutch connection, and drive transmission duty.Because of speed changer outer ring gear 145 are fixed on bobbin winder bracket 147, so bobbin winder bracket 147 is started to work.When triple valve 136 disconnects, water pipe 135 is closed, Water in chamber B161 is discharged into the sea, clutch by chamber A160 and clutch control pipeline 137 by triple valve 136 Inner ring 141 is disconnected from clutch outer ring 142, clutch separation, and retractable cable work stops.Water kinetic energy generator only serves at this time The effect of power generation.

1 to Fig. 5, and the body section is at least provided with one Body region, a section header section transition region and a section tail section transition region are saved, encloses complete screw wing at least provided with one in body region, Screw wing is divided into 6 sectors, 60 ° of each sector, along 360 ° of circumferences, the structure of head sections transition region and tail section transition region Unanimously, setting direction is on the contrary, the spiral wing structure of head sections transition region and tail section transition region is gradually reduced, for screw centrum Shape;Body section includes the round tube axis area of spiral alar part and centre, 1 part of main body in screw wing and round tube axis area be by Transparent high polymer elastic film adds partition to constitute, and film is fabricated to honeycomb like structure, and the outside of 1 part of main body is covered with periostracum 2, periostracum 2 is to be equivalent to skin with the high molecular material transparent membrane of setting thickness;Be equipped in round tube axis area it is round every The differentiation of round tube axis is cut into multistage by plate 7, circular bulkheads 7;Many places are provided with partition inside the screw wing, wherein helical baffle 8 For the support helix wing, piece shape partition 9 is used to screw wing being divided into multiple sectors, and piece shape partition 9 is vertical with helical baffle 8. All partitions are connect with cell, and periostracum 2 is coated on partition and connects with the skeleton, cell and skin for extracellularly, being equivalent to biology, It is very flexible, belong to Bionic Design;Since high molecular material is transparent or consistent with color intensity of sea water, stealth in the water of submarine is realized, It is difficult to be found.

Profundo dolor - Murió el eximio Guitarrista y Músico.. Section transition region, a section tail section transition region, in practical applications, body section can place any more piece body region as desired.Often Saving body region includes a complete screw wing of circle, and screw wing is divided into 6 sectors, 60 ° of each sector, along 360 ° of circumferences.Its The submarine wing structure of its embodiment changes. Partition is equivalent to the intracorporal skeleton structure of animal, and periostracum 2 is equivalent to animal skin, and honeycomb is equivalent to cell, circle Shape partition 7 is equivalent to back backbone, and piece shape partition 9 is equivalent to rib cage.This submarine is just as animal body, by extremely multiple cell structures It is enclosed in outside bone at muscle. 24, from axially and radially structure, primary structure of the invention is illustrated, Qi Tashi It applies example and copies execution.

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9, the AI system of the submarine belongs to the latticed fibre system of anti-tamper, and each sector is individually by a piece of AI chip control System, but all AI chips are interconnected by fiber buss and other AI chips.When a piece of AI wafer damage, other AI chips can On behalf of execution task.When working normally, it is only necessary to AI chip the person in charge’s work, an AI chip is spare, Other AI chip deep-sleeps.If the AI chip of work is destroyed, spare AI chip takes over the person in charge, and wakes up other AI chips Into spare work.This makes the control system of this submarine have self-repair function, and enables the life cycle of this submarine As long as reaching a century.This is that existing submarine can not be accomplished. The task that items need to execute is placed on fiber buss by AI chip, is executed workspace and is obtained the work about oneself from fiber buss It makes dispositions, drives each area, respectively saves the work such as sector, each cell, each pipeline, each cabinet, various pumps, submarine each section is according to AI core The requirement of piece works and makes the whole operation comprehensively of submarine.

11, the AI plate of the submarine has the function of self-destruction self-destruction (electric cap on AI mainboard ignites entire submarine), when being opposed It will start self-destruction function when side’s capture and destroy submarine.If AI plate does not destroy completely yet after self-destruction, AI plate starts self-destruction function Energy (the secret self-destruction such as digital chip memory body cake core), in case important information falls into enemy.This is that existing submarine can not be accomplished ‘s. This submarine collects the data such as sound, light, electricity, the magnetic of passing naval vessels deposit data bank in peacetime.Due to each The features such as the noise of naval vessels are all unique, just as fingerprint, can correspond with naval vessels, it is possible in the database Enemy and we’s naval vessels archives are established respectively, are identified for enemy and we.

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12, the submarine uses the unmanned technology of AI chip artificial intelligence, and design AI chip has data acquisition, data product Tired and Data Summary function, can self-teaching, self-perfection from the data of long-term accumulated, self finds the ring for being suitble to existence Border, adaptability are high;The skill for learning scouting, attack enemy simultaneously, there is certain wisdom just as people. Submarine also by with In non-military use, as scientific research of seas, rescue property, exploration exploitation, scientific detecting, to maintain equipment, search are rescued, seabed Cable maintenance, underwater tourism light, academic investigation etc., billionaire even moves luxurious house with for undersea. This submarine can pass through multi-platform receiving instruction.Such as by aircraft throw buoy, under water with submarine communicate, it is waterborne with Aircraft, satellite communication;It can also be communicated with aircraft or Peual Blue Surucu optical communication with manned submarine, submarine cable communication etc. B, it the not inverted direct absorption of the mechanical energy of wave and stores, and the motive force in the form of mechanical energy as submarine is defeated (due to not having energy conversion, so utilization efficiency is high, dynamical system of the present invention uses this scheme) out.

Multiple spines 3 are uniform-distribution in the outside of the periostracum 2 of this submarine, spine 3 is mainly used to resist marine organisms Bait this submarine.The material of spine 3 is macromolecule transparent material. Athletic posture detecting area and ambient enviroment detection zone are provided to reflect the current state of submarine each section in real time. Bionics techniques scheme of the invention: skin, bone, each section are shown in Fig. Submarine mobile technology scheme of the invention: being shown in Fig. 5, the submarine can place a large amount of high quick-fried liquid explosives (or guided missile, torpedo, submarine mine etc.