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Alivia el dolor de garganta en un día y sin usar.. FIG. 8 is a top view of a section of the outer wall of the bag showing its shape and how horizontal waves impinge upon the wall. As the bag 10 rotates in response to wave action, the rack 43 on each recess wall rotates at the same time, causing the pinion gear 40 to turn. On each rail member 4, over all of its length, are cut or formed gear teeth, so that the rail can act as a fixed rack against moving pinion gears. These pinion gears are part of power generator pods 22 which are clamped to the rails 4 and ride up and down the rail members 4 with the vertical motion of the bag structure 10. Two generator pods 22 are illustrated, held by a rail member 4 and the inner walls 45 of the bag in the cut-out of FIG. The proposed machine, which the invention constitutes, is very large because the internal waves from which the machine extracts its energy are weak relative to ocean surface waves.

However, the occasional occurrence of deep, relative high vertical velocity events such as shown in events A, B and C in FIG. Referring to FIG. 1, there is shown a perspective view of an underwater generator system, mounted on a portion of a support tower 1. The tower 1 has a portion of its upper frame 5 adapted to support a large external structure such as the bag 10 underwater. Mounted to the tower frame 5 are ring support members 2, around which are attached at intervals, a multiplicity of rail members 4 which run down the tower frame 5 for a distance which exceeds the overall height of the bag 10 plus its projected vertical travel up and down. Dolor de espalda paracetamol . SUMMARY OF THE INVENTION The system comprises a support tower on which is mounted a large cylindrically-shaped, water-filled bag incorporating electric generator pods in deep sea water.

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FIG. 4 is an elevation view of a prior art tower which would be suitable for adaptation to support the bag and generators of the present invention. 5 is a partially cut away side elevation view, while FIG. The bag structure 10 is a large nylon bag which is cylindrical and further shaped to form an impeller (See FIG. Suspended beneath the pier are vertical pistons which are connected to floats riding on the water surface. 1, 4, we see this leakage is eventually to be pumped through pipe 47 where it discharges above the ocean surface. In practice, it will be found there is some water leakage through seals 57 and 56 which separate the air-filled generator compartments from the ocean outside it. This problem is handled in the following way: water leaks through seals 57 and falls over splash guard 55 positioned to protect generator 19, or through seal 56. In either case, the leakage eventually falls through opening 6, which is an air shaft connecting succeeding generator compartment levels.

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The Burton patent describes a large circular float on the water surface which is attached to one end of a long, rigid beam. A large number of generator pods are provided, the number depending on the size of the bag. Accordingly, it is a principal object of the present invention to provide a system that utilizes deep underwater wave motion to generate large quantities of electric power. Another object is to provide a sea wave-motion power generating system that will not impact unduly on highly regulated coastlines. At the center of the bag is constructed a vertical core which fits over the tower frame 5 and rail members 4 with clearance, forming the inside walls of the impeller permitting the bag 10 to rotate about and ride up and down the tower 1. It is expected that as much of the structure material as possible will be formed of plastic sheeting.

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Referring to FIG. 5, it is seen that the central core wall 45 of the bag 10 is shaped with recesses 35 which encircle the circumference. Accordingly, the user is advised to make the surfaces 52 of outer bag wall 45 as smooth as possible to minimize resistance to counter-clockwise motion.

In addition, horizontal racks, located on the inside cylindrical wall of the bag, interact with gears in the electric generator pods, providing motive power as the bag rotates. Remedios dolor de rodilla . These rails support and interact with gears in the electric generator pods as the bag moves up and down, providing motive power to the generators.

Multiple recesses 35 are located up and down the height of the bag 10 core, each separated by two or three meters and forming a cylindrical grooved surface. If the bag structure height is selected as sixty-five meters, approximately twelve to thirteen rows of generator pods could be comfortably accommodated up and down the inside core for a total of 153 generator pods for our example to be discussed below. Let us say that the bag 10 is 65 meters diameter and is 65 meters deep, with a vertical core hole of approximately 19.8 meters diameter. Maintenance access to the generator pods would be through the center of the 19.8 meter diameter tower structure. The size is offset by the advantage of not having to contend with rough surface waves as may often occur with the surface floating generator systems discussed in the introduction.

Pat. No. 4,931,662. Jackson’s system utilizes a floating buoy attached to a pump which pumps water from a submerged tank below the float. For this invention, it is intended to install the vertical rail members 4 attached to the tower frame 5 by a circular ring support 2, which holds the rail members around the periphery of the tower at a short distance off the frame.