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Parestesia Que Es ~ news word The reason for this limitation is not due to any limitation on the present invention, but is a convenience because such waves are the average waves found off the North Atlantic coast of the United States. The most modern wave motors taught by the prior art does not differ significantly in its manner of operation from wave engines taught at the beginning of this century. The above specification and preferred embodiment, therefor, should not be considered as limiting the invention. 2 will be used throughout the rest of this specification. To give a commercial example, if a generating unit built according to the preferred embodiment of the present invention intercepts ten miles of wave front and these waves are of average size for the North Atlantic (wave height of 12 feet, wave length of 200 feet), then the total wave power falling on the collector array will be 315 megawatts per mile.

FIG. 7 shows an alternative means of nonlinearly coupling pairs of floats making up a power absorbing array taught by the preferred embodiment of the present invention. The use of such a hydraulic generating array would also yield a ten mile long strip of calm water. The remaining energy, however, is transmitted further to interact with float 36 and pump additional hydraulic fluid. However, it has raised float 36 slightly and thus set float 36 into relative motion with float 38. As the back surface of float 36 moves slightly toward upper prismatic surface 210 of float 38, upper hydraulic pump tube 212 is slightly deformed and pumps a small amount of hydraulic fluid through its associated check valve. Float 707 has mounted on its side a single action hydraulic cylinder 709, which is associated with an input check valve 711 and output check valve 713. Valve 711 is connected at its input end to a source of hydraulic working fluid and valve 713 is connected at its output end to a hydraulic accumulator as taught in FIG.

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Hombre Con Dolor De Estómago Fuerte Foto de archivo.. In the present invention, the portion of wave energy transmitted by the float forms a portion of the total energy incident upon other floats in the array. Functionally, working fluid, which may be water or any other convenient hydraulic fluid is drawn in through input line 56 through one-way valves 58 and 76 and into their respective lower pump tubes. After hydraulic fluid has flowed through the turbogenerator and generated electricity, it may be returned to input line 56. The system may thus be closed. This large amounts of relative motion will be much harder to achieve and the array will thus effectively absorb greater amount of energy available from higher amplitude waves. If a wave has sufficient amplitude to cause a yet further relative motion to occur between two floats, then the front surface of one float and back surface of the other will become more nearly parallel and will pump a still greater incremental volume of hydraulic fluid.

Codo del golfista ó Epicondilitis - Plasma Rico en Theoretically, an single float acting alone, even if it is the proper size, can only absorb about one third of the available power from a wave incident upon it. This is caused by the fact that a third of the wave’s energy is absorbed by the float, a third is reflected back from the float and the final third is transmitted through the float to its attached structures. Ibuprofeno dolor lumbar . The prior art, insofar as it relates to wave engines that rely upon the lifting power of waves, i.e., its potential energy, rely either on a single float, for example U.S. Also, no prior art found by the inventor teaches the nonlinear coupling of the floats to their associated power extraction devices.

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All prior art wave motors teach the direct linear coupling of the float’s motion through either mechanical or hydraulic means to the motion of a shaft or piston. This servo control loop is entirely independent of the rate of arrival of hydraulic energy. This array would be one module of a power generating system. The undulating action of the array of floats is thus converted to moderate pressure hydraulic energy which can then be used to operate a turbogenerator.

Thus whatever power is available in the power station can be transmitted to shore to the land power grid. It has long been known in the art of power generation to use the potential energy available in ocean waves to lift a float. Float 34 has bouyant space 68 and back flat face 70. Upper and lower pump tubes 72 and 74, respectively, lie between the upper prismatic face of float 36 and rear face 70 and the lower prismatic face of float 36 and rear face 70 respectively. This float is connected at its rear pivotally to the float in float rank 925, which is the terminal float in this array and is 400 feet long by 400 feet wide. Dolor de columna y pierna derecha . Turbogenerator housing 930 is attached to the upper surface of float 925 and delivers power to shore through power line 933. The rear of float 925 is anchored at its rear edges by lines 907 and 909 to two remotely operated winches which are firmly attached to the sea floor beneath the collector array.

The four floats in float rank 915 are pivotally connected, as was described in connection with FIG. The generator would preferably be a converter type with a DC commutator on one end and AC slip rings on the other. 3 would preferably be a “Pelton wheel”. Size of this orifice would preferably be controlled by pressure in the accumulator. This type of turbine is characterized by its ability to maintain synchronous rpm so long as pressure is constant, but it can accommodate a widely varying flow rate of water by simply varying the orifice size of its nozzle. This is much less expensive than, for example, using two hydraulic cylinders and depending on each one to pump when relative motion between the two floats is in a given direction.

The two surfaces also move together as the angle increases. As was mentioned before, all of the floats in this example are 20 feet thick. Unless otherwise described, all floats in this example are 20 feet thick. This has the advantage of keeping the hydraulic system independent of the electrical system and prevents a failure of hydraulic power if electric power is lost.

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The hydraulic pump tubes between each pair of floats in the array are similarly connected to the hydraulic supply and accumulator hydraulic power line through one-way valves. For example, a small island could be completely surrounded with a collector array or a collector array in the form of a circle could be anchored in reasonably deep water to produce a calm lagoon. It should be understood that the preferred embodiment described above and the examples given in connection therewith merely illustrate one way the concept of the present invention may be reduced to practical form. Floats 32, 108, 110 and 112 form the first rank of floats. Conversely, if it was desired to gather power from even smaller waves, then front rank 913 could be attached at its front end to smaller floats. Pat. Causas de dolor en hombro izquierdo . No. 1,757,166 covering an apparatus and method of obtaining power from ocean waves. More specifically, such an array would require 528 floats that are 100 feet × 100 feet; 528 floats that were 128 feet × 100 feet; 264 floats that were 200 feet × 156 feet; 264 floats that were 200 feet × 200 feet; 264 floats that were 200 feet × 252 feet; 132 floats that are 400 feet × 316 feet and 132 floats that are 400 feet × 400 feet.